On The Run Scripts
written by Fiona Turner
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Fiona Turner's On The Run scriptsThe scripts survive as carbon copies of manuscript pages which were bought by D.C. Thomson, the publisher of magazines for girls, in July 1981. Where this adventure story appeared remains a mystery. As mentioned elsewhere, the D.C.T. did not add writer and artist credits to its magazines, and title changes after purchase seem to be common. All of which makes research difficult.
   The story was created by the Scottish writer Marion Turner, who used the pen name Fiona Turner for her scripts. On The Run was a 'library' feature sold in 4 parts with scripts for a total of 139 picture pages comprising instructions for the artist and dialogue for the characters. The PDF version was created from scans of the carbons, OCR and layout work by HTSP's editorial staff.

Alison Trent and her friend Cathy Martin had planned a sponsored cycle tour during the school holidays, in aid of their pet charity. Cathy was to stay overnight at Alisonís house, so that the two girls could make an early start next day. But things didn't quite work out like that . . .

42 pages, print size 4.38" x 7.88" (111 x 200 mm), PDF, published by Farrago Books, 2022

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