Farrago Books

Too Boldly Gone by Merik Katuryan
Survivors by Amarath Prethon
Motive Power by Philip H. Turner
Night Flowers by Philip H. Turner
The Charmian Effect by Philip H. Turner
On Borrowed Time by Philip H. Turner
Sounds Carried On The Breeze by Philip H. Turner

SGC-X – The Refugee by Merik Katuryan

SGC-X – A New Alliance by Merik Katuryan


Dreamers Of The Day by Jon A. Gored
Prey by Jon A. Gored
Rogue Shooter by Jon A. Gored
Calling Cards by Philip H. Turner
Free Flight by Philip H. Turner
Not To Be! by Philip H. Turner
The House Under The Hill by Merik Katuryan


Brief Candle by Robert Arion
My_destiny.etl by Douglas Gramin
Bullet In The Brian by Alan L. Marshall
Dining With The Devil by Alan L. Marshall
3 German Officers Crossed The Tyne by Alan L. Marshall
Saracens & Crusaders by Alan L. Marshall
The Empty Sky by L. Gordon Range
The Fantasy Factory by L. Gordon Range
Dark Horses Run Deep by Philip H. Turner
Descending Waves by Philip H. Turner
The Terminal Man by Philip H. Turner


BlackFlag News Reference Editions
The History of the Millennium Dome after the Bombing
Mr. Wydey's Wacky World of TV by Clyde E. Wydey
Wordy Mine by Romiley Literary Circle authors
Dynamic Optical Art – Philip & Harry Turner


Connecting Thread by Alan L. Marshall
The War Crimes Commissioner by L. Gordon Range
Death In Small Corners by Henry T. Smith
Death Is A Stranger by Henry T. Smith
Death On The Record by Henry T. Smith
Death From High Ground by Henry T. Smith
The Adventure of the Dying Detective by Philip H. Turner
Counting Out Time by Philip H. Turner
Observe & Report by Philip H. Turner
The Red Star Brigade by Philip H. Turner
Roundabout by Philip H. Turner
Pass The Parcel by Philip H. Turner
The Savage Jaw by Philip H. Turner
Storm Tide by Philip H. Turner


Zone Purple by L. Gordon Range
A Desert Hotel by Henry T. Smith
Allah's Thunder by Henry T. Smith
Doppelgänger by Henry T. Smith
Major Achievements by Henry T. Smith
Merchant Submarine by Henry T. Smith
Parachute For Sale by Henry T. Smith
Sergeant Enterprise by Henry T. Smith
Wacht Am Rhein by Henry T. Smith


Something In The Blood by Gordon Range & Henry Smith
The Cold Fire of Madness by Philip H. Turner


Harry Turner : An Artist In India
The Observer's Guide to Harry Turner's Art
The Second Triad Coloring Book by Harry Turner
Now & Then Revisited by Harry Turner & Eric Needham
Rural India a lifetime ago: 2015 calendar, H.T. watercolours
The ART of the Impossible Parts 1 & 2
Exercises In Superimposition

Harry Turner: In His Own Words Parts 1 & 2


   Images of Romiley: 2017 calendar of scenes and residents
   2018 Escape Fractal calendar
C.E. Wydey: Stargate SG-1 Episode Guides
The Xavier Blog : Feet On The Ground

         Marion Eadie : Collected Writings
Fiona Turner: The Supercats scripts
Fiona Turner: On The Run scripts


Short Stories Volume 01
Short Stories Volume 02
Short Stories Volume 03
Short Stories Volume 04
Short Stories Volume 05
Short Stories Volume 06

Short Stories Volume 07
Short Stories Volume 08
Short Stories Volume 09
Short Stories Volume 10
Short Stories Volume 11
Short Stories Volume 12

Science Fiction Stories Volume 1 by RLC Members
Red Dreams by RLC Members

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