The House Under The Hill
by Merik Katuryan
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The House Under The Hill by Merik Katuryancategory : SF & ALTERNATE REALITY

Paul Covington's Uncle Pete was something of a family joke because of his keen interest in magic. Covington stopped laughing when he inherited his uncle's collection of books and found himself in possession of some real secrets.
   He decided to research his inheritance in Paris, where no one knew him and he would be able to experiment with no risk of the family dropping in on him. His reading had told him that there was a certain amount of hidden danger in using some of the 'spells' in Uncle Pete's books.
   Covington soon found that he could make a lot of money on the cabaret circuit doing a magic act – dressing up the real thing as illusions. He acquired a wife, who acted as his assistant at first and then developed into a performer in her own right.
   Debbie Covington decided that they should buy the house under the hill. At that point, Mary Kay, an acquaintance from Covington's past, suggested other money-making possibilities. She thought that it would be a good idea to found a secret society, which possessed certain magical 'truths', not knowing that Covington had no need for bogus ‘truths'. When Mary Kay got into her stride, things got dangerous. And not always for obvious reasons.

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