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Email country suffixes often fail to match the alleged country of operation of scammers. Things like .uk and .hk are obvious but where is .mk or .sg or .sk? CLICK HERE for a list of them.
For a similiar list of international telephone dialling codes, CLICK HERE
British phone numbers (+44) beginning with (0)7 belong to mobile (cellular) phones

Received in December
2783. Irish National Lottery Promo / £950K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2782. Robert Williams / "My bloke Charlie has a million bucks for you" [Thanks S.S.]
2781. Shanghai Toys Imp./Exp. Co. Ltd,China / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2780. Mrs Caroline Sambadi / Italian/Burkinese next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2779. Wujiang Wanlida Textile Co.Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
2778. National Lottery Foundation / Dutch scam, no prize amount given [Thanks F.G.]
2777. The Hot Lotto Company / $400K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2776. Sani Suleman / He has $25M of Nigerian loot to shift [Thanks S.S.]
2775. Ms.Cheung Pui Ling / $45M "Inverstment Proposal" [Thanks F.G.]
2774. Edgar Vargas / £2.5M bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2773. Ms Sandra Hess / Pay $175 for a part-payment of $850K [Thanks F.G.]
2772. Oxford Lottery Dept / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2771. Hangzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2770. FedEx Delivery Company / "Has $100K for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2769. Dr Francis Moore / "My secretary has $450K for you" [Thanks W.J.]
2768. Mike Willson / "My Person has $1M for you" [Thanks W.J.]
2767. Honda Company UK / £1.75M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2766. Ben Woodwork Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2765. Susan Cole / Dying with a "huge amount of money" to give away [Thanks F.G.]
2764. Master Card International Mega Jackpot / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2763. Christian Aid / £850 bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2762. UK National Lottery / £590,983 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2761. Andrew Donald / "Contact my agent for $500K" [Thanks F.G.]
2760. British Xmas Lottery / £850 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2759. Global Import & Export Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2758. Turkish National Lottery / Bogus win & follow up to sting [Thanks J.M.&J.K.]
2757. Stanton Johnson / Bogus job offer from Stantons Art Gallery [Thanks F.G.]
2756. Hotel Calacoto / Invitation to spend the new year; but where's the hotel?
2755. Guinness Validation / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2754. Mrs. Linda Williams / Swift Card inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
2753. Mr Guan Daogen / Nanhai Haohong Ceramic Co. Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2752. RIDE FOUNDATION / £500K bogus award [Thanks F.G.]
2751. James Hedding / Scammer looking for bank account details [Thanks T.H.]
2750. Tanfalde P. Yorke / £4,633,543.00 next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
2749. Kennis Music National Lottery / Brief £250K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2748. Winterwood Farms Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2747. Femi Word Outreach Fellowship / Nigerian wants Bibles [Thanks F.G.]
2746. World Health Organization Awards / $5M bogus award [Thanks F.G.]
2745. Williams Morrow / Russian/Slovakian scammer, says he's in Seattle [Thanks F.G.]
2744. City Finance And Loan Firm / Loan Offer at 471.5% Interest!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2743. Judy Arndt / Dying scammer of uncertain sex with $32M [Thanks F.G.]
2742. Mensa Kwaku / Gold dust next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2741. Zambaiti Copertficio / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2740. Hala Sithole / 2010 World Cup lottery scam [Thanks S.E.]
2739. Larry Lee / A dog up for adoption [Thanks F.G.]
2738. TOYOTA INFO / £250K & a new car. Like that will happen! [Thanks F.G.]
2737. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2736. Royal Textile Trading Company / Bogus Japanese job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2735. International Promotions / €15M!!!!! bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2734. Queen Elizabeth's Foundation / $2.5M bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2733. Internal Revenue/funds Department ATM card scam / [Thanks F.G.]
2732. XMAS PROMO / £500K Free Lotto bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2731. Mr: Anthonio Mario Carlos / €900,165.11 bogus Euromillions win [Thanks F.G.]
2730. The National Lottery / £552K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2729. ONLINE NOTICE / £715K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2728. Powerball Lotto Group / £6.65M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2727. PayPal / A double phish [Thanks F.G.]
2726. Bank of America / Phishing again [Thanks F.G.]
2725. ATM Payment Department / $8.3M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2724. Chase Online Banking / Even still more yet phishing [Thanks F.G.]
2723. Egg Bank / Phishing, what else? [Thanks H.S.]
2722. IF Digital Banking '2007 / Still more phishing [Thanks H.T.]
2721. Lloyds TSB Online / Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc / A double phish [Thanks H.S & R.H.]
2720. Yorkshire Banking / Guess what? Phishing! [Thanks H.T.]
2719. Natwest Direct and Digital Banking 2007 / Even more phishing [Thanks H.T.]
2718. Abbey National Bank Plc Support / Yet more phishing [Thanks H.T.]
2717. HSBC Bank PLC / More phishing [Thanks H.S.& F.G.]
2716. Abbey Bank / A double phish [Thanks H.T.]
2715. Barrister Christopher Motley / $7.1M bogus inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
2714. Career Builder / Bogus job offer from Bruno & Sergio Food Ltd [Thanks F.G.]
2713. Instant Millionaires Promo UK / £2.7M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2712. John White Loan Investment plc / Loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
2711. The Free Lotto Company / Get your 'win' from Peter Pan! [Thanks D.J.]
2710. Central Bank Of Nigeria..Alh. Monruf Tijani / $22M on offer [Thanks D.J.]
2709. Ms.Kim Van Kurt / €1.5M bogus Dutch lottery win [Thanks J.C.]
2708. Dongguan Yueming Laser / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2707. International Global Award / £550K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
2706. British High Commission / You're getting £60K for being scammed [Thanks F.G.]
2705. Ruilan Group Holdings / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2704. Agent Bishop Alexander / Please give all your details to this scammer [Thanks D.M.]
2703. Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione Acli / $750K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2702. UK National Lottery / £1,628,360.00 & £7,534,370.00 bogus wins [Thanks D.J. & F.G.]
2701. Brig General Okunbor(Rtd / Nigerian general in Italy with $10.5M scam [Thanks J.F.]
2700. Mrs. Hiromi Suka / She's got cancer & $13M to give away [Thanks F.G.]
2699. Dr Wasim / Pay just $120 for a box containing $1.5M!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2698. Martin kwasha / Needs help moving €8.12M [Thanks F.G.]
2697. Abibe Yala / Bogus brother seeks mugs to invest $19M [Thanks J.A.]
2696. Financial Crime Commission / Please give all your details to us scammers [Thanks F.G.]
2695. Wong Shui / Tipau Hong Kong Ltd.bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2694. The Office Of The Finacial / $5M compensation for Nigerian scams [Thanks F.G.]
2693. International Promotions / €15M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2692. Mrs. Imelda Fassie / "My agent has $750K for you" [Thanks T.G.]
2691. Mr Chen Jiang / $30M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.S.]
2690. UNZA Group / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2689. Joseph Matt / $1.45M on the way to you via a courier [Thanks J.F.]
2688. Online Sweepstakes / £516,778.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
2687. Dr Maltina Jones / "My agent has $750K for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2686. Clearing House Consulting / Isle of Man/Russian next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2685. Heineken UEFA Champions Lottery Inc. / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks T.G.]
2684. Euro-PW Lottery Online / They want €620 before they'll pay out! [Thanks R.D.]
2683. Credit Settlement / $315,810.00 for you if you're still alive! [Thanks S.S.]
2682. Emily Brooks (Lottery Co-ordinator) / €987,248.26.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
2681. Davies Mark / £8.6M bogus inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
2680. Sorteo De Navidad Programs / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2679. Joshua Edwin / United Asia Trading Company bogus job offer [Thanks D.M.]
2678. Mr Chow Yang / Bogus job offer [Thanks S.S.]
2677. Earnest Hurd / "Become a Complete Millionaire Now" [Thanks D.J.]
2676. Europrudent lottery award / €10M win going begging! [Thanks J.F.]
2675. The National lottery of South African / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2674. Lady Gloria Faducci / She's got cancer & £23M to give away [Thanks F.G.]
2673. MasterCard® / International Mega Jackpot £6.6M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2672. Stakes Lottery Promotions / €3.4M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2671. E.Stewart & Solicitors / An Engineer left you $7.5M in his will! [Thanks F.G.]
2670. American Axle & Manufacturing / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2669. EURO-PW Lottery Online / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2668. Mr.Godfrey Jones / $45M Nigerian next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2667. UK National Lottery / £3.5M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2666. Allen Adams / $10M next-of-kin scam [Thanks L.C.]
2665. Attorney Paul De La Piquerie / Next-of-kin scam, no amount stated [Thanks J.A.]
2664. Tiscali Billing / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
2663. Mr.Edward Nelson / $18M in a dormant Swiss bank account [Thanks T.G.]
2662. UEFA Champions League / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2661. Lady Gloria Faducci / Croaking & has £23M to give away! [Thanks F.G.]
2660. Grippa Chemicals & Food Company Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2659. Imre Zsoldos / Boris Khodorkovsky/Yukos Oil based scam [Thanks F.G.]
2658. Heritage Fund Lottery / Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft bogus award [Thanks J.F.]
2657. Robert Newton / RNTUAK Textile & Art Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2656. Royal Fabric / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2655. Waller Truck Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.T.]
2654. HSBC Bank plc / Yet more hopeful phishing [Thanks H.T. & H.S.]
2653. E-GOLD / New phishing source [Thanks H.T.]

Received in November
2652. Coca-Cola / £950K bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2651. Paypal Online / Phish with impossible date deadline! [Thanks F.G.]
2650. Mr John Kofi / Gold dust for sale on the cheap!!!! [Thanks S.S.]
2649. European Champions League / £1.5M bogus award [Thanks F.G.]
2648. Mr.Arthur Stewart / A.C. Foundation bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2647. Iveco Lottery / £1M Iveco Automobile Company bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2646. British Christmas Lottery / £1M bogus win, apply to Hong Kong [Thanks T.G.]
2645. Shell Lottery International / Please claim your $500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2644. Coddan Lottery Organisation / £2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2643. Mr. West / Bogus “E-Trust” company job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2642. Microsoft Lottery Board / £1M bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2641. Jarvis Reeves Jr / A US Army sergeant wanting to move cash out of Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
2640. Ecowas Yearly Donation 2007 / $1M bogus prize [Thanks F.G.]
2639. Fenandz Williams / Just $98 to get a $850K bogus payment from Benin [Thanks D.M.]
2638. International Lotto Organization / Get this unclaimed lottery win! [Thanks F.G.]
2637. Plain Cavex wear Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2636. Amnesty International Peace Award / £516,778.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2635. Aussie End Of Year Bonanza / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2634. Graybar Electric Co. Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2633. UK National Lottery Head Office / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks T.G.]
2632. Tunji Bello / $9.9M next-of-kin scam [Thanks T.G.]
2631. Assorted Foods Minerals Conglomerate Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2630. Frederick Yormie / $45M from a 'secret vault' [Thanks T.G.]
2629. Kayu Furniture And Handicraft Company Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2628. Grant and Associates / 2004 Madrid train bombing scam [Thanks F.G.]
2627. Canadian Online Lottery 2007 / $12,512,425.00 bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2626. Ray Chavis Fabrics Uk / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2625. CAMELOT GROUP PLC / Unspecified bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2624. Cheng Wu / Wu Arts And Crafts bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2623. World Health Organisation / $5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2622. Thames Textile / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2621. Mr. Pedro Miguel Silva / Pay Fedex $95, get $800,000! [Thanks J.F.]
2620. Nederlandse Staatsloterij / €1 bogus lottery win + follow up [Thanks S.S.]
2619. Dr. Barry Willy / Barry Travels And Tours Ltd. bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2618. National Cash-Out Lotto BV / £915,810.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2617. LloydsTsb / New phishing approach [Thanks H.S.]
2616. UK Lottery Organization / [Thanks S.G.]
2615. Dana Simona / Global Sources Fabrics and Textiles bogus job [Thanks O.T.]
2614. Ray Chavis Fabrics Uk / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2613. Richard Adams / $1M for Nigerian scam victims [Thanks S.G.]
2612. Vodafone.NL Lottery / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2611. / £1.5 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2610. eBay National Award / £500 or £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
2609. scott mark / $5M legacy scam by bogus Barclays banker [Thanks A.B.]
2608. Waller Truck Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
2607. Richard Peterson / Another scammer offering $1.2M for 'past help' [Thanks F.G.]
2606. Bob John / Give FedEx $105, get $1.2M! [Thanks F.G.]
2605. NNAMEKA JOE / Ask my secretary for $1.2M for past help [Thanks F.G.]
2604. cocacola promo / £750K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2603. Frontline Lottery Group / £900K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2602. Anonymous Marine / He wants to move $10M out of Iraq [Thanks F.G.]
2601. Charles Moyes / "Halland Group Of Company" bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2600. Nigel Williams / Czech scammer offering £4M inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
2599. Jain Hagis / Dying of cancer, has $8M to give away [Thanks J.C.]
2598. Rev Dr.Emeka Johnson / Umaru Yarudua / Nigerian contract scams [Thanks A.B. & D.J.]
2597. Interface Fabrics / Bogus job offer [Thanks A.B.]
2596. David Collins / £384 million John Paul Getty scam [Thanks F.G.]
2595. Chief Solomon Ugoh / Very brief Swift card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2594. Azioneaiuto Italia / $650K bogus charity donation [Thanks F.G.]
2593. Pime Foundation / €825K bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2592. Wells Fargo Online / Yet more phishing, possibly from Japan [Thanks F.G.]
2591. Regions Bank / New phishing approach [Thanks D.J.]
2590. Mariam Alfarouk, / Unspecified 'investment project' scam [Thanks B.J.]
2589. Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione Acli / $750K bogus lottery win [Thanks B.J.]
2588. / Bogus payment notification [Thanks P.T.]
2587. National Lottery Pty. Ltd / $2.5M bogus World Cup 2010 lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2586. Feilong Plastic Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2585. Marcopolo Trading Coy / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2584. Mr Usman Guel / $1.8M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2583. Publishers Clearing House / £560 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2582. The Russian Foundation / Bogus grant, no info on how much [Thanks F.G.]
2581. jim sam / United Asia Trading Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2580. Maria Johnson / Dying of cancer, has $10.5M (she says) [Thanks J.]
2579. The Irish/Espana Lottery / £450 (not euros) bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2578. Peugeot Automobiles Lottery / £300K and a new car! [Thanks E.C.]
2577. Lincon Lottery / [Thanks J.F.]
2576. TOYOTA INC / £600K and a Toyota car [Thanks D.C.]
2575. U.S. Bank® / Latest phishing format [Thanks F.G.]
2574. CANADIAN LTTERY INC. / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2573. Morgain medical ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2572. Once International Lottery / €950K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2571. British High Commission / "recompensation" ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2570. Microsoft Promotions / £850 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2569. ACTION AID NGO / £850K bogus donation [Thanks D.J.]
2568. Annual Electronic Promo / €3.4M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
2567. Uba Group / Nigerian banker with $32.5M scam [Thanks J.C.]
2566. Dr Tunde Lemo / Bogus $10M contract/inheritance part payment [Thanks D.J.]
2565. Exxon Mobil / N.N.P.C. Online Lottery / $549K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2564. Mr Jeffrey Zulu / $14.7M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2563. Robert Nelson / British government contract scam [Thanks F.G.]
2562. rose wood / Sweepstakes Online Lottery bogus win [Thanks J.A.]
2561. Shell Petroleum / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2560. Yahoo Customer Care / More phishing [Thanks M.M.]
2559. Lucas Okiuo / Unclaimed contract funds next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2558. Wells Fargo Online Banking / 2 phishing examples [Thanks S.S. & F.G.]
2557. Michael Leyden / Novel-length $8.375M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2556. Rev Donald Kaberuka / $18M compensation for a fraud victim [Thanks J.F.]
2555. Brandenburg Lotto GmbH / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2554. eBay / Yet more (power-seller) phishing [Thanks D.B.]
2553. PayPal / More phishing [Thanks F.G.]
2552. Bob Freebury / Orchard Vale Trust dodgy job offer [Thanks M.M.]
2551. Federal Inland Security Company / Pay $270 to get $1.5M [Thanks F.G.]
2550. Gary Rino / Cash my cheques and there's a free house in it [Thanks T.K.]
2549. Williams Chester / £3M bogus UK National lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
2548. Mrs.Rita Gilberts / Dying of cancer, has $7.5M in a European bank [Thanks F.G.]
2547. Eluchi Abia / He has $15M to spend on property [Thanks S.S.]
2546. Wilson Douglas / $1.2M parcel, don't tell anyone what's in it! [Thanks F.G.]
2545. Milli Piyango / Turkish National Lottery $785,280 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2544. Mrs.Veronica Asudvi / My agent has $550M for you [Thanks F.G.]
2543. GP.Capt Chidpong / Help get me and my $9.523M the hell out of Iraq! [Thanks F.G.]
2542. Warren James / Bogus job offer from Warren James Jewelers [Thanks F.G.]
2541. Jerry Ndlovo / £7.5M bogus inheritance [Thanks M.M.]
2540. Christian Aid / £850 bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2539. E*Trade Financial / New phishing source [Thanks F.G.]
2538. Diamond Bank plc / New phishing source [Thanks F.G.]
2537. BancorpSouth Inview support / New phishing format [Thanks H.S.]
2536. David Wong And Associates / $17.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.B.]
2535. 2007 BMW Online Promotion / £500K and a new car [Thanks D.B.]
2534. MasterCard® / International Mega Jackpot / £6.6M bogus win! [Thanks F.G.]
2533. Mrs Matha Mputa / $4.5M "in a Security Company in Cotonou" [Thanks F.G.]
2532. Mr Ononuju Hayford / West African next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2531. International Lotto Organization / Brazilian/Nigerian/French scam [Thanks F.G.]
2530. Dr..Johnson Eddrison / $800K on offer by direct wire transfer [Thanks F.G.]
2529. The Krasloten Corporation / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2528. Itochu Corporation Ltd / Aussie/Japanese/Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2527. David Armijo / Italian (& ludicrous) UK National Lottery scam! [Thanks F.G.]
2526. nelson cole / Dying merchant with $28M [Thanks F.G.]
2525. Rev.David Anderson Financial Home / Nigerian religious loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
2524. Ming Yang / Chinese banker with "obscured business suggestion" [Thanks F.G.]
2523. Mrs.Angela Jones / $2M bogus charity donation [Thanks F.G.]
2522. Compensation And Finance House Head Office / $2M bogus win [Thanks V.K.]
2521. Mr.Charles Gates / Brazilian scammed victims scammer [Thanks F.G.]
2520. Brown Walter / £4.6M bogus inheritance [Thanks F.G.]
2519. Howard Swanson Ind.Coy / amazingly brief bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2518. Dane Yarbrough / Chinese automated Income Machine! [Thanks D.J.]
2517. alwin alphonse / Bogus job: "join our marketing team" [Thanks P.T.]
2516. Mr.Paul Wise / the US Senate handing out African cash [Thanks F.G.]
2515. Sir David Mark / Exceedingly generous Swift card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2514. David Williams / Dodgy job offer [Thanks M.M.]
2513. Michele Brooks / Dodgy job offer from the Scofffffford Area of Oxford [Thanks M.M.]
2512. Xiaowei Tang / Dodgy Chinese job offer [Thanks M.M.]
2511. Terry Dickson / Terry ART WORLD dodgy job offer [Thanks M.M.]
2510. Michael Spencer / Sarah Clerk Fabrics & Textiles dodgy job offer [Thanks M.M.]
2509. Saudi Arabia Oil And Gas / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2508. Crown Foundation / Another British lottery run from Hong Kong [Thanks F.G.]
2507. United States Senate House / A truly international scam! [Thanks F.G.]
2506. Tiscali Billing / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
2505. eBay / More phishing via a query [Thanks R.H.]
2504. Abbey National OnLine Banking '07 / Phishing, what else? [Thanks R.H.]
2503. NatWest / More phishing [Thanks R.H.]
2502. Richard Abbey / "Please manage this $15M estate" [Thanks F.G.]
2501. John Spielberg / Bequest: £850K and a 4 bedroom duplex [Thanks F.G.]
2500. Graham N.Robert / Cancer, dying, has $5.56M to give away [Thanks F.G.]
2499. PAYMENTDEPT CBNOFFICE / 2 offers of $25M [Thanks F.G.]
2498. Barrister Jose Olivares-Chandler Esq / A $30.1M inheritance! [Thanks D.J.]
2497. JAMES C / $19.5M to donate to a church [Thanks J.C.]
2496. juliana komo / "Spend her cash on the downtrodden" [Thanks J.A.]
2495. Tracy Hann / Gristmill Inv. Company has $25M [Thanks J.F.]
2494. Mr. Nelson / $14.7M in a South African bank [Thanks S.S.]
2493. National Cash-Out Lotto BV / £915,810.00 bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2492. yahoo lotto / £820 bogus lottery win [Thanks S.S.]
2491. Alliance members of International net award / $1M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2490. Free Lotto Online / £500K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2489. Euro Million International / £600K bogus win [Thanks S.S.]
2488. MasterCard/Microsoft International Mega Jackpot / The approach & the sting [Thanks N.B.]
2487. Global Lottery Corporation / 738,000 great britain pounds sterlings bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2486. Ningbo Aole Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd / $480K and a BMW car [Thanks F.G.]
2485. The BMW Lottery / £450K and a new car [Thanks F.G.]
2484. Yahoo Micro Lottery Inc. / €850K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2483. Sport England Lottery UK / £2,700,000.00 bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2482. British National Lottery / £750K bogus win [Thanks N.B.]
2481. Power Line International / £1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2480. Oxford Sweepstakes / Coventry Promotions / £1M & 2M bogus wins [Thanks J.F./F.G.]
2479. Multi-State Lottery Association / $2.2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2478. LOTTO Rheinland-Pfalz / £/€1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2477. Spanish Sweepstake Lottery / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2476. Euro-PW Lottery Online / €1M bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2475. Uk Gaming / £516,778.00 bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2474. Canadian National Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2473. Xanga / £3M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2472. Micro States Global Lottery / $1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2471. Shell Oil Co-Operation 2007 online Promo / Two $1M bogus wins [Thanks D.J., F.G.]
2470. Google Lottery International / €2M bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
2469. Irish Lottery Board / €1.3M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2468. Yahoo/Msn Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2467. Juliet Chucks et al / "Unfinished transaction / Past efforts" rewards [Thanks J.F.]
2466. Rev james Obiorah et al / Pay a little, get lots of dosh [Thanks F.G.]
2465. Greg Allen et al / A bunch of "How are you today?" scams [Thanks F.G.]
2464. Teikoku Oil Co. Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2463. Paulson Wright / Qingdao Jiefeng Rubbers Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2462. Royal Textile Trading Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2461. burtie jotham / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2460. Zhejiang Huzhou Rundebao Textile Co.,Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2459. Xinghui Glass Co.Ltd / 2 versions of this bogus job offer [Thanks F.G. & J.D.]
2458. Actexo Textile Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2457. Scott Young / T.M Fabrics & Textile International bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2456. TRANS CORP / Trans Continental Import/export Corporation bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2455. Irish Web Lottery / £450K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
2454. Mrs. Jackson Andreea / Top Healthcare Bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
2453. Elvia Rosado / Very uninformative bogus job offer [Thanks R.H.]
2452. National Credit Union Association SERVICE / New phishing source [Thanks D.J.]
2451. PayPal / New phishing format [Thanks C.W.]
2450. Mega Millions Lottery / €1.5M bogus win [Thanks H.S.]
2449. Ebanking-Services / New phishing source [Thanks H.S.]
2448. Abbey National plc / Latest phish format [Thanks H.S.]
2447. Mr Mathew Oxford / Chinese London banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2446. Dr. Zaini Nuruddin / Polish scammer about to be executed, has $27M [Thanks F.G.]
2445. Ken Williams / His account officer has $1.2M for you [Thanks F.G.]
2444. Mr. Ben Seal Cole / "World Debt Reconciliation Committee" scam [Thanks F.G.]
2443. Brown Walter Associates / Chinese $24M inheritance scam [Thanks D.J.]
2442. IMF & United Nations Organization / Very tangled scam [Thanks F.G.]
2441. Mr. Eldereric Johnson / Who has £17.9M to shift [Thanks F.G.]
2440. Mr. Onwa Obuge / $950K Brazilian/French scam [Thanks J.F.]
2439. Mr. Patrick Estime / Who has $45M of bent oil money [Thanks J.F.]
2438. Prince Mohammed Abacha / $12M for 'investment purposes' [Thanks F.G.]
2437. ADS Export Fabrics & Textiles / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2436. Robert J. Olsen / Coxy Crox Ltd – Indonesian bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2435. Baker's Foods Limited / Spanish bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2434. Mr. Liu Lee / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2433. Lin Yang Industries.Co.Ltd / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2432. Marcopolo Trading Coy / Italian bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2431. Japan Art Gallary / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2430. Platform Oil & Gas Ltd / Czech bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
2429. Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical Co, Ltd / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2428. Finela Transofa / €915,790.00 bogus EuroMillions win [Thanks F.G.]
2427. BMW Automobile Company / 2 bogus lottery wins! [Thanks F.G.]
2426. Online Co-ordinator SL 2007 / €1.5M bogus Italian Superenalotto win [Thanks F.G.]
2425. Columbux Award Department Incorporated / £786K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2424. Miss Jane Anderson / €2.5M UK Royal National Lottery bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2423. The European Lottery Corporation / £2.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2422. European Champions League / £2M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2421. / £1M bogus Microsoft lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2420. Mr. Anderson W. Robinson / £850K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2419. Ride Foundation / £500K Australian bogus donation [Thanks F.G.]
2418. Dr Yung Dickson / £1M bogus Microsoft/AOL lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2417. The E-Lottery Company / £546,480.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2416. Powerball Lotto. BV / $500K bogus consolation prize [Thanks F.G.]
2415. Royal House UK. / £2.8M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2414. Heineken International Promotion / $950K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2413. Camelot Group / £750K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2412. Chiesa Cattolica / £600K donation from the Catholic Church [Thanks J.F.]
2411. Belgium Euro Million Lottery Result / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2410. Microtrust International Award / $2M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2409. Online Gaming / Western Union Lottery, £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2408. Anton Brooks / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.C.]
2407. Toyota Automobiles Lottery / 2 versions of the scam [Thanks C.X. & F.G.]
2406. Jerry Powen Financial Investment / London loan shark [Thanks C.X.]
2405. United Nation Org. / An $8.3M award! (check out the email address!) [Thanks F.G.]
2404. James Weldon / Manage a financial portfolio of over $45M [Thanks F.G.]
2403. Martin Wood / An inheritance of £5M [Thanks F.G.]
2402. Rev. Alfred Ike / Pay $280 to get your hands on $1.5M! [Thanks F.G.]
2401. Felix Roberts / Next-of-kin scam, no details [Thanks F.G.]

Received in October
2400. The Irish National Lotetry / $1.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2399. mohammed bashirshehata / A tale of violent death, prostitution and $15.5M! [Thanks J.A.]
2398. FedEx Company / Pay $265 (or is it $165?) to get $800K [Thanks F.G.]
2397. UK National Lottery / Several bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
2396. Mrs. Hellen Anderson / My French bloke has £650K for you [Thanks J.F.]
2395. uk national lottery / £1,750,000 bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
2394. Peter Packer / American loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
2393. Santa Import And Export Oil Company plc / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2392. P.Egho / Very cautious next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2391. Dany Akira / Wan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd. bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
2390. Yahoo Online Lottery Board / £215K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2389. Microsoft International Lottery / £500 bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2388. Alex Ruitebeek / €850K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2387. Ecowas Yearly Donations / $750K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2386. Melissa Lewis / Teridian Sales and Distribution group bogus job [Thanks M.R.]
2385. Paypal services / Latest phishing format [Thanks C.W.]
2384. Royal Bank of Scotland / 2 phishing attempts [Thanks C.W.]
2383. Support team CU-APEX/ACH / Phishing attempt [Thanks P.T.]
2382. / Latest format phish [Thanks F.G.]
2381. ibe peters / $1.5M payment approval scam [Thanks F.G.]
2380. joseph mick / Spend $120 to get $1.5M!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2379. Lemmens Crane System / 1. Chinese loan shark, 2. Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2378. James Grant Finance&Loan Investment Firm / $500K on offer [Thanks M.R.]
2377. International Bonded Couriers / Their delivery charges scam [Thanks J.W.]
2376. Tony Mike / $800K for a outlay of a lousy $105! [Thanks J.W.]
2375. UK Fortunate Draws / Another £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2374. eBay Award Notification / £500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2373. Lady Toreth Hughes / Lady 1966 has been booted from Germany to Denmark [Thanks F.G.]
2372. Patrick Henry / Dead client investment scam [Thanks D.J.]
2371. Mr Goodluck Khumalo / Bent business proposal from Polish South African [Thanks J.F.]
2370. Mr. Bob Peter / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2369. BRITISH LOTTERY / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2368. / Dutch/Danish £820K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2367. Onlien Promotional Inc / $6M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2366. Bank of America alert / Latest phishing format [Thanks F.G.]
2365. Chevron Oil Petroluem Bonanza 2007 / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2364. John Ben / Brazilian/Italian ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2363. Peter Fischer / $5.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2362. Star Mega Bucks Award Department / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2361. Texaco/ Shell Petroleum Complex 2007 / $3.5M bogus award [Thanks F.G.]
2360. Euro E-mail International / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2359. Mynes Consulting & Finance / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.S.]
2358. Lorraine Yu / The perfect work-from-home spam [Thanks D.J.]
2357. Point Career Wear Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2356. Tom phils / Sheldon Reynold / Costa Coffee bogus job offer [Thanks F.G. & D.J.]
2355. Mr Prince Peter Smith / Who wants a partner for an unspecified scam [Thanks F.G.]
2354. Credit Union National Association / Phishing attempt [Thanks D.J.]
2353. Northern Rock Finance plc / Imposters offering bogus loans [Thanks F.G.]
2352. Mrs. Marcia Oliveira / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2351. Mr William Nwa / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2350. Casey Cyprian / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2349. Mrs. Emmanuella Eickson / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2348. Barr Yinka Davis / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2347. Mrs. Mariam Abacha / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2346. Mr. Anderson Village / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2345. Mrs.Esther Wentworth / "My agent has some cash for you" [Thanks F.G.]
2344. Hameed Hanif / He's croaking in Dubai & has $1.8M [Thanks J.F.]
2343. Mr.David Gary / Chinese scammer pretending to be a Brit with $22.5M [Thanks F.G.]
2342. European Union / A grant of $2M!!! [Thanks J.F.]
2341. Senate House / Polish/Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2340. Morris Mark / $3.5M Brazilian funds transfer scam [Thanks F.G.]
2339. Mr. Johnson Kuti / $10M from the World Bank [Thanks J.F.]
2338. Mr Michael Coker / $900K from the Vittorio Foundation [Thanks N.S.]
2337. Yahoo/Msn Lottery Games / £500K bogus win + response from claim agent [Thanks N.S.]
2336. Lord Peter Goldsmith QC / $7.1M inheritance from Iraqi Sheikh [Thanks N.S.]
2335. H.I Dankwambo / Nigerian/Italian comtract scam [Thanks F.G.]
2334. Rev.John Ikenna / Polish/Nigerian ATM card scam [Thanks D.J.]
2333. dessui matheen / $8.5M deposited with a security company [Thanks J.C.]
2332. Mercy Martins / £500K bogus Yahoo! lottery win [Thanks N.S.]
2331. Visa / Latest phishing format [Thanks H.S.]
2330. Royal Bank of Scotland / Latest phishing format [Thanks P.T.]
2329. Mohammed Williams / Who has $35.8M in South Africa [Thanks J.C.]
2328. East Asset Group, Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks C.W.]
2327. Citibank Online / Latest phishing attempt [Thanks P.T.]
2326. Australian Organization 2007 / $350K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2325. Mr. Tunde Bello / Looking for someone to raise Bank Payment Undertakings [Thanks F.G.]
2324. Mr. Ward Cage / Accountant with a next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2323. Barrister Williams Udo / His secretary has $950K for you [Thanks F.G.]
2322. Mr Wong Shiu Ki / Chinese management fees scam [Thanks F.G.]
2321. Kazu Sese / French scammer with $3.5M in Ivory Coast [Thanks J.F.]
2320. Delixi Consult / Chinese bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2319. Danny Household Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2318. Urdun International Trading Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2317. Mrs. Helen D. Barnes / Bogus British woman, bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2316. Bridgett / Russian bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
2315. Noble Textiles Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks N.S.]
2314. Mr Lee Chan / China Unicom Electrical Company bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2313. WINS / Chinese, Spanish, etc. bogus UK national lottery 'wins' [Thanks F.G.]
2312. Free Lotto Sweepstakes / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2311. Online Promo Programme / £516,778.00 Danish/UK national lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
2310. Zeeman Aid / $1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2309. Charities Lottery Promotions / £420K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2308. Samsung Electronics Lottery / £600K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2307. PROTON-Asia Researchers Group / £700K e-BAN Lottery 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
2306. East Midlands Heritage Lottery / £855 bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2305. Yahoo & Window Live Lottery / £600K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2304. World Cup 2010 Free Lottery / £900K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2303. Alma Hyman / £120K Guinness promotion win [Thanks F.G.]
2302. INFO MAIL / $920K bogus Yahoo lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2301. Quad Cruise / £2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2300. Staats Loterij / €1.8M bogus Dutch lottery win [Thanks S.G.]
2299. Elizabeth Walter / Charities Lottery Promotions £420K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
2298. Pounds Millionaire Award / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2297. Online Promotional Inc / $6M win !!!!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2296. Aussie International Sweepstakes / £1M bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
2295. The National Lottery / €1,350 bogus Euromillions win[Thanks F.G.]
2294. Norman Briggs / Bogus Barclays Bank employee with $2M scam [Thanks D.J.]
2293. Helen Evans / Bogus job offer from ??? [Thanks H.S.]
2292. Dr William Kane / £853,437 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2291. Leslie Smith / £13M Romanian unclaimed property scam [Thanks J.F.]
2290. Bar. Morris D. Vincent Esq. / Japanese-Polish $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2289. Joshua Edwin / Mr. 1654 with a new scam [Thanks M.S.]
2288. William Chambers & Associates / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2287. Mr. James Grant / My Italian fixer has $500K for your! [Thanks F.G.]
2286. Anthony Abu / Bogus job from Hino Motors Co.Ltd. [Thanks F.G.]
2285. International Promotions / Very brief €15M South African scam [Thanks F.G.]
2284. Mr. Geoff Starr / George Weston Foods Company Australia bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
2283. Frontline Lottery / £900K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2282. Mrs Nancy Conn / Croaking of cancer in South Africa, has £6M [Thanks F.G.]
2281. Dr. Martins Great / $28M Italian/Nigerian scam [Thanks J.F.]
2280. Sakalidis Loannis Theodoros / £5.745M Polish/Greek/French swindle [Thanks D.J.]
2279. British National Lottery Online / Bogus lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2278. Furniture Express Spain / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2277. Steven McClaren / Bogus job from Fossil Oil And Gas Ltd. [Thanks F.G.]
2276. Scott Russell / Bogus job from Cheap Fabrics of Windsor [Thanks F.G.]
2275. African Development Bank / $10M Chinese swindle [Thanks D.J.]
2274. Mr. Nemon Richard Michel / Nigerian US$39,001,400 Million Dollars scam [Thanks F.G.]
2273. Thomas Shuai Moore / Chinese urgent business proposal [Thanks F.G.]
2272. England Draws / €15M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2271. Walter Gibson / Alleged banker with next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2270. British Microsoft Award / £1M bogus lotter win - PDF file [Thanks F.C.]
2269. Rt.Rev.Vincent Okonnem JP / Chinese scam, pay $170 for a 'package' [Thanks F.G.]
2268. Sachsen Lotto GMBH / €1M bogus German lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2267. Mr Howard Thomas Investment / Loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
2266. TAN WONG / Hong Kong banker with $25.4M [Thanks F.G.]
2265. LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2264. Dr alhajih mohammed indimi / 83 kg of stolen cash in Nigeria [Thanks J.C.]
2263. HOG (REPRESENTATIVE) / Bogus job offer from House of Green [Thanks F.G.]
2262. Mr Shung lee / Totally bogus job offer, allegedly from the RAC [Thanks F.G.]
2261. Uk-Lottery Organization / $4.6M Danish/Thai lottery scam [Thanks F.G.]
2260. Mrs. Marcia Oliveira / My secretary has $500K for you scam [Thanks J.F.]
2259. Thomas Smyth / $18.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2258. The Microsoft Lottery Board UK / Swedish/Chinese lottery scam [Thanks J.F.]
2257. nationza40 / $2.1M South Africa World Cup 2010 bogus lottery win [Thanks J.A.]
2256. Mrs. Ailene Base / Banker in Philippines with $10.2M scam [Thanks J.F.]
2255. Engr.Philip Owodele / $17.4M contract swindle scam [Thanks J.F.]
2254. Online Lotto Claims / £2.2M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2253. Thabo David / $1.5M bogus Mandela Lottery win [Thanks J.F.]
2252. / £1.5M MicroSoft, Yahoo, AOL bogus lottery 'win' [Thanks J.F.]
2251. williams chester / £3M October. Lucky Draws lottery win[Thanks J.F.]
2250. Mr Paul Clover / "Receive cash for me" swindle [Thanks F.G.]
2249. Norman Alexie / €722K bogus Spanish Euromillions lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2248. hope global / $1,362,000.00 bogus South African lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2247. Bishops Thompson & Co. / A deposit box containing $15M for you! [Thanks F.G.]
2246. Barr.Benjamin Gill(Esq.) / Norwegian/Nigerian/Italian ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2245. Dangote Loan Firm / Loan sharp spam [Thanks F.G.]
2244. Peter Collins ESQ. / Who's desperate to get rid of $19.1M [Thanks F.G.]
2243. Richard Becky / Canadian scammer with £10M in London [Thanks F.G.]
2242. UK Xmas Free Lottery / £2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2241. / Latest phishing approach from Romania [Thanks R.H.]
2240. Egg Bank Security Dept. / Latest phishing approach [Thanks R.H.]
2239. Monster / Phishing/identity theft spam [Thanks H.S.]
2238. Delores Payton / Business loan spam [Thanks H.S.]
2237. Cronos Investment Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks H.S.]
2236. Eric Tenner / Australian/Chinese $10.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks H.S.]
2235. Kate Douglas / Who has a mere $800K in Ivory Coast [Thanks J.C.]
2234. Mohammed / $35.8M to be shifted from South Africa [Thanks J.C.]
2233. Fred Dee / Russian conservation scam for "Chyprus" [Thanks P.T.]
2232. UK National Lottery / £36,500,000.00 & £500K wins [Thanks F.G.]
2231. Jean Boni / $800k for a modest layout of $97 [Thanks D.J.]
2230. Spanish EuroMillions / $815,960 bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
2229. Barrister Harrisson Galvin / A $75M bogus trust for your! [Thanks F.G.]
2228. Elvis Coker / Bogus job offer from Gateway Art Studio [Thanks F.G.]
2227. HOUSE / Polish Federal Republic Of Nigeria Swift ATM Card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2226. Tina Howard / Bogus job offer from TN Fabrics [Thanks F.G.]
2225. UK National Lottery Award 2007 / Claim your £500K from Indonesia [Thanks F.G.]
2224. Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2223. Federal Ministry Of Finance / Classic Nigerian $30M scam [Thanks F.G.]
2222. STMicroelectronics / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2221. Chirs Amendola / Please administer a £5M estate [Thanks F.G.]
2220. L'Acade Art / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2219. Microsoft Office / $950K and a free Sony laptop [Thanks F.G.]
2218. Mrs Sophia Simpson / Vittorio Foundation or Foundation de France? [Thanks J.F.]
2217. China Steel Co. Ltd (Mr Li Hu) / Chinese/German bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2216. Mr. Garry Wool / Very brief MSW Lottery $5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2215. Mike Ogwugwu / His secretary has $1.5M for you! [Thanks F.G.]
2214. Barclays Premiership Online Promo / £1.7M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2213. Nnamdi Mbutu / A bank draft for $85 - African/Chinese scam [Thanks F.G.]
2212. Technical Service department / Abbey National phish from Japan
2211. Edward Rutamba / $12.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2210. Columbux Award Department / £786,000.000 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2209. Barrister Den Uzo / A lousy $4.7M for a next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2208. Micheal Morrison / Bogus job offer from Morrison PLC [Thanks D.M.]
2207. Mr Yenz Zhao / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2206. Mrs Dolly Rice / Who wants to move $20M out of Holland [Thanks F.G.]
2205. Xinghui Glass Co.Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2204. Mrs.Sarah Baxter / £500K bogus Yahoo lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2203. Online Co-ordinator / £750K bogus National Lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2202. Aha Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2201. Mr. Timinskiy Vladimir / $100.5M Yukos oil scam [Thanks D.M.]
2200. Malam Sadiq Alman / Swift ATM card scam [Thanks J.A.]
2199. Nokia Mobile Promo / £95K and a free phone [Thanks F.G.]
2198. Lawton Arts / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.F.]
2197. Mr Tom Bello / $5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2196. Mr. Francois Edouard / $850K from the French Catholic Church [Thanks J.F.]
2195. Uk Volkswagen Automobiles / £450,000.00 and a VW Car [Thanks J.F.]
2194. Itochu Export Company Japan / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.F.]
2193. British International Lottery / £2.5M bogus win [Thanks J.F.]
2192. Mr. H.I. Dankwambo / He's got some cash for you but he ain't saying how much [Thanks J.F.]
2191. Mr. Robin Benson / Thank you and here's $800K [Thanks J.F.]
2190. UK National Lottery / £500K & £1M bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
2189. Tony Adams / T&N Fabrics bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2188. Barrister David Brown / $7.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2187. Barr. Hill John / Pay $96 to get a $950K bank draft! [Thanks F.G.]
2186. Mrs. Finela Williams / Star Mega Bucks Award Department £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2185. Esther Richard / $15.5M in Ivory Coast [Thanks F.G.]
2184. MarK Smith / Wuxi Wanli Chemical and Hydraulic Co. Ltd. bogus job [Thanks F.G.]
2183. Mr Jerry Wilkie / Bogus job offer from Jerry Wilkie & Sons Ltd. [Thanks F.G.]
2182. Mr.Richard Collis / Bogus job offer from Alfa Oil and Gas [Thanks F.G.]
2181. PayPal / Latest format phish [Thanks F.G.]
2180. Western Union Money Transfer / Payment scam $375 sting [Thanks J.F.]
2179. Church of Christ, England / Religious loan sharks! [Thanks J.F.]
2178. Mr. Jorge Padilla / $35,520,000 next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.F.]
2177. Microsoft Corporation World Lottery / £5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2176. Lawton Arts / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2175. David Bowie / Bogus job offer from "BOWIEART" [Thanks F.G.]
2174. The E-Lottery Company / £546,480.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2173. Archideco Design Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2172. Global Trader Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2171. Akira Hachiro / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2170. Leather Place Co. Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2169. The Camelot Group / £891,934.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks B.C.]
2168. Dejane Dejanjee / $10.54M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2167. Citibank Support Department / Latest phishing format [Thanks H.S.]
2166. Monster / Latest identity theft/phishing format [Thanks H.S.]
2165. Mr. Chris Eastman / Banker from Ghana with $7M scam [Thanks R.H.]
2164. David Mark / Swift ATM card payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
2163. Lloyds TSB Online © / Latest phish episode [Thanks R.H.]
2162. Richard Opene / Who has ₤10.2M in a European bank [Thanks R.H.]
2161. Ecowas Donation / $750K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2160. Mr Anslem Igwe / Who has $22M to invest [Thanks F.G.]
2159. Engr. Wale William / $6.5M Italian/Sudanese contract scam [Thanks F.G.]
2158. Xanga Web Lottery / £3M bogus British lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2157. Barrister Yusufu Haji / Pay $85, get $850,000!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2156. Groopman, John / €1M Google Lottery International win [Thanks F.G.]
2155. Dr.Musa Taofeek Esq / Italian/Nigerian $10.5M contract scam [Thanks F.G.]
2154. Coca-Cola Lottery Promotions / $450K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2153. Central Bank Of Nigeria / Prof. Charles Soludo is at it again [Thanks F.G.]
2152. EUROMILLIONS INT / £1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2151. Peter Chukwu / Give $95 to Global Express and get 1.5M!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2150. Mr.Paul Lockett / Infinity Consultants partner with next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2149. Chris Young (Mr.) / Bogus Chinese job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2148. Corporal donald Payne / Has $12.9M Iraq loot but stuck in the Tower of London [Thanks F.G.]
2147. British Tobacco / $5M bogus promotion win [Thanks F.G.]
2146. Samu Wazi / A huge amount of money in a trunk box [Thanks F.G.]
2145. Swift Trust Finance Ltd / £800K from UK Computer Lottery Organization [Thanks F.G.]
2144. Dr Robert Crawford / Canadian bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2143. Mr. Lee Fouh / Bogus job offer from CMEC HUBEI CO. [Thanks F.G.]
2142. Jerry David / Bogus job offer from London/Birmingham (England) [Thanks T.S.]
2141. Draper Investment Company LLC / Bogus job offer from Liechtenstein [Thanks H.S.]
2140. Ballor Ventures Ltd / Bogus British job from Canada [Thanks F.G.]
2139. Mr Emmanuel Kofi / $12M of dead dictators' loot [Thanks F.G.]
2138. Mr. Song Li le / $19.5M in Hong Kong branch of Hang Seng Bank [Thanks F.G.]
2137. Mr.Frank Edward / "International Monitary Fund" ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2136. Belgium Euro Million Lottery / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2135. Chinese Meturological Company / Chinese/Maldives bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2134. Mr Kasmir Azrim / Bent business project related to Daily Telegraph article [Thanks F.G.]
2133. Garry Butler / Toyota Online Car Award Promotions - £150K & a car [Thanks F.G.]
2132. Australia Lotto Lottery Inc. / $1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2131. Citi Bank Service / Latest phish format [Thanks D.J.]
2130. Mike George / $13.5M next-of-kin scam [Thanks S.G.]
2129. Thüringen Lotto / €1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2128. Kelveen Winter Coats / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2127. Trend Exporters / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2126. African Arts International / Bogus job offer from Senegal via Portugal [Thanks D.J.]
2125. Delivery Notice / $500 Walmart gift card scam [Thanks A.K.]
2124. Free Lotto Sweepstakes / £500k bogus win [Thanks A.K.]
2123. Mrs. Stella Hill / 15,000,000.00 in escrow with HSBC (Liverpool) [Thanks A.K.]
2122. MasterCard / Microsoft Mega Jackpot / £6.6M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2121. International Promotion / £850K Xmas Lottery Win!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2120. Yahoo/Msn Lottery / Two £500K bogus wins, one botched by the sender [Thanks F.G.]
2119. Prize Award / $1M bogus lottery win [Thanks R.H.]
2118. Italian Lottery / $1,850,000.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2117. Oxford International Lottery / £1,000.000.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2116. Mr Larry Adams / Bogus part-time job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2115. Alan David / A novella about a $6M next-of-kin scam [Thanks P.L.]
2114. Kelvin Bright / Bogus part-time job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2113. Senate House / Polish/Nigerian contract payment scam [Thanks F.G.]
2112. Microsoft Corporation / £1M & £600K bogus lottery wins [Thanks F.G.]
2111. (CSGT) (Hongkong) Ltd. / Italian/Chinese/German bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2110. Irish Lottery / £800K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2109. Fred Smith / Polish/Nigerian/Indian ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
2108. Thunderball Lottery / Brief £250K win, longer £750K win [Thanks F.G.]
2107. UK National Lottery / Bogus wins of £516,778, £4.6M, £753,437, £850K [Thanks F.G.]
2106. Mrs.Elizabeth Grose / $1M from Ecowas Donations Lottery 2007 [Thanks F.G.]
2105. Yahoo Promotions / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2104. Chantal Kouakou / $10.5M in Ivory Coast scam (in French with translation) [Thanks J.A.]
2103. Barrister Mdoran / Swift ATM card scam + sting [Thanks J.B.]
2102. Citizens bank / Latest format of phish [Thanks H.S.]
2101. Nationwide / Latest format of phish [Thanks R.H.]

Received in September
2100. Halifax Bank Plc / Latest phishing format [Thanks P.T.]
2099. Wells Fargo / New phishing source [Thanks N.S.]
2098. Abbey National Banking / Latest phish format [Thanks F.G.]
2097. Raphael Gay-Massala Esq. / Unspecified "profitable and risk free transaction" [Thanks F.G.]
2096. Mrs. Marcia Oliveira / $500K from International Online Lottery [Thanks F.G.]
2095. Ecobank plc / The UN is giving scam victims $150K! [Thanks F.G.]
2094. / €870.812,79 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2093. British International Lottery Board / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2092. william hammound / The Uk National Lottery / £950K 'win' [Thanks E.B.]
2091. Britih Charity Lottery / Very brief £1000,000 'win' [Thanks D.J.]
2090. Tricia Gibbs / E- Lottery Jackpot Promotional Lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
2089. Ingka Foundationn / A pair of $2M grants! Wow!!! [Thanks N.S.]
2088. Muhammed Mussa / $18M in Burkina Faso [Thanks N.S.]
2087. Mrs Salimata Rasheedy / "Auditor/Computing manager in a Bank" with $10.5M [Thanks N.S.]
2086. Themba Zuma / $18.5M 're-profiling' scam [Thanks E.B.]
2085. Barrister Hill John / His secretary has $1.5M for you! [Thanks E.B.]
2084. Paul. M.J. Numvette / $26M in South Africa for next-of-kin scam [Thanks E.B.]
2083. United Kingdom Promo Lottery / $820K bogus win [Thanks E.B.]
2082. Mr. Khumalo James / Who has ripped off $25.5M in South Africa [Thanks E.B.]
2081. Kevin Theron / $18M in South Africa [Thanks E.B.]
2080. Rose Guei / $18.5M deposited in Abidjan [Thanks E.B.]
2079. Yahoo / £820K bogus lottery win [Thanks E.B.]
2078. Charles Elims / His secretary has some cash for you [Thanks E.B.]
2077. thunder ball / £1.5M bogus UK National Lottery win [Thanks E.B.]
2076. Prince Frank Tajah / $9M in South Africa from Zimbabwe [Thanks E.B.]
2075. International Award Lottery / £500 bogus win [Thanks E.B.]
2074. World Bank Group & UNO / $8.3M payout [Thanks F.G.]
2073. Euro Million Loteria / €987,248.26.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2072. Camelot Prime Promotions / £550K bogus lottery win [Thanks D.M.]
2071. John Williams / Bogus job offer [Thanks D.J.]
2070. Sweepstakes International / £2,532,137 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2069. Leroy T. Brown ESQ / The Estate Of George Brumley next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2068. Yorkshire Investments plc / Has £6M for you! [Thanks F.G.]
2067. Dr.Nicholas Adams / $22.1M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.A.]
2066. Carie Textiles Fabrics Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2065. Mr. Chen Guangyuan / Hong Kong Banker with $17.3M proposal [Thanks F.G.]
2064. Anthony Di Iorio / London Deutsche Bank employee with $30M [Thanks F.G.]
2063. Camelot Games / £100,983.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2062. Mrs. Esther Usman / $3M for you if you're not dead! [Thanks F.G.]
2061. Wingas GmbH / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2060. Mr Morgan Brown / African banker with $20M to move [Thanks J.A.]
2059. Financial Crime Commission (Reports) / Scamp phone call spam/scam [Thanks F.G.]
2058. / Emma Thompson is holding £6M for 1 week![Thanks F.G.]
2057. Italian National Superenalotto / 2 x €1.5M & €500K bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
2056. Brodies LLP Law Firm / Barrister John Brown has $7.1M for you! [Thanks F.G.]
2055. Mr Oluremi George / Nigerian banker with $18M loot [Thanks F.G.]
2054. Association Of European Charity Foundations / Bogus grant [Thanks D.J.]
2053. Service Update / Latest PayPal phish [Thanks H.T.]
2052. Barclays Bank PLC / [Thanks H.T.]
2051. Citigroup Online Support / Latest Citibank phish format [Thanks H.T.]
2050. BMW Awareness Promotion / £1.5M and a free car! + £500K [Thanks F.G.]
2049. Catherine Nola / UK National lottery claim verification form (alleged) [Thanks N.S.]
2048. Acculotto Claims Unit Department / The Sting! (see also 2019) [Thanks N.S.]
2047. Mustapha Ahmed / $7.2M Burkina Faso next-of-kin scam [Thanks N.S.]
2046. Mr. Mikhail Dzyuban / £500K bogus Yahoo email lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2045. E-Commerce Foundation International / $2.8M bogus sweepstake payout [Thanks S.G.]
2044. Mr. Patrick Estme / Dodgy investment offer, $20M going [Thanks F.G.]
2043. Online Promotions-2007 / $917,956.00 bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
2042. Antonio Hewitt / Bogus job offer from Local Acade Art Work, UK [Thanks F.G.]
2041. Enyo Global Trading / Bogus job offer
2040. The Scottish Lottery / Hong Kong scam, no prize amount stated [Thanks F.G.]
2039. 2007 Toyota Lottery Promotion / £600K & a free car! [Thanks F.G.]
2038. MasterCard/ Microsoft International Mega Jackpot / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2037. Oceanic Merchant Lending House / Anglo-German dodgy loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
2036. Tong Li / Taiwan banker with quickie business proposition [Thanks F.G.]
2035. Edwin Fong / of Maybank Hong Kong has a next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2034. Royal Heritage Mega Jackpot Lottery / £5.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2033. The Camelot Group PLC / £891,934.00 bogus win [Thanks B.D.]
2032. John C C Chan / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2031. Mr. Shin Liu / Fairland Industry Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2030. Irish National Lottery / Camelot Group / 2 quick lottery scams [Thanks F.G.]
2029. Mrs Sandra Jones / Danish/Italian scammers want to give you $200K [Thanks F.G.]
2028. Sam Obi / $17.5M in Togo – A scam in French [Thanks J.A.]
2027. Agent Matt Dillon / The Pepsi Company €1.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks J.R.]
2026. Yahoo! Promotions / £500K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
2025. 2007 Online Game Promo / Very quick £2,532,137 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2024. Kris Cuberson / Rose Household Textiles Ltd bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2023. Speedlotto Awards / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2022. Barrister Frank Umar / Pay a $95 courier fee, collect $850,000!!! [Thanks F.G.]
2021. British Web Lottery / Free Lotto Awards / 2 lotteries with lots in common [Thanks F.G.]
2020. Free Lotto Sweepstakes / Courier company details [Thanks N.S.]
2019. International / £500K bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
2018. Trans-European Lottery International / £700K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2017. 2007 Free Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
2016. Honda Car International Promotion Program / No details, claim now [Thanks F.G.]
2015. Association Of European Charity Foundations / $2M donation! [Thanks F.G.]
2014. Mr Jon Chin / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
2013. Mrs. Sara Faraj- ALRUSHAID-Thomas / Dying, has $9.5M [Thanks D.J.]
2012. Dutchux Consultants / Very coy next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
2011. YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC / £500K & £600K wins [Thanks S.G./F.G.]
2010. Mr Tony Brown / South African security company spiv with dosh [Thanks F.G.]
2009. Öcalan Hamad / Allegedly cancered Kurdish bloke with PKK cash [Thanks F.G.]
2008. Mark Bello / His secretary has $800K for you [Thanks F.G.]
2007. Global Trust Management / Bogus job offer [Thanks P.T.]
2006. Citizens Bank / Latest format of phish [Thanks H.T.]
2005. Natwest Bank United Kingdom'07 / Latest format of phish [Thanks H.T.]
2004. Royal Bank of Scotland / Latest format of phish [Thanks H.T.]
2003. Halifax plc / Latest format of phish [Thanks R.H.]
2002. Lloyds TSB Bank plc / Latest format of phish [Thanks R.H.]
2001. Egg Bank / Latest format of phish [Thanks R.H.]
2000. Microsoft U-K Online Lottery / $7M bogus win [Thanks C.W.]
1999. Mrs Larisa Sosnitskaya / $46M Yukos scam [Thanks D.J.]
1998. CMEC HUBEI Co Ltd / Uawithya Machinery Co.,Ltd / Bogus jobs [Thanks F.G.]
1997. Electronic British Online Grant / $5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1996. Mr. Victor Achums / Who has £25.5M from kickbacks to invest [Thanks J.C.]
1995. Barrister Roy W. Snyder / You've been left £4.6M!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1994. Senate House / Polish/Nigerian $4.5M ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
1993. Yahoo Internet Lottery / £600K and £500K bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
1992. Winx Lotto International / €1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1991. Pounds Millionaire Lottery / £1M payable from Georgia [Thanks F.G.]
1990. Absa Bank Of South Africa / $35M next-of-kin scam [Thanks J.A.]
1989. City Lotto / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1988. Steven Kenneth / Who has $15M for immediate delivery! [Thanks F.G.]
1987. Mr. Adams Diallo / Who has $29M loot in Senegal [Thanks D.J.]
1986. Ecowas Donation Lottery / $750K & $1M bogus donations [Thanks F.G.]
1985. Compensation Head Office / £250K/$500K giveaways!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1984. Jartey Bosman / $2.68M scammed cash in Ghana [Thanks F.G.]
1983. Microsoft World Internet Programms 2007® / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1982. Sinopec Export Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1981. UK National Lottery / £800K, £1.6M, £2M & £4M bogus wins [Thanks F.G./N.S.]
1980. Fredric Allen / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1979. 2007 Online Winning Notification / €2.5M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1978. Richard Opene / Who wants to hear from you (see also Case #1606) [Thanks R.H.]
1977. Norris Tompkins / Bogus job from Capital Ltd. [Thanks P.T.]
1976. CUnet APEX ACH / Latest format of phish
1975. The Co-operative Bank p.l.c. / Latest format of phish
1974. Citizens Bank / Latest format of phish
1973. General Consulting Technologies / Bogus job offer
1972. Ricardo Mbasogo / Son of Pres. of Equatorial Guinea, has $250M loot [Thanks D.J.]
1971. Euro Million Loteria / €987,248.26.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1970. Dr. Mark Jones / Who wants to give $500K on top of $2.5M [Thanks F.G.]
1969. Microsoft International Online Promotion / $750K & a laptop [Thanks F.G.]
1968. Abbey UK / Different phisching idea [Thanks L.F.]
1967. Elizabeth Baker / Who's giving away $100K!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1966. Lady Hughes / Widow in Germany with lots of dosh [Thanks F.G.]
1965. UK Thunderball E-Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1964. Free Lottery Sweepstake / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1963. British National Lottery / £250K bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1962. 2007 Free Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1961. Premium Finance / Bogus job offer [Thanks J.F.]
1960. Mr. Steven Lee / "Bank director" with $10M scam [Thanks F.G.]
1959. Mrs Linda E Cole / Kent & Co WorldWide Textile bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1958. Ecowas Donation Lottery / $750K bogus hand-out [Thanks F.G.]
1957. Shanghai Kingstronic Import and Export Co,Ltd / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1956. Abubakar Sadiq / Dying bloke with dosh [Thanks F.G.]
1955. Acculotto International / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1954. Dr. Daniel Watac / Mr Usman Shamsuddeen / 2 Swift card scams [Thanks F.G.]
1953. Ola Jones / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1952. RM Integration Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1951. Luckyday Lotto / €850K bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1950. Dr.Okpochengene / $1.5M coming your way in a box! [Thanks F.G.]
1949. Bob Howard / Fabrices Martin Enterprises bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1948. John Smith / Unspecified draw 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
1947. Phoenix International Co. UK / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1946. U.K. National Lottery / £2M in bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
1945. Microsoft Lottery Program / £1M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1944. Fondation Di Vittorio / Chakilam Dusyhyanth is Italian??? [Thanks E.R. & F.G.]
1943. Dr Bek Shaimerdenov / $10.5M Qatar Asia Games scam [Thanks J.C.]
1942. Mr. Johnnth Adavis / South African $18M dead account scam [Thanks A.B.]
1941. Alexander Shannin / $86M Russian political scam [Thanks D.J.]
1940. Internet User Lottery Prize® / $2.5M bogus win [Thanks T.W.]
1939. Mrs Sarah Baxter / Dying widow with "a huge sum of money" [Thanks F.G.]
1938. Ricoh Japan / Yet another bogus job offer [Thanks ]
1937. MicroSoft ® Award Team / £1M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1936. Free Lottery Promotion / £1.8M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1935. Shen Cheung Industrial Co. Ltd. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1934. Senate House, Nigeria / Nigerian/Polish/French Swift card scam [Thanks F.G.]
1933. Costa Coffee Exports Co. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1932. Dr Walter Erich Farkas / Scam by the M.D. of the Swiss Bank, Zurich [Thanks F.G.]
1931. World Internet Programs® / $500K bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1930. A B Solarin / £8.2M Falkland Islands scam [Thanks F.G.]
1929. Jerry Powen Financial Investment / Another loan shark [Thanks F.G.]
1928. Santex Exporters / Bogus job offer from alleged Brit in France [Thanks F.G.]
1927. Internet Fraud Fighters / Where to complain about Nigerian fraud [Thanks F.G.]
1926. Lottery Claim Notification !!! / $1M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]
1925. The Camelot Group / Two huge but totally bogus wins [Thanks F.G.]
1924. Mr. Hugo Vigo / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1923. Royal Bank of Scotland / 2 closely similar phishes
1922. PayPal Support / 3 current varieties of phish
1921. Regal Finance plc / $850K "Ireland lottery" 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
1920. Nigeria Free Lotto International / $450,500.00 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
1919. Dr Emeka Okon / $25M investment scam [Thanks F.G.]
1918. NatWest Internet Bank / New phishing format [Thanks J.R.]
1917. Zenith Bank / Swift ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
1916. Mrs. Marcia Oliveira / Who has $500K for you [Thanks F.G.]
1915. Patrick Linz & Associates / You have been left $7.1M!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1914. Snell Williams / Another loan shark's pitch [Thanks F.G.]
1913. Mrs. Larisa Sosnitskaya / $46M Yukos scam [Thanks L.F.]
1912. Nene Kwam / $30M next of kin scam [Thanks L.F.]
1911. Dr Philip Edoziem / $7.5M on top of the $5M already received [Thanks L.F.]
1910. Microsoft Award Team / £2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1909. MTV Networks Sweepstake / $550,774.89 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1908. Edward Martin / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1907. Toyota Car Promotions / £150K and a new car [Thanks F.G.]
1906. Yahoo/ Microsoft / $500K foundation award [Thanks F.G.]
1905. Euro Million Loteria / €987,248.26.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1904. Raymond Danta / Who has 8.12M to invest [Thanks F.G.]
1903. United Nation / They want to give you $8.3M!!! [Thanks J.R.]
1902. Mr. Collins Dave / Invest $150 to get $800K!!![Thanks F.G.]
1901. Miss Lilian Yormie / Who has $18M in 'a bank' [Thanks J.C.]
1900. Surff Lottry Award / $2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks F.G.]
1899. Mr Henrik Wilson / Who wants to give you $100K [Thanks F.G.]
1898. Alexander Shannin / Spanish Russian with a Yukos scam [Thanks F.G.]
1897. Powerball Lottery / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1896. Payment office of employment / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1895. Mr. Mathew Eze / $1M for being scammed by a Nigerian [Thanks L.F.]
1894. Micheal Davies / Investment opportunity [Thanks F.G.]
1893. Hamad Ocalan / Rich dying Turk + unexpected bonus [Thanks F.G.]
1892. Glen Adams / £12.4M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1891. Kenneth Tyler & Associates / A $13.1M inheritance!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1890. Shell Lottery London / £500K bogus win [Thanks N.S.]
1889. Dayzers Lottery / €1.5M Dutch bogus win [Thanks ]
1888. Daniel Lee / Chinese Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1887. / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1886. Mrs. Rita Gilbert / Mrs. Marie Jones / Dying widows with lots of loot [Thanks F.G.]
1885. Mrs. Jane Phillips / S$950.215.00 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1884. Deaconess Rosilyn Dyer / Widow, not dying(!) with £8M [Thanks F.G.]
1883. Mrs Maureen Haughey / Former Teashop's widow with a scam? [Thanks F.G.]
1882. Frank Wilson / $15M next-of-kin scam [Thanks D.J.]
1881. Robin Nations / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1880. Mr Moris William / He has £12.5M floating in his bank [Thanks F.G. & S.T.]
1879. Tasaki-Shinju Manufacturing Co. Ltd / [Thanks ]
1878. Toyota Car Promotions / £600K & a car bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1877. Coventry Lottery Promotions / £2M bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1876. Stanley Butts / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1875. Mr. Randy Ford / Mr. 1853 has changes his first name [Thanks F.G.]
1874. Foundazion Di Vittori / $750K & $1M pay outs! [Thanks S.G. & F.G.]
1873. Final-Notice / Mobile phone scam [Thanks S.G.]
1872. Guarantee Trust Lottery / €2.5M bogus lottery win [Thanks D.J.]
1871. Mr Pius Okoye / SWIFT ATM card scam [Thanks F.G.]
1870. Stephen Scott / £15.6M inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
1869. Leather Planet Co. Limited / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1868. Mrs. Jessica Williams / who has £5M 'in Europe' [Thanks D.J.]
1867. UK Microsoft Jackpot Lottery / £850 bogus win [Thanks S.T.]
1866. Alabi Smith / $19.72M inheritance which you're ignoring scam [Thanks F.G.]
1865. Free Lotto Awards!!! / £500K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1864. Mr.William Smith / David Mark / Quickie scams [Thanks F.G.]
1863. Bank Of England / A totally brillian scam!!! [Thanks F.G.]
1862. UK National Lottery / £100,983 bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1861. Xenex Nav. Inc / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1860. Electronic British Online Grant / $5M bogus win [Thanks D.J.]
1859. Coca-Cola Lottery Promotions / $450K bogus win [Thanks F.G.]
1858. Patrick Chan / Business proposal (see also 1697, 1637, 1401, 1333) [Thanks F.G.]
1857. Benxi Iron and Steel Company / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1856. Danielle Cordeau / Another loan shark EXTENDED [Thanks F.G.]
1855. MasterCard® / Microsoft® Mega Jackpot / £1.6M 'win' [Thanks F.G.]
1854. Osaki Godier Electronics / Mr. Lee Chen / Quickie bogus job offers [Thanks F.G.]
1853. Mr William Ford / Loan shark looking for prey [Thanks F.G.]
1852. Skye Bank Nigeria plc / $15.5M Inheritance scam [Thanks F.G.]
1851. Schmidt Soren Lassen / £6.55M next-of-kin scam [Thanks F.G.]
1850. Danny Webber / Bogus job offer [Thanks F.G.]
1849. Harvey Investment Company / [Thanks H.T.]
1848. UK National Lottery / £ 1.5M bogus win [Thanks S.G.]

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