Pass The Parcel
by Philip H. Turner
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Pass The Parcel by Philip H. Turnercategory : CRIME & THRILLERS

When Nicki and Jeff Jenner arrived at their country retreat with Guy Duggleby, armed men were waiting for them. They deduced that their mutual friend Toby Ryun had been using Jeff's name at the gambling tables again his usual ploy for changing his luck.
   Guy recruited Bob Kane to look into the matter. The two friends soon found themselves caught up in a scramble to retrieve a handful of forged US dollars before premature disclosure ruined a scheme to unload $2 million in forged notes across Europe.
   The hunt for Toby took Guy and Bob to the South of France and a sudden death in their hotel room. They found themselves involved in a private battle between the French police and a US Treasury Department agent, an abduction and a struggle to remove the threats of violence to their friends by reaching a deal with the forgers.

Unabridged edition, 138 pages, 6.3" x 9" (160 x 230 mm)
Paperback/perfect binding, published by Farrago & Farrago, 1999

Written in 1984; time setting: contemporary with writing; place setting: England and France; 59,000 words

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