Dreamers Of The Day
Jon A. Gored
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Voted "Book of the 20th Century"

Dreamers Of The Day by Jon A. Goredcategory : LIFE WITH A WEIRD TWIST

Wendy Xanadu was a seeker of knowledge, just another pilgrim on a journey through life. Her friend Pete Astor was an all together more exotic beast. He believed that he had some knowledge and he sought confirmation. Yet he faced much the same problems in attempting to know the unknowable.
   Over the forty-hill and making a good living out of the music business, Pete Astor's experiments with a mind-enhancing drug directed him down a life-path where he suddenly had lots of money and the chance to use it without becoming a prime target for spongers. He was an overnight success in a business that urges its brightest stars to burn brighter and brighter until they burn out.
   As he rode his tide of good luck and fulfilled life-long dreams, Astor did so with a feeling that everything could be changed back, and worse, if he didn't play his cards right.

   Almost every time he took the drug Charm, he was in touch with the source of his good fortune. But Astor was struggling to find the border between reality and his visions. And he felt that he needed to know whether his luck would hold with dangerous people out to get him, whether he was putting friends like Wendy at risk and just how far he could trust Kiron, his guardian angel . . . or demon.

Single-volume, Unabridged edition, 512 pages, 6" x 9" (152 x 229 mm)
Paperback/perfect binding, production by Lulu.com,
published by Farrago & Farrago, 2008
Unabridged edition, 637 pages, PDF, published by Farrago Books, MM17

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Dreamers Of The Day by Jon A. GoredHistory
Written between 1995 & 1999; time setting: contemporary; place setting: mainly Croydon & London area (with excursions), 224,000 words

Previous Editions
left : 1999 Softback, unabridged, 4-volume boxed edition, 510 pages,
160 x 224 mm, published by Farrago & Farrago

What the reviewers said:

Lyrical, humorous, baffling, menacing, sexy – this manís books are none of these things and yet all of them!

One detects clear influences from current fancies and the authorís non-sequiturial mood swings are a persuasive argument for higher standards of quality control.
    Street Pharmacist

Rock aní Roll!! The guyís been where itís at for far too long and it looks like heís lucky to survive. Catch him while you can - Iíd bet he ainít long for this life.
    Musicalis Incoherens

I was taken, in particular, by the cunning deception in the illustrations. The author offers enlightenment with one hand while concealing it with the other.
    Practical Thaumaturgy

Riding for a fall and heading for a particularly steep one.
    Practical Policing

... beneath contempt ...
    The Christian Voice In Exile

Provocative, unexpurgated, atonal, exploring a magical reality – this manís books are none of these... Oh, the hell with it!
    Fractured Analysis

... his deft use of prose is often concealed by deliberately crass structural devices. One can have few complaints when oneís analytical work is aided to such a great extent by the willing co-operation of an enlightened author.
    Deconstruction Weakly

Wow, man!
    Far Out

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