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In 1996 my wife Barbara, her sister Annicka and I (Eric) made a wonderful trip through the beautiful landscapes of Romania. Because we are very interrested in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" novel, one of our reasons to go to Romania was to see the places were Vlad Tepes (the original Dracula) had lived. During our trip I made a few beautiful photographs of the Vlad Tepes castles and his birth-house and more pictures of the stunishing landscapes of Romania. I have placed these pictures on this webpage.
Although the photographs are enjoyable at their own, it's more likable when you know what you see, so I placed them in my travel-story completed with some information about Vlad Tepes. I took a lot of this info (include some quotations) from Elizabeth Miller's Dracula webpage and book; more info can be found at the Dracula info-chapter.

I hope this story gives you a good supplementary impression of the photograps.

If you only want to see the photos without the story you can use the photo index-page.

If not:  Welcome to my travel-journey..........

Welcome to my travel-journey.....Come freely. Go safely;
and leave something of the happiness you bring.

( Bram Stoker's "Dacula" novel)

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