Dynamic Optical Art
Philip Turner inspired by Harry Turner
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Dynamic Optical ArtThis is a companion volume to the main work, Exercises In Superimposition (q.v.), which is based on notes and drawings made by the graphic artist Harry E. Turner in the 1960s/70s with exemplary designs created by the artist & the compiler.
   Whilst working on the source volume, the compiler spotted that a number of the stacked designs have psychedelic qualities if scrolled rapidly up and down by flicking a mouse wheel forward and back.
   This brief accessory collects the original designs that show the 3D effect. It also contains some extra designs to further illustrate the effect or lack of it when the figure has the wrong sort of central complexity.
   The PDF file is intended for display on a PC (proper computer) using a mouse to flip the designs up & down; ideally at 100% or 150% view on a decent-size screen depending on the size of the elements in the design; to learn which of the designs are just superimposed patterns and which have hidden talents.

26 pages, size 6" x 9" (153 x 229 mm), PDF file published by Farrago Books, 2023

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