Not To Be!
by Philip H. Turner
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Not To Be! by Philip H. Turnercategory : LIFE WITH A WEIRD TWIST

New ideas are dangerous, but old ideas in a new setting carry their own perils. Moving an historic building from its original setting to a new location is generally frowned upon by the scoffing classes as a typical nouveau riche method of gaining status. What then, when the latest in a long line of owners decides to relocate the family castle?
   And what if he chooses to do so wholesale rather than piecemeal?
   Infra dig?
      Supra dig?
         Or just dig?

   For Hamlet, Prince of Darkness, Elsinore meant stagnation and a growing sense of tedium. The move would bring opportunities for new forms of entertainment and renewal. Relocation on the fringes of a modern capital in a failed national monument was in everyone's interests, or so it seemed at the time to the vendors of a source of political embarrassment.
   It is ever so that politicians and their agents act in haste and rush into a scheme of the moment, which they believe will do their public images a lot of good, especially when they can unleash a state-of-the-art product as devastating as carbon diozonide.
   It is ever so that they end up making things infinitely worse for the long-suffering populace, which has no choice but to fund such adventures. The insolence of office is ever with us.

A Work In Progress

Time setting: early 21st century; place setting: Denmark then England

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