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A recycled Merry Xmas & a Guid New Year
to all our readers and two fingers to miserable multiculturalists, dastardly diversifiers and all other Xmas denyers. BFN would like to thank all who contributed to the 2015 issues and we hope to hear from you again, and your friends, in 2016!


The last thing we need at Xmas is Christian propaganda
The cinema advertising agency DCM has refused to accept an advert made by featuring a nativity scene. The Church of England is officially "astonished" that it was considered to be too religious and in breach of the DCM code of standards.


More bad news for largies
A Swedish study has found that the notion of being fat and fit and healthy is just a delusion despite years of propaganda to the contrary. Slim and inactive people live longer than those who are fat and fit.


global warming sloganHow many Global Warming Swindlers does it take
to screw in a light bulb?

Some 40,000 of them; scroungers and hangers-on from 190 countries; gathered in Paris at the beginning of the month for a 12-day conference on how to perpetuate the Great Man-Made Global Warming Swindle. Which added 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which they so piously claim to protect. But no doubt the plants in the southern hemisphere summer will appreciate it. The whole cost of the junket, with £300 dinners common for all, is expected to be around £750 million. Pity the Islamic Scumbags couldn't have waited for some deserving targets.

global warming sloganSwindlers out in force
Environment Sec. L. Truss and that noted climatologist J. Corbyn are both claiming that the heavy rains that drowned Lancashire, Cumbria and parts of Scotland at the start of this month were due to global warming rather than normal British climate fluctuations. The implication being, naturally, that they can do something about extreme weather – which is why they're called GW Swindlers.
   How curious that Dame J. Sligo [of the pantomime variety? Ed.], the honcha of the Met Office, is claiming hysterically that the rain in Cumbria broke the 24-hour record when the Met Office's own records show it didn't.

black squareSupermarkets selling petrol at less than £1/litre will encourage people to drive more and melt the polar ice caps and kill off the polar bear. You bastards!!!

black square Do you have a gas fire? A gas cooker? Gas central heating? They're all scheduled to be banned if the Global Warming Swindlers get their way.

global warming sloganSwindlers outed yet again
Volkswagen cheating in emissions tests comes as no surprise as all aspects of the Great Global Warming Swindle are full of scams. Like halogen light bulbs, which have replaced some of the incandescent bulbs banned by the EU on bogus planet-saving grounds.
   Compact Fluorescent Lamps had their ratings overstated to pretend that an 11 Watt CFL is the equivalent of a 60W incandescent bulb instead of a 40W incandescent. Similarly, the power consumption of halogen bulbs is understated on the pack by up to 25%. The EU is not bovvered by any of this.

global warming sloganYork flooded by Environment Agency. Whose side are they on?
The evidence of the year-end is that if there are bad choices to be made, the government (of any complexion) will make them. If there is something that needs doing, the government will waste money on its cosmetic stuff and fail to spend it on anything useful. Thus we get decisions like not building adequate flood defences and opening the ones that are there, causing millions of pounds of damage to the city of York, which the taxpayer will have to cough up for.
black blobThe government pours millions into the EU's disaster fund; how come no one is demanding cash for repairing some of the damage caused by our floods?

global warming sloganWhen you think about it, the words don't add up
If the government really bought the Great Global Warming Swindle, it knew that there would be more examples of extreme weather and more flooding. And yet the government chose to do nothing about it. Less than nothing, in fact – the budget for flood defences was cut. Doesn't this amount to criminal neglect in a public office?


The EU, better out than inCameron signals end of Britain in EU
Following the collapse of his attempts to get a better deal for Britain, the prime minister has announced that he believes that the best future for Britain is in a reformed EU.
   As the EU has let the world know that reform just isn't going to happen, the PM's message is clear: namely, that Britain has no option but to leave the present EU and, perhaps, rejoin after its ramshackle structure has been rebuilt on sounder, more democratic lines with less scope for corruption.
   As a further sign that he sees no point in further negotiations with the EU, David Cameron is now pressing for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU as soon as possible, namely in July 2016, with a Brexit to follow immediately.

The EU, better out than inAnother European Swindle
The European Commission is preparing to waste millions of taxpayers' cash in a propaganda blitz in the run-up to the referendum on leaving the EU. Campaigns based in the UK have limits on the amount of money that they can spend. This doesn't apply to the EU, of course, which is desperate not to lose one of the few countries which actually make a positive contribution to the budget.

Crime News

Give us dosh!
A tuna fisherman and another man survived a shipwreck in a storm of Mexico in 2012. Ezequiel Cordoba died on their small boat and Jose Alvarenga spent 438 days living on raw fish and sea birds before washing up at the Marshall Islands in January 2014. He wrote a book about his ordeal, called 438 Days, and suddenly, the family of the late Señor Cordoba was demanding $1,000,000, claiming that Señor Alvarenga is a cannibal. Quite how they intend to prove their case remains a mystery, as there isn't much CCTV covering the vast, empty spaces of the Pacific Ocean.
black blobThe cannibalism accusation surfaced after Señor Alvarenga declined to give 50% of his royalties to the Cordoba family.

Crime does pay
The police in England and Wales fail to identify a suspect in 49% of the crimes that they choose not to ignore. Only 15% of investigations result in a charge or a summons.

Home News
UK Flag

black squareThe problem of Chief Medical Officers and other government fatcats making stupid comments about their personal obsessions is as serious as terrorism.

Hate for the sake of it
How Orwell it is that the Stop The War gang, which includes Labour's bookmark leader among its alumni, is busy waging war against Britain in the hope of turning our country into a sorry communist paradise. If they hate us so much, why don't they just bugger off somewhere else?

black square Attention those in charge of those striving for a Brexit from the EU: do us all a favour and keep Cameron out of your campaign.

Opacity, Opacity, Opacity
MPs are trying to ensure that if one of their number is arrested, the news will be concealed. The object is twofold: to prevent further loss of respect for the inmates of the House of Common Criminals and to ensure that potential witnesses do not have the opportunity to offer their evidence.

Corbyn on the march
The big plan for the 2020 general election is to absorb the Green party as a piece of the strategy for smuggling his supporters into the Labour party by the back door. It will be interesting to see if Red Jezzer is still pretending to be Right Hon. then.

world news

Health hazard no longer
A Japanese firm has come up with an antidote to all those germ-laden devices that people lug around – a portable phone which is waterproof enough to be dunked and washed in soapy water.

Two FIFA vice presidents, A. Napoul and A Howit, have been banned from football following their arrests in Switzerland on charges of bribery and racketeering. Even worse, prosecutors in the US are also after them for financial crimes.
black bullet Investigators in the US have now charged 27 FIFA officials with corruption offences.

black square The Repubelican Party in the US is facing its own Corbyn Equivalent Nightmare – the spectre of Donald Trump becoming its presidential candidate. Especially if he keeps coming up with policies like banning all Moslems from the US until someone has figured out what the hell is going on in the Middle East.

black squareMore trouble for D. Trump: he dared to point out that more British Moslems have joined the Islamic Scumbags in Syria than have become members of the UK's armed forces. And his data came from a British Labour MP.

Festive Filler
Aftenposten, Norway's largest newspaper, published an obit for Santa Clause this month, giving his age as 227. The information has been dismissed as valueless by Het Klausthing, the North Pole's official website.

More of our money down the drain
What else are the Indians planning to spend the cash presented to them by Dave's Overseas Aid Bonanza? Answer: super-fast bullet trains. That's in addition to their space programme, of course. Who does Dave think he is? Santa Clause?

Another festive Filler
The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has ruled that setting a minimum price for alcohol would be illegal under the rules for free movement of goods. The Scottish Gnat government is trying to introduce such a measure to reduce the binge-drinking, which the Scots love so much, and the attendant enormous social costs.


Messing about with statistics
Despite all the propaganda about next year's pension rise being the HUGEST of all time – it's only about three quid, big deal – Britain comes 32nd out of the 34 nations in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development group where pensions are concerned. The average across the group is 63% of average wages for pensioners. Britain's pensioners get just 34% of their nation's average wage.

First the politicians, then the crooks; spot the join
Tony B. Liar (lawyer) gave us a defective 'uman rights act and got the country into illegal wars. The next thing you know, crooked lawyers were costing the country hundreds of millions of pounds with bogus 'uman rights cases involving terrorists and their relatives. But the government (finally) is now saying that it plans to address the problem. Sometime.
   It's probably too much to expect a government which is so heavily involved in it to do anything about the growing range of climate change frauds, which are costing the taxpayer BILLIONs.


Smoke and mirrors
George Osborne is trying to play the New Labour target game. He wants to remove foreign students (200,000/year) from the official migration figures to get them within a couple of miles of the government's target of net migration of 100,000/year. So much for truth and honesty, George.

black square 96% of the postal votes in Oldham went to Labour? A very North Korean endorsement of Kim Corby-un.

"Are you free, Mr. Himmler?"
The Corbynite tendency in the Labour party is working on a "final solution" for the Blairite scum. How fascist can you get!

Public Service Announcement

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black square The world's dream ticket: President Trump of the USA, President Corbyn of England and President Marion Le Pen of France.


He's at it again
By J. Corbyn logic, if Dave the Leader describes him as a friend of terrorists (IRA, Hamas, etc., etc.), he gets the hump and Dave refuses to apologize, that means he holds the moral high ground and Parliament shouldn't vote to join in wasting taxpayers' money on bombing Islamic Scumbags in Syria. Loud cries of "Nurse, he's out of bed again." Come on, Jeremy, you have to do better than that.

Triumph from disaster
Appearances to the contrary, the Commons debate on bombing Syria turned out to be a good thing for Labour's bookmark leader. Even though 66 members of his party "did a Corbyn" and voted against the party line, giving Dave the Leader a 174 vote majority, Corbyn's mouthpiece felt able to claim that he increased his authority over the party.

black square Why does J. Corbyn look hunted when he's wearing a shell suit? Because he's worried the Hawks in his party will take it as an open invitation to start shelling him.

black square Britain has told the Euro Court of 'Uman Rights to get lost and that convicts will not get the vote, no matter what it says. The ECHR has gone looking for someone else to browbeat.

black squareWill the EU ever get to grips with the fact that free movement applies only to people, and definitely not to terrorists, and most certainly not to weapons and bombs? Probably not with the current management.


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Far Queue List

Far Queue symbol Peter the Pious Oborne, who thinks D. Cameron's "ill-judged insult was unworthy of a prime minister". But it's not an insult if it's true, and Corby and his pals do have a track record for cosying up to terrorists, Pete.

Far Queue symbol K. Livingstone, who was all for abolishing the House of Frauds until getting a peerage became the way to sneak him into Corbyn's shadow cabinet by the back door.

Far Queue symbol Helen Mirren, who's gone from national treasure to another attention-seeking Glenda Slag.

Far Queue symbol The Environment Agency – the whole sorry crew, including the boss, who's on holiday in Barbados despite promising to work 6 or 7 days a week, instead of his usual 3, if there were more floods.

Far Queue symbol Labour ditherer Chunky Umuna and his rent-a-gob bad attitude.

Far Queue symbol “Far queue, far queue very much!” – Frank Zappa.

The Far Queue: the traditional parking place for everything "not wanted on voyage".

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