The Fabulous Four Scripts
written by Fiona Turner
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Fiona Turner's Fabulous Four scriptsAmong the science fiction series to be found in the D.C. Thomson girls' magazine Spellbound was one featuring the adventures of the Supercats, a.k.a. The Fabulous Four. Three of the team were young ladies with physical super-powers and they were led by a captain whose intelligence was her mental super-power.
   The Thomson organization did not add writer and artist credits to its magazines, but it is known that several writers contributed to the series. Among them was the Scottish writer Marion Turner, who used the pen name Fiona Turner for her scripts.
   She provided ten scripts for the series, two of them 2-part adventures. The scripts have been collected in a PDF volume, along with modifications of the artwork created for the comics by two freelance Spanish artists: the Romero brothers Enrique and Jorge. The volume offers an insight into the type of story young girls were enjoying in the mid-1970s before they abandoned comics for pop and fashion magazines.

118 pages, print size 4.38" x 7.88" (111 x 200 mm), PDF, published by Farrago Books, 2018

The Supercats scripts in PDF

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