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Green Tax SwindleForeign Aid MythsDead Wood

Green taxes: World-Saving or just More Bloody Taxes?

Some facts and fancies about
the worth of foreign aid

Sometimes, public sector
cuts aren't a bad thing

Coalition 1Dead Wood 2Bun Fight

The first year or so of the Coalition was disappointing

In response to Dead Wood,
(below) we got this . . .

Quango Bonfire or Bun Fight
for the usual suspects?

Toxic BrandCameron PromiseUnintended Consequences

The Scottish Tories are not the only Toxic Brand around

What's the difference between
a Cameron promise and fog?

So much for British justice

Coalition 212 PresidentsLaziness Rulz, OK

2 years of the Coalition done? Anyone notice a difference?

Does anyone remember every single one of this gang?

Ignorant MPs are marching
the economy over a cliff

Alternative view Lights Out Ruritania

The first guess isn't always the right one

The Liberals have fantasies, everyone suffers

The mess that is local government

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