The Observer’s Guide
to Harry Turner’s Art

[assembled by Philip Turner]
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The Observer's Guide to Harry Turner's Artcategory : HARRY TURNER

This volume contains "as complete a catalogue as possible of Harry Turner's paintings & larger drawings & designs". It covers a span from the late 1930s to the end of the 1970s, when failing vision forced the artist to abandon painting.
   The collection begins with "conventional" pictures associated with the artist's interest in science fiction, accounts of his time in India with the RAF and post-war representational paintings. There is a move to abstract art in the 1960s and works inspired by business charts and Harry Turner's Open University courses in mathematics.
   Paradoxical figures appear at the end of the Sixties and while explorations of colour and mathematical themes continue into the 1970s, impossible objects and Harry Turner's own "Triads" arrive in this decade.
   There is also an "Etcetera" section including references to lost, undated and ephemeral works, and some recreations of designs and plans for paintings which exist only in H.T.'s original notes.

Reproductions of paintings made with gouache, oils and acrylics; ink on
scraperboard drawings and graphic designs made with a variety of media,
44 pages, 6.625" x 10.25" (168 x 260 mm)
Paperback/perfect binding, published by Farrago Books, 2012

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