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In 1973, under the name Fiona Turner, Marion began to sell stories to My Story and She, and write letters to the likes of Woman's Own, Woman's Realm, Woman and Woman's Story, all of which paid correspondents.
   In 1975, she began sending trial scripts to D.C. Thomson, the famous publisher based in Dundee, which used to issue a wide range of magazines for girls. She won a competition, she had rejections but she cracked the formula and she began to sell scripts for serials, usually with a dozen or so episodes.
   When she finally retired from the business in 1994, she had sold over 500 scripts, and there had been times when she had had two serials running simultaneously in the same magazine.

The list of magazines included Judy (1960-1991), Mandy (19671991) and Emma (Feb. 1978 - Sept. 1979, then incorporated into Judy), Debbie (Sept. 1976 - Jan. 1978) & Tracy (1979-1985, then incorporated into Judy), as confirmed by archived issues. Curiously, the latter three do not appear on the usual lists of Thomson publications.

The accompanying pictures show archive issues of the magazines, all containing Fiona Turner stories.

Emma magazine, December 1978

Judy magazine, January 1981

Debbie magazine, May 1980

The Dancing Days of Lisa Markova by Fiona Turner, Debbie magazine, May 1980

Fiona Turner story in Debbie No. 381, 31st May 1980

Tracy magazine, September 1980

Judy magazine, January 1981

Judy and Tracy magazine, January 1987

Mandy magazine, May 1987


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