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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
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British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  May - August

Received in December
5748. HSBC Bank plc / A last dose of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5747. Smile Bank / A penultimate phish [Thanks C.W.]
5746. 2010 New Year Bonanza / Another World Cup lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5745. Alice Grace / $2.9M Nigerian contract/inheritance scam [Thanks B.R.]
5744. Mrs Anita Fung / 'Loop Hole' exploitation scam [Thanks M.S.]
5743. The Coca Cola Lottery / $3M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5742. Mrs. Rita Hopkins / South African "Gold Rush" bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
5741. Dr. John Fisher / Scammer posing as repaid scam victim II [Thanks G.R.]

5740. Mrs. Beverly Fowler / Scammer posing as repaid scam victim [Thanks B.H.]
5739. Euro-PW Lottery / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.W.]
5738. Mr. Garry L. Sconford / $5M at a security company in Nigeria [Thanks R.H.]
5737. Capt. Michael Scholl / Chinese scammer pretending to be a Marine Captain [Thanks R.H.]
5736. FedEx Courier Services / UN Package containing $875K scam [Thanks B.H.]
5735. Mrs.savimbi J.partzento / Pay $295, get $1.2M African UN scam [Thanks B.H.]
5734. US Marine / This bogus banker forgot which scam he was working [Thanks B.H.]
5733. United Kingdom Lottery / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
5732. Visa Card Award / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.X.]
5731. Dr. Gregory Richlick / Gimme 55 bucks scam [Thanks R.H.]
5730. Loterie Romande / €2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5729. TD Waterhouse / New phishing source [Thanks P.T.]
5728. Robert Mueller III / Another FBI scam from a notorious source of them [Thanks J.C.]
5727. Sgt Henry Scott / Another American hero in Iraq with loot [Thanks B.H.]
5726. BMW® HQ Germany Plant / Bogus lottery prize [Thanks M.S.]
5725. George Aberth / £10M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
5724. HSBC Bank Plc / Some Yuletide phishing [Thanks J.G., P.T., C.W.]
5723. Department Of Mineral And Energy / $12.8M needs laundering [Thanks R.H.]
5722. Mr. Alan Collier / Investment swindler seeks money launderer [Thanks R.H.]
5721. ABX Courier Delivery / $1M to be delivered by courier scam [Thanks R.H.]
5720. SuperEnalotto Italia ? 2009 / $2M bogus win [Thanks R.H.]
5719. Debts Settlement Office / Central Bank of Nigeria scam [Thanks B.H.]
5718. Charles orufe / Long overdue payment scam [Thanks D.K.]
5717. Azimi Aziz / Allegedly Iraqi scammer with some of Saddam's loot [Thanks B.H.]
5716. Kabongo Omar Bongo / $32M in $100 bills up for grabs! [Thanks B.H.]
5715. Lotto Nl / $2.5M bogus online lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5714. Microsoft® / $1M bogus draw consolation prize [Thanks B.H.]
5713. International Finance Corporation / Poverty reduction scam [Thanks B.H.]
5712. Ikobo Promo Team / $2M bogus grant reminder [Thanks B.H.]
5711. Public Relations Officer / Oriental UN donation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5710. Facebook / New phishing source [Thanks C.W.]
5709. PayPal / Phishing in French [Thanks R.H.]
5708. first direct / Another dose of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5707. Abbey National Bank / A couple more phishes[Thanks P.T., C.W.]
5706. HSBC Bank / A small shoal of Phisches [Thanks C.W., G.R.]
5705. Bernard Raoul / Lengthy African next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5704. Gold Rush Online Promotions / $2.9M lottery sacm [Thanks B.H.]
5703. Dr. Henry Salami / Quick $8.3M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
5702. Tidjane Thiam / A HUGE project in Dubai scam [Thanks B.H.]
5701. Liverwood Promotion / New source of lottery scams [Thanks B.H.]
5700. Investigation Unit FBI / Diplomatic immunity funds transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
5699. Charles Moyes / Bogus job offer for an Evaluator [Thanks P.W.]
5698. Mr. Hong Wu / Chinese banker with $30M on his hands [Thanks M.S.]
5697. Robert Mueller III / More scamming from the FBI [Thanks R.H.]
5696. Mallam Sanusi Lamido / "The scammer Prof. Soludo has been caught" scam [Thanks R.H.]
5695. United Nations Aid / Scam involving the EU & crooked African leaders [Thanks M.S.]
5694. Mrs.Brenda Gomaz / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5693. United Kingdom Banana Award Group / Fruit-based lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5692. Duke Johnson / Alaska Airlines crash $21.7M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5691. U.S. Customs and Border Protection / Diplomatic delivery scam [Thanks D.K.]
5690. Sir.Brown Patrick / UK National Lottery swindle [Thanks B.H.]
5689. Federal Bureau of Investigation / A collection of scams [Thanks B.H.]
5688. Head Winning Claims Dept. / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5687. Online Lottery Promotion / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5686. Skye Bank Plc / $200 funds by wire transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
5685. Swiss Lotto Nederlands / Geographically challenged bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5684. Deneysel Arastirmalar Birimi / Chinese/Iraqi next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]

Received in November
5683. Mike McMullen / Confidential cash transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
5682. ATM CARD PAYMENT UNIT / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5681. The National (Camelot) Lottery / £850K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5680. HSBC / A Quartet of Phishes [Thanks C.W.]
5679. Barclays Bank Plc / Bogus $7.5M Nigerian cash transfer [Thanks B.H.]
5678. Power Pokers Online Promotions / $1.7M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5677. Paul Gomaz / $12.8M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5676. E-Lot Prize Award Promo / $2.5M bogus lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
5675. Mr Frank Wong / Hong Kong banker with dodgy deal [Thanks M.S.]
5674. Economic And Financial Crime Commission / Nigerian scam [Thanks B.H.]
5673. NatWest Online / Yet another phisch [Thanks P.T.]
5672. Mr. Copeland Pethokoukis / UK National Lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5671. Microsoft E-mail Promotions / Return of an old favourite [Thanks M.S.]
5670. Regions Online Banking / Another spot of phishing [Thanks B.H.]
5669. Rangers Charity Foundation / £760K bogus grant [Thanks B.H.]
5668. Jerry Ntai / Scan from Hong Kong banker with very un-Chinese name [Thanks M.S.]
5667. James Ballard / £4.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5666. Mr.Oswald Terry / "You didn't claim your lottery prize" consolation prize [Thanks M.S.]
5665. Lt General Peter Olu / Nigerian "Diplomatic Immunity Payment" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5664. Robert Stheeman / "UK Debt Management Office" scam [Thanks R.H.]
5663. Clarisa Fernandez / Euromillions bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5662. HSBC Bank plc / A pair of new style of phishes from old customer [Thanks G.R.]
5661. Dr Martin Hamilton / Alleged bank manager with £10M scam [Thanks R.H.]
5660. Suleman Abubakar / Nigerian anti-fraud unit scam [Thanks R.H.]
5659. Scam Compensation Office Department / Nigerian scam [Thanks M.S.]
5658. Lloyds TSB / New phishing format [Thanks P.T.]
5657. Mr Eric Freeman / $14.5M South African 2010 World Cup scam [Thanks M.S.]
5656. SUPER ENALOTTO / €515,810 bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5655. Rocio Cervantes Osornio / HUGE British government scam [Thanks B.H.]
5654. Farida Mzamber Waziri / Nigerian scam victim scam [Thanks B.H.]
5653. Sir. George Herbert / Google lottery swindle from Buckingham Palace Road [Thanks R.H.]
5652. Robert John Pasteiner & Associates c/o CBN / Fund payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5651. Jude Miller / Refugee from Zimbabwe with $25M [Thanks B.H.]
5650. FREELOTTO International / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5649. Mr.Jerry Ntai / Chinese banker with $25M to move [Thanks M.S.]
5648. mrs sulak et al / More women with cancer & lots of loot [Thanks B.H.]
5647. Garry Albert Jones / Bogus banker with £15 million to share [Thanks B.H.]
5646. Elbert Burnett / Sgt.John England / There's still loot left in Iraq, apparently [Thanks B.H.]
5645. Smile / New source of phisches [Thanks P.T.]
5644. HSBC BANK / New style of phisch [Thanks P.T.]
5643. 2010 FIFA World Cup / Magnificent $3.57M bogus lottery scam [Thanks C.W.]
5642. Dr. Jason LeBlanc / $38M in a trunk from Ghana scam [Thanks C.W.]
5641. British American Tobacco Plc / £500K lottery scam [Thanks R.H.]
5640. Mr. Van Hoffman / $2.5M Dutch lottery scam [Thanks M.S.]
5639. Beagon Nig Limited / Beagon Oil, Nigeria, scam [Thanks M.S.]
5638. Dr John Kojo / "Alluvial gold dust" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5637. Ronald Mary / Diplomatic delivery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5636. Federal Ministry Of Finance / Nigerian ATM card scam from China [Thanks B.H.]
5635. Dr. Ignatius Imala / A pair of Central Bank of Nigeria scams [Thanks B.H.]
5634. Yi Kwan / Fake Hong Kong banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5633. Hyundai Group / $2M bogus charity donation [Thanks M.S.]
5632. Free Lotto International / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5631. The Presidency / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5630. Hector Richard / Bogus diplomat with $7.5M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
5629. Tony Frank / Bogus Nigerian minister with $25M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5628. ATM Card Activation Company / $5M Nigerian scam [Thanks B.H.]
5627. 2010 FIFA World Cup? / Malaysian lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]

Received in October
5626. Brilliance-Auto / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5625. Adele Campbell / £1M Nokia/Microsoft lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5624. Mrs. Selina Greenwood / "square peg in square hole" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5623. Engr. Yomi Talabi / Nigerian with $18.5M investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5622. Federal Bureau of Investigation / Another Mueller FBI scam outed by CIA [Thanks B.H.]
5621. World Bank Group UK / [Thanks C.W.]
5620. Microsoft International Mega Jackpot / "Personality Test" prize [Thanks B.H.]
5619. Skye Bank Plc / Wire transfer scam [Thanks B.H.]
5618. Mr. John Stendahl LLP / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
5617. Littlewoods / Brand new phishing source [Thanks C.W.]
5616. National Westminster Bank plc / Yet more phishing [Thanks G.R.]
5615. Abbey Bank Plc / A touch more of the phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5614. Republic of Ghana / Funds transfer scam from Ghana via the UN [Thanks R.H.]
5613. Mr.Henry Carr / $5M Central Bank of Nigeria scam [Thanks B.H.]
5612. Barr. Andreaw Fraser / Bogus lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5611. Major Martin / Bogus artist with bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5610. Mark Tucker / "huge Contract in Dubai" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5609. Dr. Abdul Sulaman / "FOURTHY million dollars in 2 aluminum boxes" [Thanks B.H.]
5608. Vincent Akim / $13.5M payment scam from Ghana [Thanks C.W.]
5607. Peter Chang / Bogus Chinese banker with ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5606. Nidec Copal Electronics Corp. / $500K & a new BMW car in bogus draw! [Thanks C.W.]
5605. Toyota Company Online Promo / Bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5604. Sgt Nelson Dillon/Elbert Burnett / Two more US sergeants with Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
5603. Ban Ki-Moon / Scam victim compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5602. Mr Ameer Rassip / Gordon Brown involved in a Chinese scam from Japan [Thanks B.H.]
5601. Marius A / Begging email allegedly from Romanian students! [Thanks B.H.]
5600. Mr. John Harvey / Bogus US diplomat with funds felease scam [Thanks B.H.]
5599. HSBC Bank plc / Another dose of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5598. Yahoo---MSN -2009 / $800K bogus lottery wion [Thanks I.V.]
5597. Sgt. Edwin Curt / Very confused cash transfer scam! [Thanks B.H.]
5596. T-mobile (IRE) October Give Away Desk / Bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
5595. Swiss Lotto Netherlands / Swiss? Dutch? What? [Thanks B.H.]
5594. Ashley Furniture Company / Bogus Job Offer [Thanks J.C.]
5593. Mr.Larry Cole / Bogus Nokia promotion [Thanks M.S.]
5592. Microsoft International Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
5591. Rev.Benson Peter / "Wicked conspiracy" warning [Thanks B.H.]
5590. Secret Shopper® / Bogus secret shopping job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5589. UK Financial Monetary Service / British government scam [Thanks B.H.]
5588. FIFA / South African World Cup scam [Thanks B.H.]
5587. File Error Notification / Spam from PP Data of California [Thanks P.T.]
5586. Halifax Bank plc / A spot more phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5585. Micro SA / $2M bogus lottery prize [Thanks B.H.]
5584. Chung Hee-ja / Wife of Asian manufacturer up to no good [Thanks B.H.]
5583. Williams Henry / Professorial next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5582. Commettie On Foreign Payment / Peruvian ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
5581. Mastercard UEFA Lottery Promotions / £3M bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
5580. Adams Chambers / Bogus barrister with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5579. Robert Taylor / Bogus banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5578. Melvin Harrison / Galvin Furniture bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5577. Lt. General James Ndu Amka / Diplomatic delivery scam [Thanks R.H.]
5576. HM Revenue and Customs / International Phishing scam [Thanks M.S.]
5575. Hillary Clinton / Democratic 'Funds Release' scam [Thanks B.H.]
5574. Malam Idris Bello / "Fourty" million dollar scam [Thanks B.H.]
5573. Mrs Susan Shabangu / Bogus African minister with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5572. Atm Card Award Team / Nigerian $654 bogus grant [Thanks B.H.]
5571. INTERPOL / Extremely fancy payment scam [Thanks J.C.]
5570. Abbey National plc / More phishing, but fancier [Thanks P.T.]
5569. MEGA MILLIONS / Colourful bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5568. Thomas Adeniran / International Monetary Fund scam [Thanks B.H.]
5567. Mr. David L Johnson / UK Dell bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
5566. Obama Campaign Team / Taking the name of President Al O'Bama in vain!! [Thanks B.H.]
5565. Sister.Barbara Treasure / Nigerian scammer pretending to be a good gal [Thanks B.H.]
5564. mr.frank / $million dollar PROPOSAL that can transform your BUSINESS !!! [Thanks B.H.]
5563. Mark Watson Lee / Contemporary Woods bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5562. BMW Company Awards / Bogus prize & a free car [Thanks B.H.]
5561. Mrs. Elena Tan / Dying woman with lots of cash to give away [Thanks J.C.]
5560. Nation Wide Bank / Bogus banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5559. Global Test Market / Bogus mystery shopper job offer [Thanks G.R.]
5558. Jeffrey Ben / Alleged refugee from Zimbabwe [Thanks B.H.]
5557. Sgt. John T. England / Funny how the sergeants got all the loot [Thanks B.H.]
5556. Google Incorporation / £450K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H. & M.S.]

Received in September
5555. Alliance & Liecester / Even more phischo [Thanks P.T.]
5554. Egg Banking plc / Another dose of phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5553. mmmloc2010fifa-award / $2M Excite lottery bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
5552. Cahoot Bank / More of the old phishing [Thanks P.T.]
5551. Range Rover Automobile Promotion / Bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5550. US Department Of State / $5M swindle with UN & Central Bank of Nigeria [Thanks B.H.]
5549. Dale Electric Supply Co / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5548. Sgt Nelson Dillon / Another guy with zillions in Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
5547. Mr. Williams Nelson / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5546. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Bad Guy, Good Guy from the FBI! [Thanks B.H.]
5545. Thailand Internet Sweepstakes Organization / Bogus Lottery website [Thanks T.S.]
5544. Mrs Farida Mzamba Waziri / Nigerian EFCC fake scam warning [Thanks B.H.]
5543. Western Union Headquarter / £500K IMF payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5542. Mr.Jeffery James / £4M Euro Lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5541. United Nations / Chinese $2M compensation payment scam [Thanks D.K.]
5540. Global Test Market / Mystery shopper bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
5539. Lee Chan Gilbert / Bogus lawyer with $10.6M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5538. World Bank Auditors / Gordon Brown (?) with $11M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5537. United Nations Organization / $500K compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5536. John Tripler / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5535. Ms Suha Arafat / Palestinina leader's widow with $20M [Thanks B.H.]
5534. Sir Frank O Wisely / Wise guy with inheritance scam [Thanks B.J.]
5533. Chief Juedge Andy Bills / Chinese Nigerian Juedge with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
5532. Col Edmond Young / Sgt. Phillip Newman / More heroes with Iraqi loot [Thanks J.C., B.H.]
5531. Lottery Award / Microsoft being generous again [Thanks B.H.]
5530. Yorkshire Bank / New phishing format [Thanks C.W.]
5529. Abbey National / Yet more phishing [Thanks G.R.]
5528. Alliance & Leicester / More phishing [Thanks G.R.]
5527. ROSE MICHAEL / Extremely crap lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
5526. Jo Whelan / "National Debt Reduction Commissioner" scam [Thanks B.H.]
5525. FIFA 2010 / A pair of bogus lottery wins [Thanks B.H.]
5524. Mr.Dom May / Bogus diplomat with $7.5M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5523. C.B.N Payment Office / Nigerian payment scam from Russia [Thanks B.H.]
5522. Australian Lotto / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5521. PayPal / Another phish but in Spanish [Thanks G.R.]
5520. Lloyds TSB Internet Banking / Same old, same old phishing [Thanks G.R.]
5519. Abbey National PLC. / Same old phishing [Thanks C.W.]
5518. Raiffeisen Bank / New phishing source from Romania [Thanks P.T., C.W.]
5517. Micro Lotto SA / Tiny lottery with BIG $2M prize [Thanks B.H.]
5516. Alliance & Leicester / More phishing [Thanks M.S.]
5515. British High Commission / Nigerian compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
5514. National Lottery / More bogus UK lottery wins [Thanks J.C., B.H.]
5513. Sado Williams / Sad Nigerian with $10M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5512. Andrew Woods / "ANDREW WOODS ARTIST" bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
5511. Robert Mueller / More scams from the boss of the FBI [Thanks B.H.]
5510. Microword Corporations / Bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5509. Coca-Cola Bottling Company / Bogus temporary job offer [Thanks J.C.]
5508. Tony Adams / Western Union money transfer scam [Thanks J.C.]
5507. Mr Paul Lucas / UN/Nigerian payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5506. Roger Ken / Bogus job offer from a guy with a variable name [Thanks B.H.]
5505. Barclays Bank London UK / "British Govt." $10M payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5504. Micheal Eze / $1.5M Western Union payment scam [Thanks M.C.]
5503. British National Pacific Lottery / £1M bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
5502. Roger Ken / Bogus job from guy with variable name [Thanks B.H.]
5501. Dr. James Lynn / "My secretary has $1.5M for you" scam [Thanks J.C.]
5500. Peter Moor / Pay $105 for $1.5M scam [Thanks J.C.]
5499. Lt General Peter Olu (Rtd). / $4.1M Nigerian scam [Thanks J.C.]
5498. United Nations / $65,850 compensation scam [Thanks C.W.]
5497. Barrister Abdul Tun Razak / $5.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5496. Mr. Chris Kolade / Oil-related Nigerian scam [Thanks B.H.]
5495. Powerball Lotto UK / £850K bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
5494. Obama Foundation / Even presidents are working scams! [Thanks B.H.]
5493. Dr Ramsey John / Lengthy Central Bank of Nigeria scam [Thanks B.H.]
5492. National Lottery / £1.85M bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
5491. Liu Qin Qinggui / $17.6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5490. BMW ONLINE PROMOTION 2009 / Bogus prize draw [Thanks B.H.]
5489. Roseline Chuck / Endorsement for Nigerian scammer [Thanks J.C.]
5488. Barr Diana Clay / $2.5M Western Union payment scam [Thanks J.C.]
5487. Bank of America Alert / Another single phish [Thanks P.T.]
5486. Halifax Bank Plc / A single phish [Thanks P.T.]
5485. Alliance & Leicester / A double phish [Thanks C.W.]
5484. Mrs. Mary Mojo / Zimbabwean widow with $18.2M [Thanks B.H.]
5483. Federal Bureau Of Investigatio / Mr. Mueller at it again [Thanks M.C.]
5482. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / A grant scam from Germany & China [Thanks B.H.]
5481. Cheveron Texaco / Life transforming news from Mrs. Chin Wool!! [Thanks B.H.]
5480. Barr Victor Chung / $17.5M 2004 Tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.C.]
5479. BRUN / Nigerian ATM part payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
5478. Frank Mensah / Cheap FedEx delivery scam, allegedly from Ghana [Thanks B.H.]
5477. Mr. Anthony Galliano / Italian in Cambodia with $20M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
5476. Edmond Young / A colonel with $24M of Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
5475. China Metrological Export Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
5474. Australian Lottery Inc / Bogus win of 1,000,000 US (not Aussie) dollars [Thanks C.W.]
5473. PayPal N.A. / More phishing for the USA [Thanks R.H.]
5472. HSBC Bank Plc / New phishing format [Thanks P.T.]
5471. Flash Fortune Lottery / $1.9M bogus win [Thanks M.L.]
5470. Mr. Johnson Heade / Next-of-kin scam from JH&W Consults Inc [Thanks B.H.]
5469. UK National Lottery / £500K bogus win from Australia [Thanks M.S.]
5468. Microword Corporations / Bogus lottery win from Spain [Thanks M.S.]
5467. Mr. Chang Kwon / Indonesian tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
5466. Rangers Charity Foundation / Bogus award of £760K [Thanks B.H.]
5465. *Free Lotto Uk Promo* / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
5464. African Development Bank / Catch-all payout scam [Thanks B.H.]
5463. Coca Cola Company / Bogus lottery with British American Tobacco [Thanks B.H.]
5462. Bank Of America Alert / Bogus Sri Lankan lawyer with $90M scam [Thanks B.H.]
5461. Mr. Wang Xuemin / Bogus Chinese banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.H.]
5460. Sony Ericson Mobile Communications 2009 / Bogus grant [Thanks C.W.]
5459. Mr.George Udo / $2.5M FedEx delivery scam [Thanks C.W.]
5458. Captain Scott J Wright / American hero with $7.3M of Iraqi loot [Thanks B.H.]
5457. Jeff Edward / Bogus Nigerian banker with $24M scam [Thanks B.H.]

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