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by Alan L. Marshall
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Connecting Thread by Alan L. Marshallcategory : CRIME & THRILLERS

Des Conway and Jeff Brink were trying to buy the Bamboo Club, one of a chain, but they were having problems. Their bank managers were both dragging their feet over providing the necessary capital. Luckily, their delays were balanced by the current owner's solicitor dragging his feet over pushing the deal through. The position was complicated by the appearance of rival bidders for the club and local gangsters trying to extend their protection rackets.
   When Maxie Nolan's nephew came unstuck while trying to extort money from another club in the chain, the police started to take an interest. Nolan, a scrap merchant with a sideline in payroll robberies, was planning another job and the police attention, drawn by his nephew, was most unwelcome.

   Conway and Brink stopped to help at a motorway traffic accident. Nolan saw Conway at the crash site and drew an obvious conclusion. Ralph Conway, the twin brother of Des, became the target of a kidnapping plot when Nolan tried to retrieve some profit from a job that had gone wrong.
   The Conway family, Nolan and his gang, the owner of the chaing of clubs and, eventually, the police began to sift evidence and reach conclusions - many of them reasonable but false. And in the midst of the confusion, one Conway brother found himself trying to use an intangible bond with his twin in an attempt to track him down.

Unabridged edition, 141 pages, 6.3" x 8.82" (160 x 224 mm)
Paperback/perfect binding, published by Farrago & Farrago, 2009

History: Written in 1970s; time setting: contemporary with writing; place setting: urban & suburban England; 53,000 words

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