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Macclesfield MegaGarbageViolence in PoliticsSorry 3

Macclesfield goes the whole hog on recycling refuse

Violence in politics
– an investigation

More apologies from our Fearless Leader

BackDoor ManApologies Mark IIMacclesfield Council's Green Adventure

Sahaf Denial by Macclesfield Councillor

Garbageproof Gear On, Tone. More Apologies

Macclesfield Council's
Green Adventure

Even More apologiesWho's the litterbug?More apologies

The PM's grovelling apologies Part V.

Fines for putting rubbish out early? Who's the criminal?

The PM's grovelling apologies are really piling up.

Jobsworth in IspwichHutton Report CommentRoad Markings

NCP car parks & water cos. will damage your wallet.

The Hutton Report: What is it really trying to tell us?

Give a council a pot of paint ...
... and it goes mad!

The Loony LeftRecycle Or Else!The PM apologizes again

A brief history of the Loony Left

Barnet Council's new recycling
scheme has hidden teeth

The Prime Minister would like to
apologize – for the sixth time!

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