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"The written word has been around long enough to feel secure despite
the ever-growing competition from image-based communications."
..... Literature Today

"All the major cyber-literary events of the last 3 years have originated here. The RLC website has progressed from interesting to essential."
..... 3rd Millennium Literary Review

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What There Is...
The Works
Eventually, a complete catalogue of novel-length works of RLC authors and comments on them
Lots of info – none to be taken too seriously
Links to RLC and other novels available on-line
Complete HTML versions of novels by RLC authors
Short Stories
Quite a lot of short stories by RLC members
'Believe It Or What' material
Bargain Offers
Bargain offers!!!
Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports
by RLC members
Older Special Items
Special items from RLC members – Part 1
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Journal of the Romiley Anarchists League
All the news whether
you want it or not!
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While Romiley Literary Circle wouldn't dream of being crass enough as to have a Mission Statement, the Circle does have a purpose; namely to promote the work of its members and let people in the wider world know just what a hotbed of creativity lurks in a part of the Greater Manchester Monster that is still counted as Cheshire for postal purposes.
   RLC is mainly about creating hardback and softback 'for print' edition of the novels and collected short stories of its members, but most of those members have ventured into HTML format (for this and their own websites) and a few have moved permanently to electronic versions of their work.
   This front page provides a gateway to the ramblings of members of the Circle and things that have been said about their work. The Circle as a whole takes no responsibility for the views of its members but it does stand by their right to express their opinions - no matter how misguided, or even weird, they may be.
   The only requirements for members are to be creative and interesting. And not to spend too much time messing about on the Internet instead of getting on with their writing! The Circle also acknowledges some contributions from members of the wider-based Romiley Arts Federation.

NOTE: Some of the authors of these pages have included Javascript gadgets written for the ground-breaking Netscape Communicator 4.7. It is unlikely that anything more "modern", especially versions of Internet Explorer, can handle them, but you never know your luck.

Who We All Are
Organization Remit
Romiley Literary Circle Association of writers based in Romiley.
Romiley Arts Federation Broader based parallel to RLC, includes other branches of the arts plus literature.
Farrago & Farrago RLC's publisher of choice.
Farrago Books Showcase of RLC authors' books – what there is and where to get them.
Henry T. Smith Productions Book designs, graphic arts, technical writing and research, web host for F&F & RLC.
life.etl A secret society with some public access areas.
Jenson FarragoThe host of life.etl & a chronicle of email scams including 419ers & phishers.
Mr. WydeyTV reviews & episode guides, and Books Worth Reading for the stay-at-home person.
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