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by Robert Arion
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BRIEF CANDLE is a claustrophobic novel about a man whose life is being infiltrated by strangers with motives that he cannot fathom. As everything in his life seems to be taking on dark overtones of uncertainty and peril, Georges Trevolin, a man whose life does not bear close official scrutiny, realizes that he may be standing in an invisible spotlight, like a soldier on a moonless night caught in an infra-red spotlight.
   Trevolin has a great prize in his sights but he cannot know for certain how close he is to losing it. While forward progress remains uncertain, the likely sources of trouble are many and the ranks of his enemies seem to become more tightly packed with every passing day.
   He has to watch out for the police, business associates, some new friends who may not be all that they seem, and, most dangerous of all, the sinister Chief Inspector Hébert of the Anti-Corruption Squad, a man who finds himself in the process of having to make choices between true justice and the law. And they are just his visible foes. . .

Unabridged edition, 468 pages, 5" x 8" (127 x 203 mm),
Hardback published by Farrago & Farrago, 1996

As an on-line novel on the Romiley Literary Circle website

Written between 1990 & 1996; time setting: contemporary with writing; place setting: France, mainly in & around Paris; 164,000 words

What the reviewers said:

I read this book with a sense of awful warning, wanting it not to be true but knowing that it was.
    The Business Journal

. . . essential reading for all engaged in the cut and thrust of buying and selling on . . .
    The Auctioneer

An upbeat tale of the opportunities for the astute entrepreneur as the Eastern European weapons market opens up . . .
    Military Procurement

Pragmatic to the point of being painfully honest. Not to be missed. The human face and the all too human agony of law enforcement.
    Practical Policing

Oh, to be living in Mr. Arion's paradise of subsidies and free-loading!
    Moving Pictures

We would love to recommend that the reader take on board the advice given in this book—but we daren't! A graphic account of why some small businesses get smaller and smaller and smaller.
    Small Business Weekly

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