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THRUSH symbolbulletEsso petrol 148.9p/litre in Romiley.
bulletEsso diesel 156.9p/litre.
Small drop in petrol.

E. McVeyHome NewsThe Minister for Common Sense, E. McVey, is to ban diversity crap in the snivel service & prevent Mandarins from out-sourcing their woke hobby horses to mates in the private sector.
A snivel service union, meanwhile, is trying to drum up support for a strike over the ishue of letting trans women (i.e. men) use female toilets. This is being dismissed by real women as a culture war whipped-up for the sake of making trubble.
The same union is trying to get Shirking @ Home made a ‘uman bluddy right.

doshTwo 20p slices of bread [Aldi price], toasted, adorned with salted butter & served up @ a café with a ‘lovely' beach view. How much?
   If the café is in Welsh Wales, four quid.
   Business rates, costa power & ingredients, and staff wages get the blame.
   The locals, who barely manage average Welsh wages, are not amused.

markerGet fat and you will die before your time, probably of cancer, is the current message from the Xperts.

When Putin the Poisoner invades the UK, the Pal Pals will become the local KGB. He is reported to have been mightily impressed by the way they handle their cannon fodder and intimidate the mugs into refusing to speak to journalists.

Smarmer poster

World NewsAmnesty International is trying to manoeuvre Chinese students into the bin for those able to seek asylum in the UK ‘coz they are in danger of persecution by their homeland's evil regime.
Beer Smarmer greeted with delight, the news that some evil & vicious criminals are to be let out of gaol early to ease overcrowding. And swell the ranks of Labour voters.
Mhegan the Muciloid's latest alibi is that she is 43% Nigerian.
The Trivials have been shopped to the ‘Uman Rights Commission for deselecting a parliamentary candidate for being a Christian. And for being a former BierBC employee.
As long as news broadcasts use the term ‘occupied West Bank', the Xperts are warning, Israel will remain in the same box as the Soviet Union, China and the Germany of the early 1940s.
"Monstrous crime", Putin the Poisoner said after the failed attempt to kill his buddy the prime monster of Slobakia. Lexicographers are still working hard to come up with a new word which adds proportionality to Putrid's vast number of crimes against humanity compared to a non-lethal Xtermination attempt.

King Chuck IIImarkerDancing on the Doorstep of Disaster
That red picture of King Chuck looks like someone whacked him with a rather fragile paper poster and that's his face stuck through it.
   As a work of art, it needs to be sent back to get the job finished off. As a work of conversation-generation, it has certainly done that. As an enduring memorial, it looks out of the same box as the 1954 Winston Churchill portrait by Graham Sutherland, which Churchill hated so much that he got his private secretary to cremate it.
reader comment“An endangered-species Monarch butterfly splatted on to wet paint, got stuck and croaked. And the artist fled the country, just one small jump ahead of a gang of homicidal econutters, and the painting was never finished.” Fran Tastiq
reader comment“The artist roughed in the background, did the face and forgot about the job until King Chuck's minions arrived to collect it and weren't going to take ‘no' for an answer.” Courtney Topaz-Adductor

    WEEK 3    Putin the ‘trans’ into intransigence

tapEye off the ball big time
There is definitely something rotten in the state of Scotland if an Algae Boutique charity can hoover up taxpayers' dosh to persuade mental ‘elves & learning disability kids to go in for gender-bender drugs.

markerPutin the ‘swine’ into Swinney
More bricks are bouncing orf the SNP government and its new First Meenister for presiding over a national loneliness time bomb by doing stuff like chopping off funding to a male mental ‘elf charity.

Z markerUsing human sewage sludge on agricultural land is creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs, the Xperts reckon, and they want the practice stopped. Try telling that to China and see how far you get.

bindead roseIndustrial levels of discontent
Rejected (by the nation) prime ministerial candidate N. Pillock is leading a charge against the latest sometime Tory to join Smarmer's Army. Lord Pillock reckons that Bier is turning Labour into a dustbin for political dregs.
   The defector, L Phucke, is noteworthy for being told to phuck off by Labour's R. Reeves. A. Robot is no pal of hers either, but she'd trying to fake it anyway. No one convinced.
   The Tories, meanwhile, are overjoyed to see the back of Ms Phucke, who is Xpected to create further alarm & dissention in Labour's ranks until she gets off the gravy train @ the next general election.
Bier Smarmer is getting a booting for going all smarmy over someone who has done nothing but bad-mouth him in the past. But he's that kind of guy. Mr. Insincerity for the Masses.

markerWe got the numbers
Moslem doctors are attempting to create a Rachelism Olympics by launching anti-semmitic attacks on any Jewish doctors who are unfortunate enough to work near them. The bullies then try to play the Islamaphobia card if the target objects & refuses to sign a formal declaration that the Hamas are the Greatest of All Time.
Doctors who identify as Moslems outnumber Jews 17 to 1 in the NHS.

bulletSeismic Shift: the term ‘criminal lawyer' is now being taken to mean a criminal who operates as a lawyer. The currently frequent context involves Islamists.

PalsMSF is a set of initials created by one of the coppers in the 2001 novel Prey by Jon A. Gored. It leaps into the mind of those who have read the book when they see an encampment of non-Arab students & infiltraitors in masks & an Arab scarf seeking attention by being an offensive nuisance at what is supposed to be a centre of learning.
   And littering their enviromint with black bin bags full of disgusting stuff.
[MSF = Mobile Sewage Factory, which is the polite version of the detective sergeant's description of habitual criminals. Other interpretations of the 'S' are available. Ed.]
Reversed US flagAmerican infiltraitors are getting the credit/blame for the unsightly & obstructive tentments @ places like Oxford University. The self-righteous Yonks have phuckt up their own country and their mission now is to bigotize abroad.

markerIf it works, screw with it
The Swiss Army knife has been reinvented for snoflakes. Just gadgets like a screwdriver & a corkscrew, and no blades for sharpening pencils & killing bad guys.
   How the ‘knife' will get on with Trade Descriptions Act has yet to be determined.

baseball hatAll the attention going to the Green party's Islamists is encouraging the anti-semmites in the Labour party to sneak out of their caves & get back to business. The Smarmer Army is letting them ‘coz Bier needs the bodies.

ShockHorrorGreen hydrogen is a scam. Its production relies on electricity from occasionals by definition, and when hydrogen is burnt in air, it forms water, which is a greenhouse gas, let us not forget.
   Worse, the temperature of combustion lets oxygen & nitrogen react to form oxides of nitrogen, which are more potent greenhouse gases than our old pal carbon dioxide.
   The nitrogen oxides also have a different absorption spectrum, which means that they drink up solar energy which carbon dioxide ignores.


THRUSH symbolmarkerBut hey, that's what gorbal warmage scams are all about. Making money out of projects that would never get off the ground if politicians didn't hurl HUGE subsidies of taxpayers' cash at them.

tick symbol Eurovision, to everyone's surprise, gave this year's Song for Yourope prize to the best song on offer; a Swiss effort; rather than to Israel as a political gesture.
   Britain's entry came nowhere after some creep called Oily did his act in a gloopy grotty washroom.

THRUSH symbolmarkerCreaky Joe & Co. in the Untied States have paused deliveries of weapons to Israel, which is preventing aid from going into Gaza to prevent the Hamas from getting their mitts on it. As for the rest of the customers, well, tough.

Dracula BootsmarkerTrade unions are mightily pissed off by Bier Smarer's failure to tell Tory quitter/splitter L. Phucke to get lost as she has form for thinking union bosses are gits.

tick symbol Bier Smarmer's Big New Idea for dealing with uninviting boat people is . . . another bloody quango with its collective fist in our pocket. And staffed by bods who are already doing this job for the government but will cost us more as quangocrats. Wunderbar!

markerBier Smarmer reckons he will replace gimmicks with graft. Does that mean we'll get corruption added on to the graft as a bonus Xtra?
reader comment“A total amnesty for all illegals isn't a gimmick? Well, that's a triffic relief!” Sella Guerre
reader comment“Canute's successor, Smarmer? Nope. Knut knew what he was doing. Smarmer is more like Ethelred the Unraed, who never got any advice worth having, as Smarmer is noted for swithering & being totally clueless himself.” Boot McGoot

bulletQ: What do you get from the organizers of the Newport Marathon?
bulletA: The chance to run an Xtra 276 metres due to a faulty tape measure.

Far Queue symbolThe Talibandits are causing disastrous floods in the north of Afghanistan. But hey, that's what they're for.

the Muggermarker
Gordon F. Broon owes the nation £21,000,000,000
That's how much he wasted by deliberately depressing the world price for gold before selling off half of the Britisch stock of the metal.
   Any chance of an apology & surrendering some of his millions as a token of restitution?

Broon management

markerHas Labour learnt anything from this Broon-made catastrophe? Not if Bier Smarmer is going to the old booby for ideas on how to wreck the Britisch economy, and everything else, if he gets to prime monster.

O-BummerDesperate to be noticed, Greenarse Grotter has joined the Pal Pals' crusade against Israel's war crimes. Which makes as much sense as Australia & Israel being in the Song for Yourope shindig. And Putinstan if the Putinis hadn't been banned.

markerWhinge premise not bought
Let us be clear. What Xhibitionists do on ViewTube is nothing to do with Britisch society, as some meeja wonks would have us believe. It's nothing to do with anything other than the Xhibitionists trying to make a few bob.
   Particularly if it's a deranged stalker doing a whinge for a meeja bloke with a history of Xploiting people like her.

markerNo is the wrong answer, Joe
Israel's court-dodger prime monster is threatening to march into the Untied States to liberate supplies of the weapons of mass destruction that he unloads on Gaza's trapped civilian population if President Creaky Joe stops coughing them up voluntarily.

markerSage who knows his onions?
THRUSH symbol Lord Dave the ex-Leader is warning us that a vote for Bier Smarmer @ the next general election will be a vote for dumping the YewKay into the axis of evil authoritarian states, given Labour's urge to sell us out to every one of our enemies as often as possible.

bulletQ: Is it credible for Labour's defence shadow to claim his party hasn't had a look @ the nation's books?
bulletA: Given the number of pro-Labour infiltraitors in the snivel service, it's not even worth a mild titter of amusement and an indication of why D. Lammy is universally known as ‘that dope'.

look bothDe-evolution in action
Welsh Ssennedd political logic—now is a good time to blow 35 grand on posh office chairs; most of them at the best part of a grand a pop; as they won't get worn out & second-hand as the staff are all Shirking @ Home, and if someone on the team wants to blag them @ some time in the future, they'll be a dead bargain at a fiver a shot.

Cuckoos out of the nest?
THRUSH symbol"Zionists don't deserve to live", yell the student Pal Pals in the Untied States as they chill out in their unfragrant tent cities.
   If that's the best they can do to claim the moral high ground, sounds like the same applies to them!

Be Advised Bier Smarmer is the embodiment of the adage "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything". Hence his sudden attack of L. Phucke's Disease.

crownClap to the power of Trap
When you do a TV series which is allegedly about Britain's Royal Family and people point out that you've made stuff up that didn't happen, get some stooge to spout some garbage about the fantasist having articulated a larger truth.
reader comment“Articulated? Those are lorries, aren't they?” Labi Rinth
[The modern equivalent of a coach and horses through the facts. Ed.]

VNNVulture News Network
20% of kids in the age range 15-18 years old are sick weirdos who seek out suicide & self-harm stuff on their pocket phone.
American universities are admitting kids who are too stoopid to realize that if they go on hunger strike over impossible demands about the Gaza war, they will get hungry, weak & miserable. Sheesh!
If you see a snivel servant wearing an Algae Boutique security pass lanyard, you can be sure it's someone to avoid. Or you need to lower your Xpectations to basement level if you're stuck with him/her/it.
R. ReevesCuriously, Britain's economic growth of 8.9% since Brexit makes us better than any of the nations on the Youropeon mainland.
Even more curiously, Brexit triggered 20% of growth in the US economy. Aren't we great!
Unsurprisingly, the DoomBuggers are scrambling around for stuff to put in their gaslighting script. There's even talk of the Consumer Prices Index falling to its mythical target of 2% in the summer, which they find MIGHTILY distressing.
Beer Smarmer has come up with a plan to run out of other people's moeny as fast as possible if he gets to be prime monster. A nation yawns.

bum 1bum 2Bumbastic
Or maybe that should be Bumtastic. The look is certainly Bumptious. But whatever, appearing in public looking like this confirms that there's nowt a female celeb won't do to get herself noticed.
   "Does my bum look big in this?"
   "Your bum would look big in the Grand Cañyon, love."

writer comment“Butt welding – needed to keep the cheeks in the same county.” H.T.S.
writer comment“Buttox – butt the size of an ox's.” P.H.T.

    WEEK 1    Putin the ‘orate’ into expectorate

locomotive Labour's plan to reconstruct British Rail will end up costing the taxpayer so many BILLIONs that the Armed Forces will have to be abolished.
   That's the cost of leasing all the rolling stock currently owned/leased by private rail companies and the cost of letting the rail unions run riot in the public purse.
[In order to increase their bungs to the Labour party to encourage more of the same. Ed.]

markerMirth for the Masses
Video clips of Humbug Useless falling off his scooter and denouncing everyone in a senior position in Scotland for being white in a mega-bugger raysist whinge are getting a good airing to celebrate his eviction.
   Not that anyone Xpects the SNP to come up with someone else who isn't a disaster area, given its record for picking leaders.
   "All the clever ones come to Westminster and all the duffers stay at home," sez the prophet Ree-Smogg.

Creaky Joe

Z markerCreaky Joe has given the online video outfit TiqToq 9 months to shed its Chinese connection on national security grounds, following Europeon leads. If the Chinese owners don't sell TT to someone more acceptable in the window, it will be banned in the Untied States.

O-BummerOne of them there polls claims that three-quarters of Britisch adults won't be taking a dip in the sea this summer to avoid being contaminated by sewage. Which is garbage as a majority of the UK's population won't be taking a seaside holiday here, therefore the ishue is irrelevant to them.

DaveFar Queue symbol Dave the ex-Leader is under the delusion that Brexit caused the flood of cross-Channel migrants. Which is an Xplanation for why Dave the Deluded is an ex!

tick symbol The Snackstabber reckons the Rwanda plan is working. It's driving dodgy migrants south into the Republic of Ireland from Ulster! And doing a good job of upsetting our enemies in Southern Ireland & other parts of the EFU.

It is being stressed yet again that the number of transpicaters that came out of the 2021 national census is tripe, codswallop & totally bogus.
   A vast & contrived over-estimate, the Xperts are still saying in the hope that they will be believed this time around.
The Office of Notional Sadistics is getting another good booting for knowingly making a total bog of the wording of the census questions.

RasterAd Attack
Raster “GO FASTER”
The Super Energy pill
100% Natural and certified Non-Toxic ingredients
Raster of Romiley, 72b Riverside Drive

Grrr!As well as those who are openly Jewish, the Met also arrests people with a St. George's Cross flag for being openly English. Curious that this never happens to anyone with an Alky Ida or swastika flag. But that's down to the woke, weak clones that 13 years of New Labour installed in the top ranks of police farces.

marker Refugee from the real world
pound coinIf the boss of Oxfam in Scotland is claiming that anything done there has the slightest effect on the global climate, what does that tell us about Oxfam and its contact with reality?
   Dig deeper and it turns out that Oxfam is saying 'give us the money' and it's on the side of climate criminals & their 'tax everything in sight' policy. Which ain't Xactly charitable.

Answers to CorrespondentsbulletQ: Did the Balls-Cooper woman really call the Rwanda Plan a bat's hat?
bulletA: Something like that.
bulletQ: Did Angular Robot call the PM a pint-size loser?
bulletA: We're still trying to work out if that's worse than a Two-Homed loser.

Kerching! The decision of New Labourized police farces to ignore theft from retail premises & assaults on staff in shops & stores is costing the industry; and therefore the customers; a guesstimated two billion quid per year, data from the Office for Notional Sadistics shows.

markerReality’s painful bite!
A tissue manufacturer, enjoying the virtue glow of ditching the label Man Size in favour of Xtra Large, is reported to have dabbled with the idea of offering boxes of Trans Size tissues to the millions and millions of transpicaters.
   But when someone pointed out that the number of possible starting points and the number of possible destination points means that hundreds of pack sizes would be needed, the idea was quietly binned & forgotten.

THRUSH symbolFar Queue symbol The speculaters are wondering if a Smarmer government would keep Lord Dave the ex-Leader & arch-Remoaner on as Foreign Sec. because he is as iggorant & useless as any of Smarmer's Army.

marker++ Labour tells us a load of craptrap about re-nationalizing railways ++ Trade unions cheer ++ Shares in a firm selling tickets online plunge 12% ++ Nuff said ++

markerLateral thinking & spin are all that are needed
elephant Botswana has an overpopulation problem with 150,000 wild elephants within its borders. Outraged by a proposed UK ban on bringing hunting trophies home, the honcho there is threatening to send 10,000 elephants to Hyde Park.
   But how's he going to get them here? They're a bit big for small boats and does anyone really think our Border Farce would be able to move them across to its aquatic taxis when the elephants reach our mid-Channel border?
[Flying them over and dropping them by parachute is another obvious non-starter. Especially if the RAF is liable to zap the hostile intruders. Teleportation, anyone? Ed.]
reader comment“It's not a ban on going out with an armed escort and blowing away a big bit of wildlife, it's just a ban on bringing bits home. Which could be seen as an advantage and an inconvenience from which the hunter is spared with the right spin applied.” Brown Find

markerInternal Rumble
Labour's Chancellor wannabe, R. Reeves, has grotted on former shop steward A. 'Two Homes' Robot's plan to put the unions in charge of everything and let them stick a hand in every pocket. La Reeves is trying to position herself as someone un-Labour and responsible & grown up.

US flagShockHorrorThe H. Wheensteen trial in Los Angeles was as much a railroad job as the one in Noo Yawk, and will have to be redone. To the delight of the lawyers, who will be able to dip their bread again.
No judge is ever sacked for causing a gross miscarriage of justice.

markerWhen in doubt, do something else daft
Having been booted vigorously for charging 6 quid for a pair of posh egg & cress butties, Marks & Sparks has responded with a cheeseburger pasta salad that unloads a massive 755 calories on the customer.
   For those who want a salad (wimpy) that tastes like a burglar (heroic, non-veggie).

markerGulp! Even Angular Two Homes Robot's father doesn't believe she didn't game the system for personal profit.

markerAttention clout-casters!
May be out. That's hawthorn trees are in flower in Romiley, for the benefit of those without a grasp on English folklore.

Hawthorn tree

Sad GeekO-BummerWho's responsible for all the knife crime in London? The cosmetic mayor, Sadgeek K'han't, would have us believe that he has done all the can [weren't bloody much, were it? Ed.] and it's all down to parents not searching their little monsters for machetes & other bladed weapons before they let them out of the house.

Far Queue symbol Bier Smarmer sez the Scots should make him their First Meenister as he is their natural leader.
[In his dreams, Ed.]

MAGAIt's all very well to say having more armed police officers around, as in the Untied States, would fundamentally change our police forces but our society had been changed fundamentally in the last several decades.
   There are more nutters around armed with knives, swords & guns, and more Islamist terrorists, and personal responsibility has gone up on the bonfire of entitlement & wokeness. Which is why US universities need visits from the police and the National Guard to clear out the occupying scumbags.
   Shooting dead someone posing a lethal threat to others will upset only the lawyers done out of trial fees and far-Left politicians done out of their voters. And also the usual snivellers, who want bad guys to be allowed to run riot coz it's their 'uman effin' right to do so and to hell with the people in the middle, who end up dead at the hands of the scumbags

markerDo we have to worry about 3,500 missing migrants if we're not having to shell out MILLIONs to give the scrounging bastards food & shelter?

markerDump and Run Plan
THRUSH symbol The Irish (Southern) government would like to be able to arrest unwanted migrants, load them in chains into furniture vans, drive them across the border to Ulster & dump them there.
   But the justice minister was unable to come up with a response to the question: "What if they just walk back across the border to your side as soon as you take the shackles off?"
The Irish High Court ruled in April that the UK is not a safe place to send bogus asylum seekers 'coz of the Rwanda Plan. But maybe no one has mentioned this to the Irish justice minister.
reader comment“Has anyone mentioned that there's no hope of an amicable agreement with the UK when there's only hostility on her side?” Marr Shlart

R. ReevesmarkerOn-The-Job training
Labour's Chancellor wannabe, R. Reeves, seems to have decided that the best way to start her crusade against cronyism is to wallow in it herself and find out what it's all about.
   Accepting freebies & donations from people after public sector jobs, e.g. the cosmetic mayor of somewhere, is the starting point.

markerCan’t touch you for it!
A Christian fanatic and a bloke who rejected Islam are being tarred with the far-Right brush just for wanting to burn a copy of the Q'ran @ Malmo in Sweden on the day before the Eurovision Song Contest.
The request is likely to be granted as Q'ran arson is not an offence under Swedish law and it has been done before in Stockholm.
reader comment“If it's legal, why do they have to ask permission from the police to do it?” Kaz Akstan
[Probably so the police can deploy the riot squad to deal with the inevitable Islamists Xercising their imaginary right to run riot wherever they choose. Ed.]

markerNotional ’Elf taxi service
Thanks to trade union militancy & loss of the work ethic, family doctors are now officially Xtinct. A patient seeing the same GP twice running is now in the realm of the miraculous.

collapsed Tory treemarkerKeep your eyes on the numbers
If Tory voters stay at home during the local & other elections, and the Labour vote is much the same, or even much reduced, that will be claimed as a swing to Labour by professional liars in the ‘news' meeja.
   It's what they do.

markerThe Conservative vote in the Blackpool South pariamentary constituency went down from 16,247 in 2019 to 3,218 in this month's by-election. The Labour vote also went down from 12,557 in 2019 to 10,825 this month. Not exactly a great show of enthusiasm for Labour if their vote fell, despite all the claptrap from the news meeja.

Fraudulent Mathematics
reader comment“The election result in Blackpool South wasn't a swing, or anything else, TO Labour. Compared to 2019, the Labour vote was DOWN 17% and the voter turn-out was about half. Tory supporters didn't bother, knowing they'll have to do it again later in the year. And there is clearly no great enthusiasm for Starrmer's Army.
   “Numbers don't lie, just the people abusing them.” Inability Brown

markerThe NHS is wasting a ludicrous amount of time on thinking about banning the ludicrous woke BS of ‘chestfeeding'. But that's the Notional 'Elf Service for you.

THRUSH symbolbulletEsso petrol 149.9p/litre in Romiley.
bulletEsso diesel 156.9p/litre.
Small drop in diesel.

bulletQ: Remind us, which side demanded an open border in Ireland during the Brexit negotions? Was it the EFU?
bulletA: How did you guess!
Far Queue symbol Things beginning with an ‘H' associated with the EFU begin with hippocrisy and Xclude honesty. How triffic.

bulletQ: What does Wee Sterney Burgeon kno about free speech?
bulletA: What does a crocodile kno about Chopin? About the same.

markerStrong on Strategy
The Reform UK plan for small boats is to get the Royal Navy to nudge them back in the direction of France, and if the invasion barge starts to sink, to give the occupants a replacement dinghy. Boarding it will be their problem.
   And if that starts to sink as well, the whole gang of invaders should be left to drown, according to Reform honcho Mr. B. Habib.
reader comment“If the Channel suddenly fills up with sharks feasting on migrant corpses, no doubt that will be blamed on gorbal warmage.” Esslam Dunk

markerPresident Creaky Joe's enslavement by transpicaters & their weirdness has created a new gender—non-Bidenary.

bulletToday’s word: ultracrapidarian
n. definition of most politicians

SherieSherie does a theme
reader comment“A bloke in Romiley was complaining in the Daily Disaster that no one has been blamed for the Grenfell Tower fire, which was 7 years ago. How about the bloke with dodgy fridge that started the blaze?” Dorkk Matter
reader comment“You can't blame the cladding. Its job was thermal insulation, which it did. It was perfectly safe until set ablaze. Which can be used as an argument for shutting down all libraries. All that highly inflammable paper in an enclosed space . . .” Bentine Comotion

O-BummerThe Southern Irish government is sabotaging the peace process by sending armed guards to the border with Ulster.
   Wot rotters they are.

The notion that "Slavery made Britain rich" is just something invented by scroungers, who are trying to steal money from us using brain-dead politicians. As for anything they manage to steal trickling down to benefit their subjects . . . joke!

cross symboltick symbolOur Snackstabber Prime Monster does not approve of the choking effect of the cancel culture. Bier Smarmer has yet to come out of his bunker on the subject but he is Xpected to be 99.99% against it to give himself some wriggle room in case oppressers want to donate cash to a lawyer for his services.

markerWhy does the Manchester CO-OP LIVE super-duper new concert arena keep failing safety checks just before a sell-out gig?
   Could it be inevitable with Jonah ‘The Wrecker' Burnham sitting the cosmetic mayor's office, bringing nothing but Bad Karma For All?

World NewsUniversities across the Untied States are being systematically wrecked by Islamist terrorists.
Dublin has been turned into a pavement tent city by bogus asylum seekers who don't want to end up in Rwanda.
Here in the Yew Kay, the usual suspects' answer to the migration ishue is an ‘Office of Migration'. That's more snivel servants shirking @ home and not doing the job they're overpaid to do.

postage stampmarkerNot before time
The Royal Mail has been forced to stop stealing a fiver from people who get a letter with a Chinese fake stamp on it. The Daily Disaster is claiming the credit for this. And also demanding that those with a lawn cut it only once in May to encourage weeds (mainly dandelions). bees & buttterflies [sic].
   There is also some of the usual BS about biodiversity & climate egermencies tacked on to the campaign by third parties.

markerDeserve vs actually get
Scittish flagThe Scots deserve less clueless leadership, pontificated a newspaper leader writer. Shame there's none on offer. Labour used to make a bog of things north of the border before the SNP became the natural party of government there.
   A. Salmonella, Wee Burney and H. Useless stomped all over that notion. And one has only to take a brief peek @ Wales, where a Labour-run Ssennedd is making a complete bog of everything, to know that Anass Aahwaa, the Scottish Labour leader, ain't the answer.

bulletQ: What is Humbug Useless' record in office?
bulletA: He holds the record for being the only Scottish Transport Minister to have been busted for driving without insurance.

The wheels have come off the Icelandic former Teashop's no-border legacy in Ireland. Mr. L. Verruka's pride & joy is now a burden on the Southern Republic and the rotten Englisch are not being helpful to the Pals of the IRA.
   Well, whoda thunk it? Apart from everyone, of course.
reader comment“What a terrible shame that once they're in the EFU, boguses have the right to travel to any of the member states, including Southern Ireland. But no right to travel to a non-member, such as the Yew Kay.” Bat E. Balls

DaveFar Queue symbolDave the ex-Leader is being accused of having a carbon footprint the size of Mount Everest. The amount of swanning around the world wearing his Foreign Sec. hat is as monstrous as it is pointless.

tick symbol Bier Smarmer is happy enuff about Dave's swanning as it gives his serfs something to moan about as a distraction from Labour's crimes against humanity.
His midget minion, Wee Streeting, meanwhile is wallowing in the political gutter as his method of distraction. He's trying to play the race, anti-white & Pal Pals cards. No one surprised.

bulletBank Holiday Monday started sunny and went grey. A reflection of all the bad news sloshing around?

markerTeenagers who do vaping are loading their body with cadmium, lead and uranium. Which is good news for the government as they probably won't be needing much in the way of pension pay-outs.
If you're a polis constabule, it's okay to beat up a bloke who shags your wife in a Screwfix car park, a court has decided.

SherieSherie does another theme; and a bit more
reader comment“If the state pension is not related to your contributions via National Insurance, etc., how come the new state pension is 50 quid per week more than the Osborne Swindle old pension? Not something the DHSS or the government is likely to Xplain.” Jedgar Roover
reader comment“Any chance of compenbloodysation for those swindled since 2016? Joke.” Souman Deller
reader comment“An actress, 55, nasty divorce as a matter of record, is complaining that she can't get any action from a dating crApp. She blames her age, I read before moving on. But maybe it's due to her history being too well known.” Deeon Maxley

markerFrustratingly for Smarmer's Army, colonies consisting of Moslems who have migrated here from Asia & the Middle East are not having anything to do with the native political parties.
   The incomers are Xpected to ignore local ishues and vote only for Islamists who are fully focussed on Gaza to the Xclusion of everything else.
This is particular ishue for Scotland, where the needs of the native people are being ignored thanks to the H. Useless shift of focus to migrants & Gaza.

gold barsmarkerDosh News
A judge has awarded damages to a social worker whose right to freedom of speech was abused by Westminster Council and the quango Social Work England. Quel surprise!
The price of gold is soaring because China is buying it up ahead of its planned assault on Taiwan in 2027. This will allow bribes to be paid in gold rather than US dollars (which will become unavailable) to keep clients on-side.

Bier SteamermarkerStealth still works
The enormously successful American comic J. Seinfeld has blamed the demise of TV comedy shows on the far-Left & their PC crap. Which is actually something we'd worked out for ourselves a good while ago, Jerry.
   But he does see a future for comedy in live shows staged beyond the dead grasp of the far-Left o'bliterbugs.

VNNmarkerCrisis of Confidence
Bier Smarmer's claim that a Labour government would toughen the law on shoplifting is being received with derision. The lawyer clearly hasn't grasped that there are laws aplenty but the police are refusing to get off their arses and enforce them. So how much will even more unenforced laws achieve?

markerRoutine Labour Omission
Historical Note:dead rose Before he became Greater Manchester's cosmetic Mayor, Jonah Burnam was the cosmetic police commissioner—at the time when GM police was put into administration for being unfit for purpose & the chief constable was sacked for being useless.
   Jonah's reward for causing the latest catastrophe [on top of Stafford Hospital, banks go bust, etc., Ed.] was to be made cosmetic mayor, leaving others to clear up the police mess. For which he is now claiming the credit. But that's what politicians do. And he'd rather the customers were not reminded of any of this.

Far Queue symbolNet&Yahool scratches his inner fascist by closing the Al Jazeera news outfit's presence in Israel. No pluralism & multiculturalism & opposition allowed.

SherieSherie puts the lid on them elections
reader comment“It's true. Giving another term as cosmetic mayor to Sadgeek K'han't confirms that Labour supporters would vote for Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hilter or Putrid the Poisoner if they were wearing a Labour rosette.” Cliff Endzone
reader comment“You have to wonder how sincere Moslem Green party candidates are if they're jumping up & down and yelling about their mate Akbar after being elected as councillors rather then indulging in any of the usual pointless ‘save the planet' tripe in a country that isn't causing the problems they're complaining about. Are we allowed to remember that green is the colour of choice of Islamist terrorists?” Ken Tuckitin
Right Steamerreader comment“There's an interesting thought. If Bier Smarmer sneaks into Downing Street, the country will be flooded with Palestinians and the Hamas will be regrouping here.” Beau Nafides
reader comment“See where the far-Left diversity agenda has gone. To Moslem dominated local councils making pointless demands about what's going on where the councillors come from @ the Xpense of local ishues. And just taking no notice of the rights & needs of the native population.” Merse I. Full

baseball hatToday’s Question:
Is it far-Right to oppose the communists & far-Lefties who are trying to fill your homeland with infiltraitors who despise your values? Or is this stance just too far-reasonable for the wreckers & their meeja cronies to handle?

Far Queue symbolThe Horizon Hero Eddie Gravy, Trivial honcho, sez the country has had enuff of the Snackstabber. Same with him, but is he going? Sure, he is. More gravy, Eddie? Paid for by everyone else, of course.

bulletToday’s Other Question:
If an apostle is a follower, is an apistle one who's drunk and liable to lose his way?

writer comment“Increasing numbers of people are deciding that if something doesn't have a trigger warning, it's probably too woke & bland to be worth bothering with. But there are gems which escape the attention of the clottish censors. Which leaves us back at the delights & disappointments of suck it and see.” A.L.M.

markerPointless Pronouncement
Bier Smarmer has announced that he's not going to flog a dead horse if the country is stoopid enuff to make him the prime monster. Cue a chorus of derisive remarks along the lines of: "That's his exercise programme abandoned!" and "No one would buy one off him anyway."

ShockHorrorElectric cars have Nett Zero resale value after a few years. How come? The battery life is just 8 years and it can cost up to 40 bloody grand!! to get a replacement right now.
   Imagine how much that will be after China attacks Taiwan and becomes even more of a pariah state.

helmethelmetWe can only agree with the assessment of Little John of the Daily Disaster that at the sharp end of police forces are officers who are prepared to put themselves in danger to protect the public and tackle armed criminals and demented killers with a samurai sword.
   And at the blunt end, collecting the big bucks for being in charge, are wonks & slaves of the far-Left and other brain-dead activists & politicians. And we know whom we'd like standing next to us when the trouble starts.

    WEEK 2    Putin the ‘bung’ into bungalow

Gulp! The much abused but desperately fashionable Xpression 'Trigger warning' is an anxiety trigger for those people who have been robbed @ gunpoint. It needs, therefore, to be used cautiously, we are assured by the clottish censors, cancel clowns and other Jam-Sandwich Jabronis.

bulletBorder Farce buggers up airports everywhere with buggy software.

markerShirking @ Home is getting the blame for a levelling out in what was falling tobacco consumption and a reprieve for an unhealthy practice which was heading for Xtinction.

markerThe animal rights outfit called Peta is to be banned as its name includes the word 'pet', which is a human abuse of the natural freedom of animals.

Z markerThe NHS is doomed to collapse into an untidy heap, the Xperts have decided. Three-quarters of the stuff kids eat is unhealthy and will make them overwhelm the NHS completely when they seek treatment for their multitudinous ailments.

Gulp!Veggies with many years of it under their belts are becoming carnivores because they are worried about the dangerous additives that are going into look-alike substitutes for meat products such as sausages & pork pies.
   The veggies now think that noshing ultra-processed foods will get in the way of their ambition to live forever.

markerHow cheerful is this!
Whatever you do, don't live in a house, don't wash, don't use gadgets of any sort and don't eat foods.
   Why? Because the 'Xperts' reckon everything around us; cleaning products, electronic and other devices, foodstuffs, etc.; releases or contains toxins that will kill us stone dead!

markerGood Points
1. If bogus asylum seekers get to Southern Ireland via the UK, what's stopping the Teashop from sending them back to the EFU country they came from? Which is France, by the way. Probably that MacRon character.
2. "Hey, you know from Xperience what a daft twat he is but you still voted him back in. More fool you." [In the context of cosmetic mayors, Ed.]

The Scottish Greens are being blamed by a former honcho for collapsing the coalition with the SNP. The bloke's former party, he Xplained, is now in the clutches of misogynistic followers of the transpicater cult and shedding real women as fast as possible.

markerNot a choice, really
The Commons Leader, P. Mordor, who made a name for herself at King Chuck's coronation by lugging a huge sword around, had a laugh over the chat about her being installed in Downing Street to replace the Snackstabber current incumbent ‘like a new boiler'.
   Which raises the question of whether it is better to be likened to reliable, effective and fairly affordable technology like a gas boiler, or to the new, eco-acceptable technology of an electric heat pump, which is ineffective, unaffordable and liable to be cut off when the supply of electricity from occasionals fails to meet the demand.

markerAn apt epitaph for Bier Smarmer, when we're finally rid of him, would be "The man who promised nothing and delivered the same".

bulletQ: What do you get when students in the US throw a major wobbly?
bulletA: A monstrous shit heap which, for sure, they won't offer to clear up or pay to get the job done.

markerJustice denied is S.O.P. for governments
The Xtinction rate of WASPI [Women Against State Pension Inequality] Women is quoted as one every 13 minutes. An estimate for the death rate of MASPI blokes comes out at one every 11.8 minutes.
   Surely a clear case for them to be given priority?

bulletToday’s Question:
If the BierBC thinks a recipe for fatjitas is Good Food, does it also recomment slimjitas for dieters?

markerStructural Selectivity
University bosses are in trouble for being inclusive to Islamists but not to Jewish students. Diversity, it seems, can manage without those who aren't making a huge nuisance of themselves. Which is not good news for the police farces which have to stand and watch the nuisances in action if it encourages Jewish students to make their presence felt.

Z markerManchester's cosmetic mayor, Jonah Burnham, has doomed the local housing industry. If he creates 10,000 council houses over however many years, 37% are Xpected to become uninhabitable slums after 6-8 years as a result of the dire and eternally disastrous Jonah Curse.

There was tremendous Xcitement on the BierBC yesterday with the climate catastrophists running round in circles & wetting themselves over a new world record for sea temperatures around Britain.
   The old record was 20.95 deg.C. It was SMASHED and totally shattered to bitz by . . . 20.96 deg.C????
   Where the bloody hell do they get these demented bozos?
reader comment“Ask yourself. If your morning cup of coffee is 0.01 deg.C warmer today than it was yesterday, would you even notice?” P.H. Uknose

triffidmarkerGoes around . . .
Bier Smarmer's two visits to Harlow in Essex are getting the credit for Labour's failure to win back a council lost to the Tories in 2021.
On the other side of the fence, endorsement by President Boris & nett zero involvement of the Snackstabber are getting the credit for the Tory cosmetic mayor of Tees Valley keeping his job.

bulletToday's scam call came from 01472 329 546 in Grimsby. A recorded voice with a train ticket to Edinburgh on your Visa card scam.

markermarkerPermissible discrimination? Surely not!
If wearing a sombrero is cultural appropriation, why is wearing a big Arab scarf not grounds for shock & horror & condemnations?
   Or are we supposed to assume that Arabs don't have a culture & there is nothing to appropriate? Which sounds like grounds for a smack in the gob from an outraged real Arab, should there be one handy, for the appropriators given the enormous contribution Arab scholars made to scientific knowledge when Europe was barely civilized.

markerThe wheels are about to come off the special needs kids industry. So many have been created that they have become unaffordable.

Just Stop
Stop putting uninvited invaders in taxpayer paid for hotels!

R. ReevesAnswers to CorrespondentsbulletQ: If uninvited migrants cost the nation £14 BILLION per year now, would it be £28 BILLION under a Labour government?
bulletA: 28 BILLION does seem to be a number which has a strange attraction for Labour stooges.
bulletQ: What's a really bad idea?
bulletA: Carrying a distinctive walking stick if you're a 71-year-old notorious thief of the eggs of wild birds. Unless you're lucky enuff never to be sent to gaol after being busted.

JonahmarkerA crystal ball would have been useful
Could the Co-Op be regretting choosing Manchester as the home for its mega-arena for indoor concerts? All the ailments inflicted on it, like bitz of the air conditioning falling from ceilings, have the fingerprints of the Jonah Burnham curse on them.

markerWill they dare do it?
If Queers for Palestine got to Gaza, we have been advised, they are liable to be chucked off a 10-storey building by the Hamas. [Should there be any of that size left unblasted by the Israeli Death Force. Ed.] Which rather implies that their queerness gene is parked next to one for suicide! Mother Nature certainly works in mysterious ways.

semmitSounds like a plan
In the wake of recent events, it has been concluded that the most effective action against anti-Semmitism that the authorities in the Untied States can take is to close down all the universities.
Nothing has been heard from Creaky Joe Bidet on this subject as Silent Joe is hoping to get the yoof vote, scumbags & all, in November.

green car The RAC has done its sums & concluded that anyone having to pay more than 150p/litre for petrol or more than 157.8p/litre for diesel is being ripped off.
Retailers are being allowed to spike their profit margins well above long-term averages & the Competition & Markets Authority is accused of being in a coma.

DaveOh, dear. How sad. Never mind.
Dave the ex-Leader has upset Putin the Poisoner. In his capacity as Foreign Sec., Dave has given the Ukrainians permission to shoot missles sourced from the UK @ targets inside Putinstan to give the invading Putinis something to think about.
This follows hints by Pres. E. MacRon of France that he might send troops to Ukraine to help them fight the good fight.
The Putinstani War Ministry responded with hints that it might just bring forward its Conquer All Yourope plan if the interfering busy-bodies don't back off.

markerThe Way It Is
marker According to one of the Daily Disaster's regular doctors, the NHS advises us to see a doctor if a cough lasts more than 3 weeks. So tack on another 4 weeks waiting before you actually get into the presence of a GP and that's the best part of a couple of months for the cough either to get better or become permanent and maybe lethal.

postage stampreader comment“One thing we won't have to waste time on if Bier Smarmer gets to be the prime monster is a honeymoon period. Everyone knows now that he's crap & so we;ll be able to start beefing about his pathetic screw-ups from Day One.” Malc Ontent

markerLabour's Chancellor wannabe, R. Reeves, is being accused of gaslighting the electorate with yards of tripe and unfunded financial episodes.

marker“We’ve Had Enough”, yell the Trivials
"Bollocks!" yell the recipients, "you're never going to get your hands out of our pockets."
Fliers from the Trivials are always the same. They always tell us Labour has no chance here. We know, we bloody know.
   We also know that the Trivials are in charge of Stockport council, so what are they doing? Wasting our cash on diversity & other PC crap, on installing & removing speed bumps on the main road through Romiley, on overpaying the town clerk & the council minions, etc., etc.
   And there has to be a hymn of praise for the party leader, Eddie the Horizon Hero Gravy.
   Straight into the blue bin.
THRUSH symbolreader comment“Stockport council's Trivials closed the Romiley Forum Theatre in 2017 because of aeroconcrete and sat on their fat arses until the friends of the theatre and the local Tory activists forced them to hand out a contract for repairs. We've definitely had enuff of that.” Formy Kasid

Answers to CorrespondentsbulletQ: Will Labour sell the rest of us out to buy the Moslem vote?
bulletA: Does a spider have 8 legs?
[Not if some nasty bastard pulls a few off. Ed]
bulletQ: Is there enuff money in the world for Labour to buy every minority going?
bulletA: If there isn't, they'll probably try to borrow it from the Martians or the Romulans or some other bunch of gullible aliens.

If the Smarmer Army are telling the deliberate lie that National Insurance funds the state pension and it's not just another tax on income, they can be relied on to lie about anything else. But hey! That's what the far-Left are for, using their truth-avoidance privilege.

Smarmer poster

Home NewsLabour councils are ripping off owners of diesel cars shamelessly for permits to park in the street @ their home. The public health crisis from toxic air is the standard alibi for what can only be a crude cash grab if diesel vehicls can still be used as long as the owner pays up.
The depression industry is not amused by the revelation that having a long lie-in at the weekend has health gains and can keep people out of depressionists' clutches.
In the West Midlands, what was predicted did happen. Those who voted Reform got themselves stuck with Labour.
Making a claim for damage done by a dose of Chinese plague vaccine is a new growth industry. Some of those making cash out of the migration industry are feeling threatened enuff to consider jumping ship.

There is a move afoot to make the Chinese plague circus Xtend its remit to include the origin of the plague. Which should add another decade to the legal trade's gravy training. This is even though the Wuhan laboratory's rotten biosecurity is the known source.
   The extension is seen as an opportunity to bash government virus Xpert J. Farrar and his 26 buddies, who tried to claim that the plague's origin was entirely natural.

Sad GeekmarkerThe fruits of apathy
Sadgeek K'han't kept his job by getting the votes of just 17.7% of London's electorate. Enthusiasm for the mayoral election was such that only 40.5% of the electorate bothered.

eyesTribal grievance politics @ its worst—that's the verdict on the bogus Green councillors in an Islamist scarf.
   Inevitable when the far-Left reject Britisch values.

baseball hatToday’s Question:
Is Britain heading for a bung parliament if Smarmer can buy enuff minorities with promises of loadsa other people's cash?

Answers to CorrespondentsbulletQ: What happens when an Xpert claims that Britain is on course for a hung parliament with Labour 32 bodies short of a majority?
bulletA: A whole gang of other Xperts point out that his methodology sucks as it fails to include a ton of significant stuff and makes invalid assumptions.
bulletQ: Why was an African visa over-stayer with a history of violence against women not deported but allowed to stay here to commit murder?
bulletA: Thanks to Home Office snivel servants and, of course, the legal trade.
bulletQ: What's the difference between Smarmer Labour stuffed with Islamists and Corbyn Labour stuffed with commies & anti-Semites?
bulletA: 0.0000002%?

The only possible rageous is out!

Smarmer poster

baseball hatToday's Word: Inslammerphobia
That's what Islamists & other hate crimers like All Mouthin Trousers should be suffering from.

All MouthinmarkerThe Green party's belief in free speech cannot Xclude hate speech on logic grounds, we are invited to believe.
reader comment“The Greens are also willing to deploy selective deafness as an alibi. 'All Mouthin? Never heard word one about him and his anti-semmitic rants!', the Green honchos are claiming.” Furz Ackerley
reader comment“The Greens appear to be working hard to overtake Labour in the hippocrisy stakes.” Anne O'Raq
reader comment“Greenlighting to replace gaslighting?” Gol Darn
reader comment“Could it be that Bier Smarmer is now studying the Greens to look for ideas that he can pinch for hoovering up the nutter vote?” Prodigality Stevens

World NewsThe French government has gone into denial mode, but the Paris Olympics will be protected by a Britisch drone defence system.
China has been hacking the bank details of MoD staff and current & former members of the Armed Services via an attack on the payroll system of an Xternal contractor.
Israel's prime monster, B. Net&Yahoo, has dismissed a ceasefire deal offered by the Hamas as a ruse to get him into court on corruption charges when the panic dies down.
Kremlin Kreeps have told Dave the ex-Leader that the war in Ukraine is now all his fault.


Bier Smarmer by Gaslight

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Angular RobotHome NewsAngular Robot isn't just a liar, she's an effogan liar, according to sometime neighbours. Which Xplains why she feels right @ home in the Labour party.
[One does sense a certain hostility here. Ed.]
The Greens are playing the iggorance card over the presence of the Islamist hate preacher & Hamas fan All Mouthin Trousers among their recently triumphant local councillors.
The bloke was outed as a gobsworth in February but the lines of communication to the Green honchos are snail-like.
The UK's Islamist infiltraitors are claiming that they are achieving the highest levels of anti-semmitism in Yourope.
Loss of the Islamist vote in the local elections has forced Bier Smarmer to order Israel not to launch its attack on Rafa, which is Xpected to kill a couple of thousand more Palestinians.

markerWill a Labour government abolish the state pension for all who are not Labour party members? The far-Left are definitely that evil and a government led by Bier Smarmer could well do it.

doshmarkerOther people’s money is for wasting, right?
"Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred, strong in'th arm, thick in'th yed!" certainly applies to North Yorkshire council, which has appointed a Dumbing Down Officer, with appropriate staff @ appropriate salaries, to remove all apostrophes from street signs.
   The Xcuse is that snoflakes & databank search engines can't cope with them.

reader comment“If Prince Hairy really does think that dead Princess Di is guiding him, that suggests that he still hasn't metabolized all of his intake of Dancing Dream Dust quite yet.” Model Holmes

markerContinuity of Calamity
The SNP now has a leader who was booted out of the job after 4 disastrous years which began at the close of the previous century. Has Mr. Swinney learnt anything during the intervening 20 years? He spent 9 of them in Wee Burney's pocket as her loyal deputy, let us not forget.

O-BummerAll Mouthin Trousers, the Green Islamist ranter, is trying to play the victim card. We could say good luck with that, but we can't be arsed.
   He also reckons there's nothing wrong with a Green party councillor having a best mate called Akbar and shouting out to him.
Lord Mandelsleaze, an Xpert in the field, is calling the Green party a dustbin for the dregs.

markerThe bastards have been lying to us
triffidThat tent city of unwanted migrants @ the processing office in Dublin didn't appear after the Rwanda Bill was rammed up the Lords here. It has been there for over a year
   It's another legacy for the present Teashop from the departed Icelandic L. Verruka, who used to have the unwanteds shipped out of town for the day, and out of the range of TV cameras, on occasions involving a parade, e.g. St. Patrick's Day.

one beerPerversion of Priorities
The job of being cosmetic mayor of the West Midlands does not involve deciding the nation's foreign policy. Which means that the new incumbent (Labour) starting the job with a Plan for Gaza is just a far-Left loafer ignoring what he's supposed to do in favour of a skive.
    How very Smarmer.

SherieSherie unloads pearls of wisdom
reader comment“If the Tories end up a minority party after the next general election, does that mean anything they say will become wonderful & good?” Alkesh Barel
reader comment“Transpicater Islamist tribalism is the Green future. Wunderbar!” Arnie Pencil
reader comment“The Green Grotters have gone from the watermelon party; green on the outside & commie red inside; to the sprout party; unripe & immature green on the outside & Islamist green on the inside.” R. Migallo

look bothLondon's cosmetic Sadgeek is reported to think there is equivalence between the 1,200 Israelis slaughtered by the Hamas and the 36,000 Palestinians slaughtered in Gaza by the IDF. Which Xplains why he failed O-Level maths.
Wee Streeting, Labour's poisonous dwarf, is reported to be working hard to come up with something more offensive & more ludicrous.

ShockHorrorHapless Hairy has an adverse effect on his father's wellness, we are told, and that is why the encancered King Chuck was too busy to grant the blighter an audience during Hairy's Carbon Footprint Growth campaign.

Far Queue symbolThis week, Bier Smarmer mostly thinks that those who want open borders are rachelist & wrong. Next week, who knows?

bulletQ: Is it news if some professional freeloader sez he/she is happy to be somewhere or other abroad?
bulletA: It's news only if the freeloader yells that it ain't happy.

markerTripe by the load
This year's April is being claimed as the hottest on record. Xcept in the UK. So all that cash thrown @ gorbal warmage frauds on our behalf was wasted? Well, whoda thunk it?
   That's hottest on the strength of fractions of a degree Centigrade which fall well within the experimental error of the measurements and a ludicrously short ‘on record' period compared to the age of the human race, never mind The Planet.

gaslightmarkerHow much gorbal warmage does gaslighting by Labour's Chancellor wannabe R. Reeves cause? We should be told!
Far Queue symbolLabour's DoomBugger Reeves claims that the UK was better off in recession. Bier Smarmer agrees and she is going to make a permanent state of recession Labour's Big Political Pledge. Until the next U-ey, of course.
bulletQ: If Bier Smarmr is a swithering big girl's blouse, does that mean his pronoun is ‘she'?
bulletA: That would be logical.

markerCollapse into apathy—a journey
cuppa char Back in the good old daze of the 20th century, people worked from 9 to 5 and got 45 minutes off for lunch plus a morning and an afternoon tea break.
   These days, according to the Office for Notional Sadistics, the average bod spends less than an hour per day Shirking @ Home and 2½ hours working away from home if the employer is lucky.
   No wonder anything ever gets done any more.

markerPeople who sit in a car are Xposed to cancer-causing fumes from flame-retardant chemicals in seat foam and they will die, the Xperts reckon. Even those with an EV.

markerMore of that lying with numbers thing
look right We are invited to believe that women in the UK get worse health care than those in the EFU on the basis of a guesstimate score of 60 for the UK and 61 for the EFU.
   An honest assessment would be that the scores are about the same within the error limits of the guesses made. But then, honesty doesn't get a look-in when politics & people trying to ramp up their business are involved.

gaslightWas there ever any worth in jobsworth?
The street lamps operated by Cambridgeshire County council are so dangerous that residents who want to enter a Best Street in the District competition face electrocution if they try to attach ornamental baskets of flowers to their local lamp posts.
   The only way round this is to blow 300 quid on a 2-day 'elf ‘n' narzi course 'coz some council wonk thinks this is a good idea for buggering the customers about.

markerH.O. is just N.B.G.
The Home Office is in line for being rebranded as a policing & national security department with borders & immigration control hived off to a separate department.

The BierBC has been thumped for letting its journalists pretend that objecting to unlawful immigration is rachelist.
   Metropolitan group-think is the cause on offer. That and wilful far-Left stoopidity. And being propagandists for the likes of StoneWallet.

BierHarridan Why does the Labour party have Nett Zero policies? Apart from wrecking the sort of private school that Bier Smarmer and other Labourites & their kids went to.
   The useless sods have had 14 years sat on their fat arses to come up with a comprehensive set of policies.
   Their refusal to do so tells us a lot about these deadlegs.

bulletQ: What's the difference between Bier Smarmer and a plank of wood?
bulletA: A plank doesn't try to frame entertainers & Tories for child molesting & murder based on criminal fantasies.

showersBelow the line mission statement: Some of the above is true. BFN is recognized as a premiere class observational blog and a multiple winner of the OB of the Year award.
   We are constantly exposed to dodgy conclusions drawn from dodgy data by the 'experts', especially those found in the world of politics and especially those at the Treasury and in opposition and running trade unions.
   Some of us civilians at BFN like to join in to let them know that anyone can do it and we ain't impressed by their efforts.

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