The Second Triad Coloring Book
by Harry Turner

[completed by Philip Turner]
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The Second Triad Coloring Book by Harry Turnercategory : HARRY TURNER

In 1974, Harry Turnerís drawing experiments took him into the field of impossible objects: designs which appear to have a 3D reality on a flat page. He created the Triad, his designs travelled across the Atlantic and one of them was featured in Martin Gardnerís column in Scientific American. Then Dover Publications of New York commissioned a book about Triads consisting of an explanation of how to create them wrapped around ď32 Plates To ColorĒ.
   Harry was struggling with cataracts when Triad Optical Illusions and how to design them was published in 1978. A generation later, when Dover decided to reissue the work as a colouring book (omitting the technical stuff), he suggested a follow-up containing a selection of his vast body of later work. A synopsis went off to Dover. And fell into a black hole.
   Long after Harry's death in 2009, one of his sons found a binder containing a draft of the second book of designs, and some further ideas. The family has a long tradition of self-publishing, so he thought it would be a good idea to include this book in a gradually expanding series of works by and about Harry Turner.

Colour-printed card cover, black-and-white interior, 48 pages,
45 plates to colour, A4-size, 8.27" x 11.69" (210 x 297 mm), paperback/stapled binding,
published by Farrago Books in 2013, @ £4
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