Wordy Mine
compiled by RLC members
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The Wordy Mine Collectiona Collection of Words for All Occasions Excavated from the Minds of Members of Romiley Literary Circle and Offered to Those in Search of Originality
   That's the description on the cover. What the volume contains is an ever-growing list of variations of existing words with an apt definition attached and redefinitions of existing words.
   Some of the offerings are individual words, some are groups of related words, some quite lengthy: e.g.
Our Europeon Neighbours
Mireland more bogs than you can shake a stick at
Portagal temporary girlfriend
Sprain I overdid things on holiday
Francid home of smelly cheese
Bulgium they put mayonnaise on chips!
Helland avoid at all costs

Grrmany a rather fierce lot
Paland land of my fathers
Slobakia not much civic pride
Sergia nice suits

Vulgaria the common people
Greace they love fry-ups
Noway disagreeable lot
Funland my next stop

Initial Incarnation: 20 pages, print size 4.38" x 7.88" (111 x 200 mm), PDF, published by Farrago Books, 2021

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