Dracula Park
Vlad Tepes

Sighisoara city is located at the south fringe of Mures county, in Podisul Tarnavelor (the area of Tarnava Mare river) and it spans both sides of Tarnava Mare, located at 123 de km from the river's source at the end of Saes brook.

Under topographic raport, Sighisoara spans in a point of Tarnava Mare Valley, where it shrinks in a form of gorge cut in a system of terraces, of different heights, modelated in sub tuff strates of pontian sandstones. This micro-morphology provides the city of Sighisoara with an important role in the Tarnava Mare's gorge, a role also manifested in the historic past of city.
Surrounded by the depresionar area of Transylvania, the area has started it's evolution at once with the alpis orogenesys, when the crystalline masives dipped and were re-covered by thick layers of sediment.