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In Print, 1939-1948

Urania, journal of JAA


Cathyr-Na-Couf [a tale of Arran] (IN PRINT Vol. 2 No. 3)
A Game Of Ludo (ca 1939)
Ode To A Bombing Aeroplane (ca 1939)
The Song (IN PRINT 1939)
Rats (IN PRINT Vol. 2, No. 5, 1939/40)
The First Man On The Moon (IN PRINT Vol. 3 No. 2, 1940/41,
     and Zenith precursor #1, April 1941)

Manchester, Longford Place

The History of Pelican Island (Zenith no. 2, Oct. 1941)
The Prospect Before Us (Zenith no. 3, Dec. 1941)   [added 2015/08/01]
The Gateway of Atem (Zenith no. 4, Feb. 1942)   [added 2015/08/01]
Consummation (Zenith no. 5, April 1942)
Beast of the Crater (ToW #16, Spring 1942)   [added 2015/08/03]
The Friendly Mountain (1940s?)
The Moon Sale (1940s)
The Price To Pay (SF short, 1940s)   [added 2015/07/21]
The World Round the Corner (short SF novella)   [added 2015/04/24]
The Year Turns (diary notes, 1944 into 1945)   [added 2016/01/22]

Manchester, Willow Bank

Love Among The Robots (written between 1948 and 1954)


The Total Solar Eclipse of Saturday 30 June 1973   [added 2015/01/24]
A Blunt Instrument (1974)   [added 2015/01/24]
That Little Horror Next Door! Sunday Post, February 22 1976   [added 2015/04/08]
What The Stars Foretell (1970s/1980s?)
The Search for the Comet (April 1996)
The Total Solar Eclipse of Wednesday 11th August 1999
The Leonids (19th November, 2002)
A Modern Fairy Tale (October 2013)
Notes & Comments
A further 372 pages of Odd Jottings made between April 1995 and September 2005
Eclipse by Duncan Steel, review + notes (August 2001)

Collected Writings by Marion Eadie
Collected Writings, fiction by Marion F. Eadie
Farrago & Farrago edition, MM17


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