The Savage Jaw
by Philip H. Turner
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The Savage Jaw by Philip H. TurnerAs the 11th anniversary of the Libyan Cultural Revolution approached in the spring of 1984, Department G11 was trying to prevent foreigners from fighting their wars of terror on British soil.
   The commander of Operation Thunderbolt, a campaign of reprisals against anti-Gadaffi elements in England, was establishing safe houses and recruiting the disaffected of Thatcher's Britain as invisible caretakers. G11 was given the task of shutting them down.
   Soon, the G11 agents began to pick up whispers of a Big One; a big bang, possibly with I.R.A. involvement, aimed at restoring Libyan face after the murder of a policewoman on crowd-control duty at a demonstration in front of the Libyan embassy.
   The National Front for the Salvation of Libya and Iranian government agents taking action against their nation's dissenters were also operating in the U.K. The operatives of G11 had to cut a path through the warring factions; and show a comparable level of ruthlessness when they clashed. Part 4 of the G11 Saga reached its present form as the consequences of the September 11 terrorist attacks on symbols of Western civilization in the U.S.A. were still unfolding.
   There has been much recent speculation on how the agents of terror recruit their foot-soldiers and persuade them to perform their missions of death. That issue and a number of pertinent others were explored in this book back in 1984/85. In fact, the period following 2001/09/11 resembles very much a replay of 1984.

Unabridged edition, 228 pages, 5" x 8.1" (127 x 206 mm),
Paperback/perfect binding, published by Farrago & Farrago, 1997

Written in 1985; time setting: contemporary with writing; place setting: the London area; xxxxx words

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