The ART of the Impossible
parts 1 & 2
by Harry Turner
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The ART of the Impossible part 1 by Harry Turner
The ART of the Impossible part 2 by Harry Turner
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In the 1970s, artist and designer Harry Turner's interest in visual anomalies in drawings made on an isometric grid led to his development of Triad impossible object designs.
   Over the next three decades, he developed his designs, creating apparently real singular structures, visual fictions and Islamic-style overall patterns. These two volumes are an exploration of the immense collection of drawings and sketches in his portfolios. His paintings featuring impossible object designs are to be found in The Observer's Guide to Harry Turner's Art
   These books contain a wealth of previously unpublished work as well as a section covering published work. Much of the drawn art appeared in science fiction fanzines and small press works. There is also a record of Harry Turner's encounters with academics and others with an interest in images which appear to be drawings of real objects but which, in fact, are impossible artworks.

part 1 comprises:

The Process of Discovery
Getting Technical
Contemporary Thoughts
Tools of the Trade
Paradoxical Patterns

part 2 comprises:

Singular Structures
Triad Heraldry
Visual Fictions
Exercises in Style
Final Thoughts / Appendix

Part 1: pages 001-210, 6.13" x 9.21" (156 x 234 mm), paperback/perfect binding,
Part 2: pages 211-389, 6.13" x 9.21" (156 x 234 mm), paperback/perfect binding,
Publication by Farrago Books imminent

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