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by Philip H. Turner
Free Flight JacketBlurb:

The dream of flight becomes reality for the narrator of the novel when he makes some new friends - a group of amateur aviators who have combined the pleasures of flying model aircraft with modern (1980s) television and computer technologies.
   Their system allows the pilots to fly by remote control from a comfortable indoor environment, which is highly desirable on a cold winter's day. Real-time views from the model aircraft allow them to engage in realistic dog-fights from the safety of their control room.
   New developments in their image-display systems provide the pilot with an even more realistic flight experience. And the border with reality starts to become blurred. Experiments in parapsychology, introducted by the wife of one of the pilots, provide an explanation of sorts for their hobby's unexpected dimension. There are interesting times ahead before the group starts to disintegrate under the dispersing effects of commercial success.

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