Calling Cards
by Philip H. Turner
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Calling Cards by Philip H. Turnercategory : LIFE WITH A WEIRD TWIST

Joe Hunter was a fugitive, travelling at random under a succession of false names, pursued by his former fiancée, who wanted to exploit his strange talents – allegedly for their mutual profit. Hunter began to distribute his calling cards in Palfrey in Yorkshire.
   His random good deeds were intended to be compensation for his Elaine's greed and tests for continuing pursuit. There was also a lot of fun to be had from winding up Mr. Snibley, his landlord.
   Hunter found new friends in a struggling theatre group and his neighbour, Mary Lou, from Vietnam. Then the whole process of media fascination and emotional blackmail began again. Hunter was faced with a choice between fleeing again and reaching an acceptable compromise. He had to make tough decisions of life and death and to decide whether to accept a course that fate had chosen for his life.

 Unabridged edition, 194 pages, 6.4" x 9" (162 x 228 mm) Paperback/perfect binding,
published by Farrago & Farrago, 1996

Written in 1981/82; time setting: contemporary; place setting: mainly Palfrey in Yorkshire, 95,000 words

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