by Philip H. Turner
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category : CRIME & THRILLERS

Roundabout by Philip H. TurnerIn the summer of 1979, Colonel Johnson was looking for leaks. He was checking the seams of an operation called Roundabout, which was designed to identify and close down a network of terrorist safe houses. He soon found himself locking horns again with Commander George Palmer's wing of Department G11 of the Security Service.
   Their separate operations had common ground and both wanted to lay their hands on a man called Meklen. Their department head had given Commander Palmer priority but such considerations had never deflected Colonel Johnstone in the past.
   Political image polishers, interfering Israelis, armed Libyan 'students', the KGB and a home-grown organization called The Campaign Against Racial Partiality all had their own conflicting objectives in the undeclared battle-ground in and around London. Colonel Johnstone had his hands full trying to do his job, trying to keep his job and, most important of all, trying to get the better of his greatest opponent – Commander Palmer.

Unabridged edition, 192 pages, 6.3" x 9" (160 x 230 mm),
Paperback/perfect binding, published by Farrago & Farrago, 1996

Written in 1981; time setting: contemporary with writing; place setting: the London area; xxxxx words

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