Sighisoara Town
Vlad Tepes

   "Dracula Park - the most spectacular tourism project at this beginning of this millennium - is about to become reality under the "Made in Romania" brand. From "Financial Times" to "Rooskaia Gazeta", from CNN to Euronews, BBC or New China - a media "scoop" that propels Romania to stardom. An important effort and a prime-time topic for international business circles. Legend and history. Reality and myth. A juxtaposition orchestrated à l'américaine, on a 100% Romanian score. A reason more to save the city of Sighisoara, a geometrical area for legend and a jewel of the Romanian cultural patrimony. A polyphonic lining of rational as well as sentimental arguments. At the end of this genuine tour de force, all I can say is "I believe in Dracula Park!"

Dan Matei Agaton,
Tourism Minister