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Crooks' CornerBrilliant Offer
Scam Details
Crooks In Action
Crooks In Action
Examples of emails send out with the intent of parting mugs from their money or time-wasting; e.g. 419-frauds, bogus lotteries & jobs, phishing, identity theft attempts and general weirdness
Phishers in action
A collection of 'phishing' emails sent out in the hope of stealing bank account details, passwords, PIN numbers, etc.
Books by Romiley Literary Circle Authors
which can be read online
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[One of Mine]
Dreamers Of The Day by Jon A. Gored
Dreamers of the Day
Jon A. Gored
Doppelgänger by Henry T. Smith
Henry Smith

The Whole of Pass The Parcel
Pass The Parcel
Philip Turner

The Whole of Brief Candle
Brief Candle
Robert Arion

Too Boldly Gone by Merik Katuryan
Too Boldly Gone /
Merik Katuryan

The History of the Millennium Dome Bombing
The History of the Millennium Dome Bombing

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To life.etl WebsiteLife.etl is a society with a restricted membership. We use the world-wide web as a convenient method of keeping in touch and this website is our notice board and message exchange centre.
   Some of the content is restricted to member-only access but the public areas are well worth exploring. Author Douglas Gramin, for instance, has contributed a novel-length story. Amarath Prethon has done the same with some memoirs of a 'Survivor'.

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