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This page provides directions to websites that RLC members visit for interesting information. Given the fly-by-night nature of the Internet, we can't guarantee that the links will work forever but they go to what we believe are sound, lasting organizations because they provide good info.
   They are all worth a visit.
A similar page on useful software in the Specials 1 section can be reached by clicking here.
Space Information, and – all provide coverage of everything happening in the Solar System and deeper space. Information, extrapolation, speculation, the odd weird item; these websites are all essential stopping points for those wanting to know what's happening on the space front. has a rather involved layout and it takes longer than the other 2 to load.

Astronomical Data

Visible Objects – is a NASA source which provides dates and times for viewing the International Space Station and other orbiting objects, such as the space shuttle, when they are visible over the Manchester area.

Heavens-above – provides information on satellites visible on the day of access, details of when Iridium satellite flares will be visible for the next 7 days and much, much more, including star charts. The Iridium flares are particularly worth looking out for as they can reach magnitude -8! They last only a few seconds and you need to know when to be out looking for them and where to look. To get data, you need to provide a location [a major city] or detailed latitude and longitude information,
e.g. 53.2455oN, 2.0627oW for Romiley
The website also provides data for the ISS, other satellites and rockets and anything interesting that's in orbit, plus sky maps, data on comets and lots more.
[Thanks to Alan Pickup of the Guardian for providing the URL.]

TV Shows

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 – provides all sorts of information on the series, including a detailed synopsis for each of the 110 episodes and the movies - although The Legend of the Rangers is new and still a bit sketchy at the time of writing. Information on casts, the station itself and the people who make the series is also there. Tons to look at.


The Third Reich in Ruins website "presents photos of historical sites associated with Germany’s Third Reich (1933-1945), both as they appeared while in use, and as the remains appear today. These photos give a 'then and now' perspective, in many cases, a virtual tour of the sites".

Email Fraud There are lots of websites about so-called 419 email fraudsters, who offend against Section 419 of the Nigerian penal code. Jenson Farrago's is one of the better ones, and it includes examples of the work of phishers, who seek to obtain bank account, PIN and password information for nefarious purposes. also offers loads of examples of emails from African criminals.

If you're looking for news with pictures, the BBC news website is unmatched. And if the BBC doesn't have the story you're looking for, there's a good chance it will be on the Ananova website, which is text only - apart from the 'pictures mainly of pop persons' section.

How Stuff Works is a website which tells you just that. If you want to know how to pick a lock, how they put the yellow first-down marker on the pitch for NFL matches on TV or how the latest Mars rovers work – and lots, lots more – this is the place to go.

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