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They said the sky would fall in if we dared to vote for Brexit. And yet, the Sun is still shining . . .

Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to wind.
      —George Orwell.

Freedom isn't free, it depends on you and me saying "NO!" to those who try to steal it.
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When dealing with members of the Establishment (any political colour or nationality) do NOT expect them to be:
Honest and lacking Self-Interest; Fair and without inbred Bias; Competent and/or Diligent.
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Kartoon Korner 2

From 2017 on –
updated June 2019

More of May

General election, her majority lost, what about Brexit?

Political Clerihews

Thoughts on alleged
public servants

Kartoon Korner

Items in circulation –
up to 2016

May Miracles

What happened during
Theresa's first term

New Dawn

Dave the Leader's reign without the Clegg millstone

Pick One

Who wants to be the
next Tory leader?

What they said in 1975

Propaganda from the first ever referendum: EU 1975

Dave's deal

What did Dave get out of the EU?


Just how many bloody genders are there, anyway??

Corbyn Balls

Twit & (what's a cute opposite of wisdom?) from the great man


A "new dawn" manifesto from
Woolfie Smith's successor?

Coalition year 5

The last gasp of the Coalition,
before it dropped to bitz


Year 4 of the Coalition,
more or less, give or take

Dave the Leader's promised
Magnificent Seven for Europe

Who's to blame for the disasters in Somerset and elsewhere?

It's Black Envelope time as the USA govt. runs out of money

So where does overseas aid money actually go?

Wot Brexit, Mrs. May?Wot Brexit?

The wheels have come off. Brexit didn't happen. Strong and stable is weak and wobbly, and "When are you going to quit, Prime Minister?"
   Oh, well, that's politics!
      On with the show . . .

The Man Who Stole Your Pension
What Brown thinks of the votershas a disciple . . .
George Osborne dreams up another Stealth Tax

Click on Brown's picture to find out
what he did to wreck the British economy.

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Tourism in Scotland
Killblair Website

Farrago & Farrago
the Ultimate publishing experience
Jenson Farrago's
email spam, 419ers,
phishers, time-wasters

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To sample a decade and a half of WWW crooks
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Climate Change Archive Revisit our past glories!
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Coalition 3

Year 3 of the Coalition, Part Two

That's what they called the
latest additions to the HoLs

What's in the 2013 Queen's Speech – and what isn't.

PC Plebgate

Anatomy of a politically motivated Stitch-Up

Coalition 3

Year 3 of the Coalition, Part One

Looking Back

A spot of 20th century
history remembered

Report from Ruritania

The mess that is local government

Lights Out

The Liberals have fantasies, everyone suffers

An Alternative View

The first guess isn't always
the right one

Laziness Rulz, OK

Ignorant MPs are marching
the economy over a cliff

12 Presidents

Does anyone remember every single one of this gang?

Coalition 2

2 years of the Coalition done? Anyone notice a difference?

Brown's legacy

What sort of a legacy did Gordon "The Mugger" Brown create?
Closed 2010

The Loony Left
updated 2006/03/11

A brief history of the Loony Left

The rules for politics

The rules of politics:
a non-definitive collection

Our Philosophy

Garbagegate: A Sort Of Statement of Philosophy

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