Exercises in Superimposition
building on notes made by Harry Turner
compiled by Philip Turner
front page

Harry Turner : Exercises In Superimpositioncategory : HARRY TURNER

Superimpositions are optical art designs created by stacking copies of the outline of a shape with movement up and/or sideways, or with rotation. The overlaps form a network of shapes. Filling selected shapes with solid black so that every edge has black on one side and white on the other produces a classic superimposition design.
   Starting from designs created by the graphic artist Harry Turner, this volume offers suggestions for taking advantage of computer software to expand on his ideas.
   The adventurous may discard regular stacking/rotation to build figures they find satisfying. Or the use of just one shape. Combination, experimentation, originality; they are all on offer to those wishing to create unique works of art with any desired degree of visual complexity!
   The first two dozen pages cover the original designs by Harry Turner. Then come rotation using a PC and exercises with futher shapes.

Optical Art image creation by superimposing simple geometrical shapes and
filling selected shapes with solid or fluid colour, 96 pages, 6" x 9" (153 x 229 mm)
Published by Farrago Books in 2022 via lulu.com

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