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Global WarmingStern GuessesCarbon Con-men

What's so bad about a spot of global warming, anyway?

What's the shock-horror Stern Report REALLY all about?

They're trying to steal the planet in the name of saving it!

Carbon Con-men II Carbon CriminalsLights Out!

The wheels are starting to come off some of the Carbon Scams

The United Nations is lying about climate change. Why?

The EU is banning incandescent light bulbs. But Why?

The Greenhouse Effect!Film ShowCarbon Con-men III

Genuine, and surprising, facts
on greenhouse gases

Macclesfield Council's illegal use of C-Taxpayers' cash

The UN issues another dodgy dossier on climate change

Climate Change confusionGreenWashwindmills

Experts know everything, but what if they don't agree?
Like on climate change?

A counterblast to mindless
global warming propaganda

What can you believe about power from windmills?

GW & LiesGW Questions & AnswersTarget Tripe

If GW is real, why so many lies about the 'evidence'?

Some Global Warming Questions and Answers

Warning – another New Labour Stealth Tax rip-off on the way

Fact On CO2GWS 2009GWS 2009

Ups & Downs of Global Warming Swindling in 2009, Part 1

Ups & Downs of Global Warming Swindling in 2009, Part 2

'GLOBAL WARMING': AN OFFICIAL PSEUDOSCIENCE by Paulo N. Correa and Alexandra N. Correa – single PDF version of the above website section
Ice Ages and Global Warming by Monte & Harrison Hieb
The Science of Global Warming in Perspective by Gary Novak
A Lukewarm View of Global Warming by John L. Daly
Climate Audit by Steve McIntyre [visitors to this site are advised to have their brain in gear!]
Watts Up With That? Commentary on puzzling things by Anthony Watts

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