Incidental Pictures of Romiley (Part 0)
A journey through time and space with an Aiptek PenCam
featuring pictures left over from the lamp post study
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01: Red sky at night

An incredibly red spring sunset sky-at-night over Carlton Avenue.
   It was a very cloudy evening but there was a gap in the clouds at the horizon, which let the sun shine onto the undersides of the massed clouds.
   Very spectacular and pretty much a once in a lifetime sight? No, see later.


02: Romiley gets careless drivers

The Welcome To Romiley signs at the western end of the village, opposite the Duke of York pub, exhorts motorists to drive carefully. This sign on the left side of the road has been belted, but good, by some dozy driver! The right-hand support post, in this view, leans toward the camera and the top-right corner of the sign in bent toward the camera relative to the rest of it.
   It looks like someone with his attention firmly fixed elsewhere backed a vehicle of furniture van proportions into the sign.

2003/08/18 : Update The sign has been straightened, ready for the next dozy driver.

03: The Stock Dove

This is the colourful Stock Dove sign beside the car park and outdoor drinking area.


04: The building site

The new lamp zone terminates in the west at the site of what used to be the Davies & Metcalfe engineering works, which is now being rebuilt as accommodation for incredibly rich old folks.

05: The Friendship Inn

Heading east along the new lamp zone from the building site, here is the front of the pub seen in several of the pictures above.

06: The Grey Horse.

The next pub along from the Friendship Inn on the south side of Stockport Road.

07: Foundling Terrace (1861)

This antique terrace is a hang-over from Victorian times in the 21st Century.

08: The Stock Dove.

The pub itself looks totally unspecial now that it is no longer painted its distinctive white colour of former years.

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