The Windrell Sequence
by Philip H. Turner
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In The Quiet of his Room jacketCandle To The Shell jacketAftershock jacketEon's Height jacketThe Juice of the Poppy JacketThe Night Knows No Ending Jacket

The Concept:

The author has described this sequence as a mega-novel in 17 parts, which develops into a work of contemporary history. Thus far, he has started Volumes 1-11 and completed Volumes 3-10. The sequence is:

01. Windrell
02. A Place In Time
03. In The Quiet Of His Room
04. Candle To The Shell
05. Aftershock
06. Eon's Height
07. The Juice of the Poppy
08. The Night Knows No Ending
09. An Untimely Frost
10. The Second Time Around
11. The Last VCs

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