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The Xavier Blog : Feet On The Ground“Being the journal of a mega-millions lottery winner”, it sez on the front cover. Which is a pretty mind-blowing way to start something.
   The entries tend to be a little erratic at first as our hero comes to terms with a vast upheaval in his daily life. But they become more frequent and more insightful as he gets to grips with a world he never imagined.
   Some of his thoughts are exotic, some mundane, some rather profound in a left-handed sort of way. His main object is to keep in touch with the real world, to keep his feet on the ground, in fact, and to record his progress with that ambition.

Unabridged PDF editions, each around 200 pages,
111 x 200 mm page size
published by Farrago Books, 2013-2019

1. August 2010-April 2013   2. May 2013-Mayl 2015   3. June 2015-October 2016
4. November 2016-July 2017   5. August 2017-April 2018   6. May 2018-May 2019

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