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Major Achievements
by Henry T. Smith
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Merchant Submarine by Henry Smithcategory : WAR & MILITARY

Part 3 of the "Sergeant Enterprise" Trilogy

One year into their new careers, McAndrew and his group became involved in a plan to preserve part of a secret Defence project in order to protect an unofficial boat-building business.
   In the process, they had to deal with rumours of a nuclear submarine wreck off the Isle of Wight and inquisitive Russians.
   Harve Walenski, the American millionaire, returned to the UK to go gold prospecting on Ministry of Defence land in Scotland.
   That venture developed into trials of miniature submarines and an exercise in marine archaeology, which necessitated a side-trip into the field of arranging prison breaks.
   McAndrew and his companions continued to be creative in many directions in their support for the nation's armed services and their eternal quest for a fairly honest profit.

Unabridged edition, 140 pages, 6.4" x 9" (162 x 229 mm) Paperback/perfect binding,
published by Farrago & Farrago, 1998

Availability: As a free download from Romiley Literary Circle

Written in 1983; time setting: 1970s under a Labour government; place setting: The UK & neighbouring territories, 53,000 words

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