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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

January-April  •  May - September

Received in December
4728. Liang Park / Hong Kong National Trading Company bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4727. Nathalie Adrover / UK national lottery unclaimed winnings scam [Thanks R.W.]
4726. Loterie Romande / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4725. john walter / Peck Ham Group Company bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4724. Western Union Promotions 2008 / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4723. British Tobacco Promotions / $5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4722. Wells Fargo Online Banking / Russian phishing attempt [Thanks R.W.]
4721. Amy L Mullaney / "Mary Christmas From Microsoft" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4720. Hyundai Motor / $2M bogus giveaway [Thanks B.H.]
4719. Paypal service / Very cheeky Xmas day phish & identity theft bid [Thanks P.T.]
4718. Egg Banking Plc / New phishing format [Thanks C.W.]
4717. Charles nduba / "My boss wants to give lyou $850K" [Thanks R.W.]
4716. Dr James Smith / Image People Group Inc / Chinese bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4715. Jeffrey Dean / $5.6M bogus international debt payment [Thanks G.F.]
4714. Dr Bill Tommy / Bogus job with UNICEF [Thanks B.H.]
4713. Blackberry Xmas Sweepstakes / Cash & a gadget from a bogus draw [Thanks R.W.]
4712. Motorola West Africa / Cash & a camera phone from a bogus draw [Thanks R.W.]
4711. The Fidelity Foundation / $750K bogus Xmas grant [Thanks R.W.]
4710. Tony Bradley / Brad & Sons Holdings Ltd. bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4709. Paul C. Jordan / FBI scam from a new boss [Thanks D.K.]
4708. National Australia Lottery / $500K bogus win [Thanks A.B.]
4707. Uk National e_Lottery X-max Promo 2008! / A pair of bogus wins [Thanks B.H.]
4706. Braner Ventures Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4705. Usuario para Aplicaciones UdeA / Google bogus draw [Thanks B.H.]
4704. Sgt Henshaw Wear / More loot from Iraq in search of a home [Thanks J.H.]
4703. Mrs. ANNA DAN / Fake Canadian World Cup 2010 promo [Thanks J.H.]
4702. Abbey National / A quadruple phish [Thanks C.W., N.S., R.H.]
4701. / Italian/South African World Cup lottery scam [Thanks A.B.]
4700. Banco Santander / A phish in Spanish [Thanks C.W.]
4699. Abbey National plc. / A pair of phishes [Thanks C.W.]
4698. Secretaria de Educacao e Cultura / $500M parcel scam from Brazil/Nigeria [Thanks R.W.]
4697. Stanton Law Office / Scam by a guy with no idea about English geography! [Thanks B.H.]
4696. Christ Wealth / Polish $5.8M escrow scam [Thanks B.H.]
4695. Mrs Young Quin / $160M investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4694. Ulrich, Veronica / $5M UN compensation scam [Thanks B.H.]
4693. ATM CARD PAYMENT (822) / A pair of Nigerian ATM card scams [Thanks R.W. & B.H.]
4692. Mr Bassy Roland / Funds transfer scam from Benin [Thanks B.H.]
4691. Faith Malu / "My secretary has $950K for you" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4690. James Duke / Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks R.W.]
4689. Mr Chris Walter / $300 bank draft delivery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4688. Mrs. Susan Walter / Recommendation to a scammer/lawyer [Thanks R.W.]
4687. PayPal / Yet more phishing with a bogus transaction [Thanks C.W.]
4686. Mike Okoh / Western Union scam from Benin [Thanks B.H.]
4685. Roger Lui / $7.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4684. UK WEB PROGRAM / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4683. sherry6317 / Hongkong DTL Industrial & Trading bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4682. Queen Elizabeth s Foundation / £500 bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
4681. YAGO LOTTO / $1.2M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4680. Australia Lottery International 2008 / $400K bogus win [Thanks D.C.]
4679. Royal Dutch Shell,Netherland / $2M bogus grant [Thanks M.C.]
4678. Lisa Roberts / $850K bank draft via FedEx scam [Thanks M.C.]
4677. mandy545 / $535K Confirmable Bank Draft scam [Thanks M.C.]
4676. MTN CASH GRANT DONATION 2008 / Bogus grant/donation [Thanks B.H.]
4675. Kwasha Martin / €8M investment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4674. Brian Wattchow / "Sponsor Bingo Lottery" very international scam [Thanks B.H.]
4673. Mrs Caroline Jude / Very brief & vague offer of £153K [Thanks J.C.]
4672. Monika Hradeck / Czech "Micro Windowslive" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4671. Roxanne Coleman / ATM card inheritance scam [Thanks N.S.]
4670. Greg Stevenson / Scam involving 10 million something or other [Thanks R.W.]
4669. angelica munoz / £1M bogus Microsoft lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4668. Jackpotjoy Gamesys Ltd / £40K scam from new bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4667. David Singer / Dean Harry / Will scam & follow-up [Thanks R.W. & L.M.]
4666. Microsoft Corporation End Of Year Lottery / £750K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4665. ATM Xmas Award 2008 / $500K seasonal scam [Thanks R.W.]
4664. Malaysia National Lottery / $2.5M Xmas 'win' [Thanks M.S.]
4663. Euromillions / Very brief seasonal scam [Thanks R.W.]
4662. Skynet Courier Company / $800K ATM card scam [Thanks B.H.]
4661. Mr George Har Kar Wong / Banker "bugging into your privacy" [Thanks B.H.]
4660. F.B.I. / A collection of scams [Thanks B.H., C.L., R.W., D.K.]
4659. African Development Bank Group / $10.5M payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4658. Jason Soper / Casino-Web Lottery Promo scam [Thanks B.H.]
4657. Barrister George Holnis / $20.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4656. Major Lawrence Baca / Another American hero in Iraq [Thanks R.W.]
4655. Sinosteel Corporation / Bogus job offer [Thanks N.S.]
4654. Professor Charles C. Soludo / Serial scammer at it again [Thanks N.S.]
4653. Zongo Muhamed / $15.5M of dead man's dosh on offer [Thanks N.S.]
4652. Moustafa Hussein / $10.5M African next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
4651. BMW LAND Automobiles / $700K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4650. Loterie Romande / ⁈1M bogus lottery win [Thanks M.S.]
4649. DBS Bank Hong Kong / Partner needed for $160M deal [Thanks B.H.]
4648. Pacific Asia Travel Association / $750K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4647. Mark John / £10M dormant account scam [Thanks R.W.]
4646. Ecology & Heritage Lottery Fund / $1.05M bogus win [Thanks D.K.]
4645. Mary Gordon / English accountant with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4644. Mr. W Qin / Chinese banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4643. James Morrison / $14.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks M.S.]
4642. Mrs. Franca Bello / Nigerian scam victim scam [Thanks B.H.]
4641. Barrister Oluwa Nyemu Ego / Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4640. Jerome Kerviel / Self-confessed rogue trader with a scam! [Thanks R.W.]
4639. Mrs.Loretta Eze / Nigerian contract/inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
4638. horst haensgen / Aussie banker with Nigerian bullion box scam [Thanks N.S.]
4637. Ms Linda Baxter / Accountant with $8.5M scam [Thanks N.S.]
4636. United Nation Foundation Africa / $4.5M Email lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4635. United Nations / 4 Scam victim compensation scams [Thanks D.K., N.S., B.H.]
4634. David Sheppard / Nigerian cashier's cheque scam [Thanks B.H.]
4633. Halifax Bank Plc / More phishing, slightly delayed [Thanks C.W.]
4632. Egg Banking Plc / New phishing approach [Thanks R.H.]

Received in November
4631. Abbey Bank plc / Fancy new phishing style [Thanks R.H.]
4630. Fish / Not a scam by the guy who used to be in Marillion, surely! [Thanks R.W.]
4629. Mrs Crystal Adams / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
4628. EuroMillions Seasonal Promo 2008 / Another bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4627. St Giles Hospice Lottery Prommotion / £300K scam [Thanks R.W.]
4626. United Nations Trust Funds End Of Year Batch / Lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4625. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Polish ATM scam [Thanks B.H.]
4624. Jeffery Dean / How to be a lottery winner!! [Thanks N.S.]
4623. Internet Users Xmas Promotion / $6.8M Chinese scam [Thanks N.S.]
4622. Microsoft Xmas Promotion / £5 bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4621. Mrs. Farida V. M Waziri / $6.9M scam available if you're alive [Thanks R.W.]
4620. The Casino-Web Lottery / £1M Bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4619. NOKIA / 2 Bogus lottery wins [Thanks R.W., B.H.]
4618. CMEC COMPANY / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4617. Tabor Vlachko / Scam from a bloke with one hour to live!! [Thanks B.H.]
4616. London Scottish Bank Plc / $5M Romanian banking scam [Thanks R.W.]
4615. Technical Support Team / 4 email account phishing attempts [Thanks B.H.]
4614. Nationwide Internet Banking / Yet more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4613. Western Union / $200,000 compensation scam [Thanks R.H.]
4612. Adwords Google / More phishing x 2 [Thanks P.T., R.H.]
4611. Itochu Corporation Export Company / Another bogus job [Thanks R.W. & B.H.]
4610. Abbey National Bank / A bank giving money away!! [Thanks D.K.]
4609. Hongkong Dtl Industrial & Trading Ltd. / Another bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4608. Asia Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd / South Korean bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4607. Alhaji Bare Hussein / Dodgy business proposition from Iraqi [Thanks R.W.]
4606. Exco Import And Export plc / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4605. Jiangsu Tianyin Chemicals / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4604. Rosneft Oil Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4603. HSBC / A Xmas phish and a normal one [Thanks D.K. & R.H.]
4602. Paypal / New format phish [Thanks R.H.]
4601. Alliance & Liecester Plc / Bad but very fancy phish [Thanks R.H. & C.W.]
4600. Sachsen Lotto / €6M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4599. Irish National Lottery / Highly unconvincing bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4598. Exxonmobil Promotions / £1M bogus win [Thanks M.S.]
4597. Microsoft Mega Jackpot Email Lottery / bogus win [Thanks M.R.]
4596. Chevron/Texaco / A poverty alleviation program!! [Thanks B.H.]
4595. Peugeot Automobiles Company / Bogus win of £500K & a car [Thanks N.S.]
4594. Abbey National plc / A very fancy phish [Thanks N.S. & G.R.]
4593. Prize Supervisor / Fancy Freelotto bogus win [Thanks P.J.]
4592. Euro millions / €1.5M from 2 bogus lottery wins [Thanks R.W.]
4591. Yahoo/Msan Award / £600K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4590. Shallee Jones / Somewhat confused Fondation De France scam [Thanks R.W.]
4589. Yahoo Thailand Internet Promo / $1.1M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4588. BP Awards Committee / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4587. UK National Lottery / A pair of bogus wins [Thanks R.W. & B.H.]
4586. Ningbo Aole Electrical / Bogus lottery win & follow-up [Thanks B.H. & P.J.]
4585. Malaysia National Lottery / Bogus win of $2.5M [Thanks B.H.]
4584. Chevron Online Lottery / A pair of bogus wins [Thanks B.H. & P.J]
4583. Cote / Honeywell International bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4582. / Internal Revenue Service phish [Thanks D.J. & D.K.]
4581. office2008 / Fancy UN funds transfer scam [Thanks G.H.]
4580. Grant Resource Center / FREE Govermint Grants!!! [Thanks P.T.]
4579. Visa Card Department / Yet more phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4578. Abbey National / A shoal of phishes [Thanks C.W., R.H., P.T.]
4577. Eliseo Pugh / More phishing from Monster [Thanks A.M.]
4576. Tiscali Billing / More phishing [Thanks A.M.]
4575. St Giles Hospice Lottery Prommotion / Bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4574. info1 / Very bad Ban Ki-Moon UN scam from Portugal [Thanks B.H.]
4573. Mr Jose Miguel / $38.6M business proposition [Thanks R.W.]
4572. Mrs Kiddi / Another UN scam, possibly from Mrs. Kidder? [Thanks B.H.]
4571. Norton Finance Company / Loan spam hijacking genuine British company [Thanks B.H.]
4570. John Harvey / Alleged American UN diplomat with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
4569. MTN Cash Grany Donation 2008!!! / $1M bogus 'grany' [Thanks R.W.]
4568. Mr.Siek Chuan Ng / $15.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4567. Nasser Saidi / Dubai International Finance Centre scam [Thanks B.J.]
4566. InterScan MSS Notification / £5M bogus promo win [Thanks B.H.]
4565. Morgan Makumbe / Refugee from Zimbabwe with $9M [Thanks C.J.]
4564. Mohammed Abacha / Latest episode of long-running scam Thanks B.H.]
4563. Miccon Online Lottery / $500K bogus win [Thanks D.K.]
4562. Dr Aniko W. Muda / $11.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
4561. Ikobo Inc / $2M ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4560. Chan Li / "YOU ARE HIRED" bogus job! [Thanks R.W.]
4559. David Walker / Bogus lawyer with next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.H.]
4558. United Nations & World Bank Group / Catch-all payment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4557. Power Ball Xmas Award Promo / Bogus Xmas lottery win [Thanks B.H., R.W.]
4556. Ralph Cadiz / Bogus accountant sitting on 'huge sum' [Thanks B.H.]
4555. Boyuan flat steel Co.,LTD / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.W.]
4554. B A Khokhar / [Thanks R.W.]
4553. nobody / Anonymous tour company with bogus job [Thanks P.T.]
4552. Arturo Brandt / GW TOURS bogus job [Thanks R.H.]
4551. UMS Ltd / MSU ltd / Spam message with virus-laden attachment [Thanks P.T., G.R.]
4550. Chase / A double phish [Thanks C.W. & M.K.]
4549. eBay / Bogus payment phishing attempt [Thanks D.K.]
4548. Perec Ludmilla / Perec Arts Gallery bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4547. Dr. Elea Powell (Mrs) / National Council Of Voluntary Organization scam [Thanks B.H.]
4546. Gabinete do Prefeito / $500K Vittorio Foundation scam [Thanks R.W.]
4545. Barrister Alan Organ / World's briefest scam? [Thanks R.W.]
4544. Mr Lucky Jones / Scam Victim Compensation scam [Thanks R.W.]
4543. Tony Moris / Rather clumsy FedEx delivery scam [Thanks R.W.]
4542. Mrs.Rosalina Rona / Former Hindu with $8.5M in Nigeria [Thanks D.H.]
4541. Pepsi Draw / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks C.W.]
4540. Atila Kiss / Shanghai Trading Import And Export Co. bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4539. Nokia Promo / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4538. Markt Lottery International Espanol / Czech lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4537. Marie Kalikova / Rather weird loan shark [Thanks B.H.]
4536. National Council Of Voluntary Organization / Bogus lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4535. School Web Support Desk / Phishing attempt [Thanks B.H.]
4534. Helene Kouame / Another African murder mystery [Thanks D.K.]
4533. Allproducts Import & Export / Bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4532. Mrs Darlene Grace / Nigerian contract scam [Thanks B.H.]
4531. Lisa And Kelvin Auger / $8.5M murder mystery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4530. Fondation De France / This donation scam continues [Thanks B.H.]
4529. Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH / Payment Release Order Form [Thanks J.F.]
4528. Online Stakers / ₶2.3M bogus South African lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
4527. Toyota Car Promotions Department / Cash plus a free car [Thanks B.H.]
4526. Christine Cao / World Gaming Board bogus lottery scam [Thanks R.W.]
4525. Victor Dudu / Bloke from Darfur with $15M [Thanks R.W.]
4524. Google AdWords / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4523. PayPal / New phishing approach [Thanks C.W.]
4522. Point Focus LLC / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
4521. Abbey National plc / Extortion approach to phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4520. The Body Shop at Home / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
4519. Otis Ward / Ingenious global-crisis medication spam [Thanks C.W.]
4518. The United Nations Organization / A pair of scams [Thanks B.H.]
4517. Shell International Mobile Draws Dept / Message from bogus lottery [Thanks D.M.]

Received in October
4516. V_I_A_G_R_A-O_N_L_I_N_E / "Microsoft" spam [Thanks C.W.]
4515. Alison Wood / IDC Business Group / Russian bogus job offer [Thanks P.T.]
4514. Mrs.Gregory Fleming / $600K scam victime payment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4513. Gregory Dostal / £1M European Online Games charity bonanza scam [Thanks B.H.]
4512. NL Online Dept / $1.5M bogus Dutch lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4511. Kobe Johnson / $13.2M dead diplomat in Iraq scam [Thanks B.H.]
4510. bob dewar / Scam from the British High Commission in Nigeria [Thanks B.H.]
4509. Mr Dave Vladimir / $14M Mikhail Khodorkovsky scam [Thanks B.H.]
4508. Gurdish Sandhu / Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation bogus award [Thanks B.H.]
4507. Mr.Francis Osie / $72M funds transfer scam [Thanks J.H.]
4506. Microsoft Award Team / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.H.]
4505. Mrs. Ewere Itah / [Thanks R.W.]
4504. Alliance & Leicester Online / New phormat phish [Thanks R.W.]
4503. Abbey Online Bank / New format phish [Thanks R.W.]
4502. BP Awards Committee / $1.5M bogus award [Thanks B.H.]
4501. NASAJUBRILNANA / $5M Nigerian funds transfer scam [Thanks D.J.]
4500. Sgt Brandon Gary / Sgt Henshaw Wear / More American heroes in Iraq [Thanks R.W. & J.H.]
4499. Michael Graham / "your unclaimed inheritance is still lurking around" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4498. Mr.David Trump / Bogus Hollywood Award Promotion [Thanks D.K.]
4497. haujuzhi / "This is not a scam" Well, that's a relief! [Thanks R.W.]
4496. Barr. Kingsley Dominic / $5.5M Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4495. Lottery Approved Payment Center / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4494. Zhejiang Huangyan Liutong Plastic Co.Ltd / Bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4493. James Raymond / Bogus job hijacking the Orchard Vale Trust [Thanks B.H.]
4492. Khalid Yussuf / Croaking bloke from Dubai feels charitable [Thanks J.C.]
4491. Fortune Seasonal Promo / £5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4490. Mrs. Sandra Johnson / Nigerian Swift card scam [Thanks D.K.]
4489. Prof. Charles Soludo / $35.9M Nigerian over-invoicing scam [Thanks D.J.]
4488. MTN Telecommunication / Bogus donation by ATM card [Thanks R.W.]
4487. Grid Consulting Limited / Nigerian investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4486. Mrs. Kristie Uggerri / Banker offering 30% partnership [Thanks B.H.]
4485. Sr Jeremiah Smith / $31.9M diplomatic shipment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4484. UK National Lottery / A couple of bogus wins [Thanks C.W., B.H.]
4483. Alliance & Leicester / More phishing [Thanks R.W.]
4482. Freelance Job Opportunity / Bogus writing job offer [Thanks P.T.]
4481. Network Solutions Support Team / Domain hijack scam [Thanks P.T.]
4480. Linda Smith / Japanese bogus job scam [Thanks R.H.]
4479. Akwasi Adjei / Very dense $3.5M funds transfer scam [Thanks D.K.]
4478. BMW Automobile Company / Bogus draw win (but no free car) [Thanks D.K.]
4477. Mr Henry Paulson Jr. / Scam by US Treasury Sec. (allegedly) [Thanks B.H.]
4476. 720714 / Liberian next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4475. Kuhl, Anthony J. / Bogus Westdeutsche Lotterie win [Thanks B.H.]
4474. wh.irvin.glenda / Bogus Microsoft Email Award Promo [Thanks D.J.]
4473. eNomCentral Inc / New source - double phish for Whois data [Thanks P.T.]
4472. Abbey National plc / More phishing [Thanks P.T.]
4471. Thomas Judd / Virus-laden invoice [Thanks P.T.]
4470. Wells Fargo Online / More phishing [Thanks B.H.]
4469. Helping Hand / Government grant/money for nothing spam [Thanks P.T.]
4468. Lloyds TSB / A cluster of phisch [Thanks C.W., R.H., P.T.]
4467. Helene Moses / Ferrasano Ferrosan bogus job offer [Thanks A.M.]
4466. Mrs. Grace Rawlings / Prof. Soludo's secretary with a scam [Thanks B.H.]
4465. Gabinete do Prefeito / Nigerian/Brazilian investment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4464. Mills, Brad / More guff from the Vittorio Fondazione [Thanks B.H.]
4463. UK National Lotto And Euro Millions / Guess what? A bogus win! [Thanks B.H.]
4462. Dr. Randy Stadham / Very obvious lottery scam [Thanks T.A.]
4461. Edward Peters / $4.6M inheritance scam [Thanks R.W.]
4460. Kwasha Martin / €8,120,000 investment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4459. Mr.Siek Chuan Ng / $15.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4458. Jack Stanam / Bogus job at Bork Developers Inc. of Sweden [Thanks A.M.]
4457. Obiora Peter / $2M Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
4456. North American Lottery Foundation / New source of bogus wins! [Thanks D.K.]
4455. A.H.A International Co.Ltd / Hong Kong bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4454. James Moore / Dennis's brother with a bogus UK lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4453. Rose Wealth / Good name for a rich, dying scammer! [Thanks B.H.]
4452. Mr. Key Jefferson / £500K bogus British lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4451. UK National Online Promo / £500K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4450. Kia Motors Promotion / £500K and a "2008 Model KIA cee?d car" [Thanks B.H.]
4449. America Lottery Promotion / $2.5M first ever win of a US lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4448. Cash for Gold / Send us your unwanted gold scam [Thanks B.H.]
4447. Kingdom Of Brunei Heritage Award / $500K bogus award [Thanks A.B.]
4446. Senator Nkechi Nwaorgu / Catch-all Nigerian payment scam [Thanks A.B.]
4445. Range Rover Automobiles Promotion / Scam from Reading, Czech Republic! [Thanks B.H.]
4444. Ratio Smith Haverty / Confused bogus job offer [Thanks B.H.]
4443. Robinson, Marianne / £250K win on unnamed lottery [Thanks G.F.]
4442. Kenneth Hou PhD. / Thailand-Asia-East Lottery bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
4441. JIM LANDE / Nigerian funds release scam [Thanks R.W.]
4440. Tauqeer Jamadar / £12.4M hedge fund next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4439. Barr.Colin Wong / $18.2M Gulf Air crash next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4438. The Chambers of Clifford Melvin & Associates / £10.1M inheritance scam [Thanks B.H.]
4437. Powerball BV Lottery 2008 / $400K bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4436. Federal Bureau Of Investigation / Scams by British & US branches [Thanks B.H. & R.W.]
4435. Mr. Herve Assah / $20M Nigerian payment scam [Thanks D.J.]
4434. Lady Kate Foster / Super-quick £4.8M scam [Thanks R.W.]
4433. Rex W.Tillerson / Bogus job at Exxon Mobil Inc [Thanks B.H.]
4432. Mrs.Darlene Grace / Honest barrister in a sea of scammers scam [Thanks D.J.]
4431. HSBC Bank plc London / Inheritance involving defunct US bank [Thanks B.H.]
4430. Mr.Dwayne Haskins / Delix Group of China with dud cheque scam [Thanks B.H.]
4429. HSBC Bank plc / New Phishing Format [Thanks P.T.]
4428. LloydsTSB Bank / New Phishing Format [Thanks R.H.]
4427. Suziani / $30.1M next-of-kin scam by "David Singer & Associates" [Thanks C.H.]
4426. Larrisa Witterford / Bogus £500K win from unnamed lottery [Thanks B.H.]
4425. Mrs.Samate Cooker / Dying, so she's willed $5.5M to a complete stranger [Thanks B.H.]
4424. Internal Revenue Service / Stimulus refund phish [Thanks B.H.]
4423. Ashley Furniture Company / Repeat of this bogus job scam [Thanks B.H.]
4422. / Home Inventory for "insurance purposes" spam [Thanks T.D.]
4421. Abbas Aliyu / Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation scam [Thanks B.H.]
4420. Gary Dry / Peck Ham (where??) Group Company bogus job [Thanks R.W.]
4419. United Nations / $8.3M bogus payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4418. Jacob Wilford / $5.5M UK Victory Lottery bogus win [Thanks B.H. & R.W.]
4417. NLF Online / $800K bogus Japanese lottery win [Thanks A.B.]
4416. Melissa Williams / Dying woman with $20M in a UK bank [Thanks B.H.]
4415. Sujit Saint / WHO, UN and EU $1.5M bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
4414. Hammond Kleen / Banker with dormant account scam [Thanks B.H.]
4413. Boris Oleg / Has throat cancer, so no phone calls [Thanks B.H.]
4412. EEC / Ecowas Award Donation Board (C) 2008 / $750K bogus donation [Thanks R.W.]
4411. Fondazion Di Vittorio, ITALY / $2M Bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
4410. Lance Alan / Bogus PayPal payment + phish [Thanks C.W.]
4409. NatWest Digital Banking / More phishing [Thanks C.W.]
4408. Cahoot Online / New phishing format [Thanks C.W.]
4407. Yorkshire Bank Online / New format phish [Thanks C.W.]
4406. Diplomat Horst Haensgen / Brain-numbing Nigerian scam (see also #3821) [Thanks B.H.]
4405. Freelotto International Email Promotion Award / $2M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4404. Rick Lander / Netherlands National Lottery $2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4403. Wei Dai / Crooked Chinese banker with variable name [Thanks B.H.]
4402. Virgilio Augusto Sales Araripe / Bogus Microsoft lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4401. International Consulting Group / Business Parnter in Russia spam [Thanks J.F.]
4400. Timothy Daniels / Nigerian Oceanic Bank ATM Card scam[Thanks R.W.]
4399. Sai Chong Cheng / Banker in Philippines with next-of-kin scam [Thanks R.W.]
4398. Western Union / "$2.5 million @ $5.000 per a transfer" scam [Thanks B.H.]
4397. Dr. Wilfred Paul / $35M bogus international research project [Thanks B.H.]
4396. EUROMILIONES INTL / €900K bogus lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4395. Peter watson LLP / $12.2M next-of-kin/identity theft scam [Thanks R.W.]
4394. Carty Jones / Bogus job with charity angle [Thanks B.H.]
4393. U.K Gaming Board / £516,778:00 Canadian lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4392. Sgt. Jason Herzog / Confidential investment scam [Thanks R.W.]
4391. Paul Tijani Miller / Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4390. James Irvin / £1.230,310 bogus UK Lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4389. Daniel Ighana / Nigerian banker with $28.5M scam [Thanks R.W.]
4388. Central Bank / Prof. Soludo back with a pair of scams [Thanks B.H. & R.W.]
4387. Ecowas Donations 2008 / $850,000 bogus donation [Thanks B.H.]
4386. Powell John / Pay $90 to get $900,000![Thanks R.W.]
4385. Larisa Sosnitskaya / $46M Yukos Oil scam [Thanks B.H.]
4384. Telmex Inc. / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.K.]
4383. Gary Moore / "My secretary has $1.5M for you" scam [Thanks R.W.]
4382. David Samuels / The Business Development Group bogus job [Thanks C.W.]
4381. Internal Revenue Service / Tax refund phish [Thanks B.H.]
4380. Standard Bank Renewal / New phishing format [Thanks G.R.]
4379. Chemical Bank / New phishing source [Thanks C.W.]
4378. Abbey National Digital Banking \'2008 / A sextet of phishes [Thanks C.W. & R.H.]
4377. Cahoot Online / New phishing source [Thanks P.T.]
4376. Lloyds TSB Online / New style phish [Thanks C.W.]
4375. Julia Walter / Bogus jobs with unnamed company [Thanks C.W.]
4374. Mrs.Monica Lin Tan / World Asia Freelotto Charity Donations 2008 Scam [Thanks M.S.]
4373. MasterCard Mega Jackpot Promotion / £6.6M scam [Thanks B.H.]
4372. Miss Mercy Udo Gloria A / RED painted release disk scam [Thanks D.J.]
4371. Roy Sluchinski / 2 x $19M 2004 tsunami next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H. & R.W.]
4370. Malaysia National Lottery / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4369. Uefa Champions League Commission / £500K giveaway! [Thanks B.H.]
4368. Post Bank NL / Dutch money-shifting scam [Thanks R.W.]
4367. Greg Wyatt / "My pal the Rev. Mike has $800K for you [Thanks B.H.]
4366. Nobu Stillwell / UK-LOTTO £1M bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4365. Mrs. Rachael Smith / $850K Nigerian payment scam [Thanks B.H.]
4364. Mrs Kristie Uggerri / $10.2M needs moving [Thanks R.W.]
4363. United Nation Foundation Africa / $4.5M bogus grant [Thanks R.W.]
4362. United Nation Emissary Payment Bureau / Nigerian contract scam [Thanks R.W.]
4361. T.W. Jackson / Save your marriage spam [Thanks C.W.]
4360. Williams Parker / Bogus banker with $20.5M [Thanks B.H.]
4359. Justin Kelly / Lancashire Textile Manufacturers bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4358. WEB DESK / UK National Lottery bogus win [Thanks R.W.]
4357. Wu Ming Cheng / Bogus job @ Hubei Machinery [Thanks R.W.]
4356. Microsoft Promo Award / £5M bogus pay-out [Thanks R.W.]
4355. Don Williams / $6.5M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks B.H.]
4354. Euro Millions International 2008 / £1,228,704.80 bogus win [Thanks B.H.]
4353. International Monetary Fund / $5.5M scam victim scam [Thanks B.H.]
4352. Smith Koffi Jame / Polish/Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks R.W.]
4351. Corradino Menchella / Another very brief lottery scam [Thanks B.H.]
4350. Mrs .Maria Johnson / Got cancer & lots of cash, yadder, yadder [Thanks B.H.]
4349. Hugh Gareth / Association Of Charity Foundations & Ikea bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
4348. William Simon / Very brief lottery scamlet [Thanks B.H.]
4347. Office Of The Senate House / $8.3M Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks L.W.]
4346. Online Sweepstakes® / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks B.H.]
4345. Mark Johnson / Dove Fabrics Ltd bogus job [Thanks B.H.]
4344. Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari / Nigerian with lots of loot to shift [Thanks R.W.]
4343. Jacus International Ltd. / You'll be a proper jackass if you take this bogus job! [Thanks R.W.]
4342. Vicent Jack / Rose Textiles Limited bogus part time job [Thanks R.W.]
4341. Barrister MacLean Stone / £900K bogus Frontline Lottery win [Thanks R.W.]
4340. Alexander A Flockhart / $30M Iraq war aftermath scam [Thanks B.H.]
4339. Abbey National Bank Bankline Internet Banking / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
4338. Antivirus Support / Bogus AVG phishing email [Thanks C.W.]
4337. ICS Monitoring Team / "Your Internet access will be cut off" nuisance spam [Thanks P.T.]
4336. Irish Lottery / £3.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks P.T.]

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