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Screen Saver

Headbangers In Action
Mouse HERE for some headbanging action
RLC proudly presents its "Newton's Cradle" screensaver.
  • Chose from a wide range of pre-prepared designs.
  • Watch Tony Blair banging heads with his Cabinet - or himself!
  • Use your own images - friends, relatives, enemies ...
  • Lose yourself in motion fascination.
  • The Ultimate antidote to productive work.
  • A gift for all occasions.
  • Suitable for people of all ages.
  • Educational for the young and not so young.

For the full details of this and other exciting and totally bogus offers, please contact:
Romiley Literary Circle
c/o Farrago & Farrago, 10 SK6 4EG, Romiley, G.B.

thank you!

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