Now & Then Revisited
by Harry Turner & Eric Needham
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Now & Then Revisited: Harry Turner & Eric Needhamcategory : HARRY TURNER

Back in 1954, British science fiction fans in the Manchester area astounded their counterparts around the country with the success of their Supermancon fan convention. Later that same year, two fans who had been there in the early days of British fandom as teenagers, but separated by a world war (during which they served in separate branches of the RAF), joined forces to create one of the best remembered fanzines of the era: the legendary Now & Then.
   The artist and designer Harry Turner was in charge of production of the fanzine on an ancient duplicating machine. The poet, dreamer and window cleaner Eric Needham supplied many flights of fancy, including the one which inspired much imitation in SF fandom around the world: the Widower's Wonderful range of products.
   This is their creation. All 9 editions (including the catch-up based on the first 3 issues) with The Grin – a one-off contribution to SAPS mailing #33 – embedded after N&T #5 to keep everything in chronological order.

Facsimile edition featuring an introduction and scans of original magazines
176 pages, 6" x 9" (152 x 228 mm), paperback/perfect binding,
published by Farrago Books, 2013

Availability: Serious students of 1950s fanzines may apply for a copy using the contact email address below. Those living outside the UK might find it simpler and cheaper to order a copy direct from, which manufactures the edition for Farrago Books

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