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The current Lord Mayor, Cllr. Danny Hurly-Hacket, has described Killblair as "the pearl of Scotland's Gulf-Stream Coast"

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Killblair main streetKillblair, the whole town

The west-coast town of Killblair is flanked to the north by Ower Dreigh, a town of similar vintage, and to the south by Naesae Driegh, which consists mainly of postwar developments.

Much of Killblair has retained its character despite constant pressure from developers. The main street still resounds to the messages of the Town Crier, Hodger Wheesht, on market days.

view of beach 2view of beach 1

The extensive run of beaches is the town's main summer attraction. At the height of the season, the local council sends out Beach Patrols on a regular basis to remove invasions of the seaweed and the jellyfish which flock to the Gulf Stream-warmed waters off Killblair.

Hillside housesGentles Glaum

Gentles Glaum is the 'posh part' of town and features many fine examples of Georgian houses.

Visiting houses on the slopes of the hill above the town can test pedestrians to destruction!

Propine CastleDroukit Gleg Castle

Killblair can boast two castles: Droukit Gleg Castle (left) was originally one of a pair of hilltop towers built by King Malcolm III to secure the area. It is now a private home. Propine Castle (right) is a Victorian creation, which was built in 1876 as a holiday home with easy access to the beach and the golf course.

The ultra-modern Conference HallOlder part of the town

High-rise tenaments in the older part of the town contrast vividly with the ultra-modern Conference Hall & Event Centre between the town centre and the golf course.

The golf clubhouseHazel's Hoose of Houghmagandie

What used to be the village station, which fell into disuse after the closure of the local railway line on economic grounds in 1998, has found a new life as Hazel's Hoose of Houghmagandie, a source of entertainment for residents and visitors alike.

The golf club provides a year-round tourist income for the town. Set close to the shore, golfing visitors can park their families on the beach while they enjoy the course.

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