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Set in Paris, Robert Arion's 'claustrophobic' novel explores the problems of the small businessman in the 1990s. Also an award winning self-help guide!

The Whole of The Terminal ManThis novel by Philip Turner is a tale of survival in the face of extreme uncertainty multiplied by over-reaction to bad news. A man who feels he has little to lose dives in over his head; and keeps on doing it! Period: Late 1980s

The Whole of Pass The ParcelThis is a straight adventure story with no other ambitions. Kidnapping, currency fraud and violent death, mainly in France.
Vintage: early 1980s.


The Whole of Night FlowersWritten 50 years before its time, this saga of rebellion, mayhem and refuse recycling has been delighting readers for 30 years. Smuggling is rife, national parks are full of 'petrol plants' and the money to be made out of recycling refuse makes a commercial war; with shooting and bombings, worthwhile. "A vision of an inevitable future . . "

my_destiny.etlDouglas Gramin created this story on the life.etl website as a serial. He just went where the narrative flow took him for 5-6 weeks. Now complete, it charts the thoughts and adventures of journalist, novelist and philosopher Marin Petronas and his daily battles with 'The Feck', his regional newspaper's editor.

MDBAngus McBlair's government set out to hold a millennium change junket a year early. Enter the Millennium Dome bomber to fix his wagon! Still growing long after everyone had thought the saga had reached a natural conclusion, the cycle of corruption and exposure rolls on and on.


The Whole of Death In Small CornersWritten and set in the early 1980s, Henry Smith saw this book as an exercise in 'splashing a bit of blood about' to get a publisher's attention. And it worked! Life in the cracks can be tough.

The Whole of Death Is A StrangerThere was something about the central character of DISC which, Henry Smith felt, invited a sequel. This is it. [2 more sequels followed and there's a fifth one still in preparation -- Ed.]

Memories of Prethon
Amarath Prethon assembled this story in the public area of the life.etl website over a period of a year or so. It is in module-form as for the saga of what happened to the Millennium Dome after the Millennium Dome Bomber struck [see above]. The for-print version of the finished novel was retitled Survivors. The theme is survival beyond death and the possibilities attendant on such survival.
Note: this book is not about vampires.

Early issues of Astounding Science Fiction are available on the website in a variety of formats and also on the Internet Archive website [] as archive files of size 40-80 megabytes containing scans of the individual magazines from front to back cover.
| 1930 Issues | 1931 Issues | 1932 Issues | 2 Issues from 1933 |
Complete magazines are stored as .cbr [CombiBook Reader] or .cbz archive files. They can be unpacked by changing the file extension .cbr to. rar [or .cbz to .zip] and using WinZip or a file manager which can do the job without the need to change the extension, e.g. Total Commander.


Keith Laumer's stories of a combative member of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, who always got things done, were a revelation when they were first published in the SF magazine Worlds of IF in the early 1960s. This collection of 16 stories + the novel length Retief's War was available as a download in a range of formats from the Baen Free Library.
In addition, free access was once offered to A Plague of Demons, Future Imperfect, Legions of Space, Odyssey, and The Lighter Side, all by Keith Laumer, and The Road to Damascus by John Ringo and Linda Evans. These are now on sale as downloads at $6.99 if anyone is interested. Or no longer available if you missed them!
Baen does still offer some books from a Free Library


Slow Fade To BlackGorman Bechard's classic online novel is described as:
"... a rather twisted mystery/thriller set in Hollywood. There's sex, there's violence, there's name dropping, there's rock 'n' roll ... even a little magic ...
Now vanished in 2021

Snow BlindGorman Bechard sent us an email to say he planned to issue this novel as 2 chunks per month in 2004. All 24 episodes are now there for the benefit of fans of Paige Turner's exploits. "A very chilly book!" was the comment of one reader on finishing it.
Now vanished in 2021

In Andrew Starling's computer-age tale of technology and violence, a research project has been measuring 'souls' and the unfeeling and deadly Kohl wants the results. Enter alcoholic Spencer to sort things out. This and 2 other novels; Pious in the Mornings and Vince's Desire, are available in a range of formats.



Daniel Callahan's science fiction novella has disappeared from its original URL,
The link went to an HTML version from our archives. [159K]

The Andi Wicksham Detective Series by R.L. Bell comprises 4 novels : River Of Lawyers, Coming Up Roses, Phacker and Binds That Tie. The lady operates in Portland, Oregon.
This set has a history of disappearing. Still there on 2012/03/23. Gone in 2017

This novel by Steve Benson "is (meant to be) a psychological thriller, following the hunt for a serial killer in present day London."
The original set of zipped MS Word files has vanished (2021).


Of 1988 vintage, this novel by Charles G. Brooks, Jr. begins with the hijacking to Beirut of an airliner. Aboard is the US President's daughter – as the terrorists soon learn. Dealing with them takes some original (lateral) thinking and a whole lot of America's Guts! The original website has gone but RLC has a PDF version of the original.

Orange SoundNo Longer There . . .

"... a drama informed by transcendent coincidences, Old Testament imagery, reptilian evolution, hallucinogenic experiences, and cross-cultural bewilderment; all of which leads to a remarkable and unexpected conclusion," the author said.

The GarbagemanPeter Reid's hard-hitting spy story comprises 26 action-packed episodes.
The initial HTML version offered some very original use of graphics. The novel became available from Peter Reid's revamped website as a PDF download minus the pictures. Pity.
Now vanished in 2021

 Grotesque, A Gothic Epic The Opulence

Grotesque, A Gothic EpicThis fully illustrated gothic novel by G.E. Graven is an historical epic adventure that unfolds in the Middle Ages. Squire Lazarus Gogu is a winged grotesque who is thrown into the hostile world of pious men who would kill him and the fallen angels who are bent on escaping Hell. Under seemingly impossible circumstances, Lazarus must fight to stay alive, keep his faith, and stop the unfolding of a medieval Armageddon. Gone in 2017

The OpulenceThe novel is set in the fictitious town of Bishop Vale and follows the struggle of a young girl, Lucinda, against the most powerful man in town Gervais. The reader can follow her maturation from naive girl into a strong young women determined to battle the Dubois family in any manner she can. The novel is constructed so the reader can see the point of view from both Gervais and Lucinda on the same day.
Gone in 2017

 LETTERS TO MY MOTHER by Susan Crealock  COUNT ALL THIS by P.C. Fergusson

Letters To My MotherWhen Kate discovers her letters from college in a box under her parents' bed, she can scarcely recognize the light-hearted girl of 40 years before in the sober adult she has become. Reading the letters, Kate is filled with memories - sailing at night on Puget Sound, the suicide of a Spanish teacher and, above all, of David, the man she has never stopped loving. This online novel is the story of an unconventional May-December romance between a highly gifted coed and a married biochemistry professor, set in 1950s Seattle.

Count all thisSet in Northern California, Count All This is the story of a bright young man's sudden descent into schizophrenia just weeks before his mother learns she has breast cancer.
   Presented in a blog format, P.C. Fergusson's fast-paced novel is a story of love, madness, death, family loyalty, and the primal bond between mothers and sons.

 Some Novels by Sax Rohmer

This English writer and journalist is most famous for stories with a "Yellow Peril" background, particularly the Fu Manchu stories but also the tales of "The Scorpion". The following are out of copyright in the USA and available on the Project Gutenberg website.

Fu Manchu

The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (The Insidious Fu Manchu) (1913) [moved or deleted]
The Sins of Severac Bablon (1914)
The Yellow Claw (1915)
The Devil Doctor (The Return of Fu Manchu) (1916)
The Si Fan Mysteries (The Hand of Fu Manchu) (1917)
Brood of the Witch-Queen (1918)
The Quest of the Scared Slipper (1919) [moved or deleted]
Dope (1919) [moved or deleted]
The Golden Scorpion (1919)
The Green Eyes of Bast (1920)
Bat-Wing (1921) [moved or deleted]
Fire Tongue (1921) [moved or deleted]
Tales of Chinatown (1922) [moved or deleted]

 Some Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs

This American writer is most famous for his character Tarzan of the Apes but he also wrote science fiction adventures, in which he transported other characters to Mars and Venus. Mr. Burroughs died in 1950 and most of his work is out of copyright and available from the Project Gutenberg websites in the United States and Australia.

John Carter's trips to Mars
A Princess of Mars (1912)
The Gods of Mars (1914)
The Warlord of Mars (1918)
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1920)
The Chessmen of Mars (1922)
The Master Mind of Mars (1928)
A Fighting Man of Mars (1931)
Swords of Mars (1936)
Synthetic Men of Mars (1940)
Llana of Gathol (1948)
Skeleton Men of Jupiter (1942)

Carson Napier's trips to Venus (free ebooks)
Pirates of Venus (1934)
Lost on Venus (1935)
Carson of Venus (1939)
Escape on Venus (1946)

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