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The Whole of The Cold Fire of MadnessSet in 1987, this novel by Philip H. Turner charts the history of the Bolton Ripper, Jack's the Ripper's Northern disciple, from 1927 to his unmasking. Not one for the faint-hearted! It is available from as a 268-page paperback and a PDF file (£4.00)

The Whole of Storm TideWritten by Philip H. Turner in the 1980s, the book follows the progress of 2 groups of people – one group of essential honest (and lucky) citizens and a bunch of crooks seeking inspiration. It is available from as a 200-page paperback and a PDF file (£3.75)


Too Boldly Gone by Merik KaturyanThis short science fiction novel was inspired by some- thing Merik Katuryan saw on TV. It bugged him so much that he felt driven to take confrontation in his own direction and 'do it right'. It is available from as a 120-page paperback and a PDF file (£2.50).

The Whole of DoppelgaengerHistorical novel by Henry T. Smith, set in Germany in the summer of 1944. Life at the very top of the Third Reich and the course of the Stauffenberg assassination attempt as seen from behind the scenes. It is available from as a 148-page paperback and a PDF file (£3.13).


Dreamers Of The Day by Jon A GoredJon A Gored's collision of the Black Magic Rock lifestyle with the benefits of contact with a being from another set of dimensions has been voted 'Best Book of the 20th Century'.
A truly monumental work! It is available from as a 510-page paperback and a PDF file (£7.50).

BlackFlag News Reference EditionBlackFlag News Reference Edition, 70-80 page PDF files, £2.50 each

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On Borrowed Time by Philip H. TurnerWhen space travel relies on both human and mechanical components, losing the human element puts a spacecraft in trouble. Losing the mechanical element, too, makes survival a severe problem. This classic work of SF is available from as a 160-page PDF file (£3.75).

RLC Science Fiction Vol. 1This collection of stories from 1975-1980 includes many new ideas, some fascinating gadgets, the destruction of most of the human race and hypertext story created before the technology to display it was universally available. It is available from as a 150-page PDF file (£3.75)


Allah's Thunder by Henry T. SmithIran is a persistent problem on the world stage, but also an opportunity if viewed from the right perspective. When former Cold War rivals follow their independent courses, the result is the greatest work of civil engineering in the history of the world! This classic work of geopolitics is available from as a 200-page PDF file (£3.75).

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PDF versions are in the Romiley Literary Circle 'Thermal' format. They should be printed double-sided on A4 paper of a weight which fills a thermal binder with a 10 mm spine. The pages should be cut to a height of 230 mm and a 1-inch margin should be trimmed from both sides of the pages before binding. The final product is a soft-back book of size 160 mm x 230 mm.


The Whole of A Desert HotelHenry Smith's first novel to be published appeared in 1982 in an abridged form. This is the full text of a journey home in the last days of World War 2.
PDF format
(zip file=1,165,284 bytes)

The Whole of Pass The ParcelWritten by Philip H. Turner in the early 1980s, this short novel is a straight summertime adventure story set in England and France.
PDF format
(zip file = 832,573 bytes)


The Whole of Night FlowersConceived in the 1970s, the author explores issues related to recycling and biofuels in a violent parallel society, in which industrial warfare and lawlessness are the norm. Where the planet-savers are taking us!!!

Both in PDF format

   NF Part 1   (zip file = 677,927 bytes)
   NF Part 2   (zip file = 905,809 bytes)

 the SERGEANT ENTERPRISE TrilogyLINKS for this set
The Whole of Sergeant EnterpriseThe Whole of Major AchievementsThe Whole of Merchant Submarine

All in PDF format

   Sergeant Enterprise   (zip file = 803,737 bytes)
   Major Achievements   (zip file = 997,485 bytes)
   Merchant Submarine   (zip file = 1,085,552 bytes)

Henry T. Smith's trilogy is set in the 1970s but it remains relevant to the 21st Century. It suggests what could happen if parts of the armed services are run free of the Labour Party's political interference and as a business which makes military resources and personnel available to civilians who can afford to hire them for profit or protection.
   NOTE: Doing some of this is now official Labour Party policy for 2005!
[See "Army's rent-a-soldier film plan" Daily Mail, 2005/09/16]

 my_destiny THE TERMINAL MAN

The Whole of My_DestinyDouglas Gramin created this story on the life.etl website as a serial. Now complete, it charts the thoughts and adventures of journalist and writer Marin Petronas and his battles with 'The Feck'. HTML format.
(zip file = 530,380 bytes)

The Whole of The Terminal ManPhilip Turner's hero over-reacts to uncertainty from his doctor and goes on a wild ride across Europe. He ends up betting his life against so many thousands of dollars that the numbers begin to lose all meaning. PDF format
(zip file=1,372,137 bytes)


Robert Arion's 'claustrophobic' novel explores the problems of the small businessman in the 1990s. Also an award winning self-help guide! HTML format
(zip file = 556,998 bytes)

The Whole of Death Is A StrangerThere was something about the central character of DISC which, Henry Smith felt, invited a sequel. This is it.
Two more sequels followed and there's another in preparation. HTML format
(zip file = 228,774 bytes)

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