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The Listener

Toby Logan is a paramedic in Toronto and he is also a telepath. He also receives psychic flashes – visions of events which occurred around the people he meets. He grew up in foster homes under an assumed name, and he learns (during the first season) that he has a brother and that his mother, Maya, is still alive.
   At the start, he has kept his talent a secret, believing it to be a curse. Only his mentor, Dr. Ray, knows about it. Oz, his paramedic partner, and his ex-girlfriend Olivia, an E.R. doctor, have no idea that he can read their thoughts.
   Toby decides (after the first episode) that he can serve other people by giving Detective Charlie Marks the benefit of his insights. Which doesn't go down well with other cops.

Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan
Ennis Esmer as Osman "Oz" Bey
Mylene Dinh-Robic as Dr. Olivia Fawcett
Lisa Marcos as Dt. Charlie Marks
Colm Feore as Dr. Ray Mercer
Anthony Lemke as Det. Sgt. Brian Becker

Season 1 – 2009

01. I'm an Adult Now
Paramedic Toby Logan and his partner, Oz, rescue a woman from a burning car. Toby gets a flash telling him that Anna's son has been stolen. He tells Det. Charlie Marks that the woman wasn't in the driver's seat. His mentor, Dr. Ray, warns him to be careful as no one can know he's a telepath with psychic visions.
   The carjacker turns up at the hospital. Toby's pal Dr. Olivia gets on his case when the woman does a runner. Toby remembers his mom telling him his name has been changed to Toby Logan and she was 'possessed by voices'.
   Toby finds a body in the boot of a car; a cop. Toby sees the bad guy at the scene; he's the dead cop's partner and he killed him! Anna buys a gun but falls into the bad guy's clutches. Toby tracks them down. The bad guy goes over a cliff but the kid is saved. At the end, Toby realizes that what he has isn't a curse, it's a gift.

02. Emotional Rescue
Toby & Oz made a bog of an evaluation exercise then Toby got a flash about an apartment building, which exploded in flames. The cops thought that Vince, one of Toby's foster brothers, had blown up his meth lab. Toby knew that the fire was deliberately set, so he had to convince the dumb cops that there was an arsonist around.
   Det. Charlie decided that Toby was the arsonist, so he pointed her at Mr. Wade, the pyro, who said he was innocent. Toby made the fireman who was getting pally with Dr. Olivia his prime suspect. No, he was just guilty about freezing in a fire.
   Toby & Charlie both spotted Kyle of Victim Resource, who jumped out of a window but Toby knew that he had left behind another fire-starting bomb. So everyone, including the fireman who froze, got to be a hero when it went off and the people in the building had to be rescued.

03. A Voice In The Dark
Toby chased a street psycho after getting a flash about a girl being held prisoner somewhere. He found that the girl, Ashley, had been missing for 6 months but Det. Charlie didn't want to know. When Toby chased the psycho again, Oz decided that Toby needed a shrink, but their superior thought that Oz was the nutter, not Toby.
   Ashley was stashed in a storage locker. The psycho dropped a bracelet belonging to her, as confirmed by her mother, proving to the police that Toby was on to something. Dr. Ray found that the psycho wasn't a telepath. Toby had a dream about his mother, a brother and danger. Dr. Ray told him, "Don't go there," as the man who brought Toby to Dr. Ray was very afraid of lots of things.
   Ashley had been kidnapped by the guy running the storage facility and the psycho had been bringing her presents. The bad guy nearly drowned Ashley by sticking a fire hose into her locker and Toby nearly drowned himself releasing her! Det. Charlie got to shoot the kidnapper and Toby told Oz he's a telepath and that's how he knows stuff.

04. Some Kinda Love
Toby met Mina in a club while telling Oz not to announce to the world that he's a telepath. Mina was being harassed by Jason. Next thing you know, Det. Charlie was questioning Toby as a murder suspect. Oz freaked out when a customer, Liz with a peanut allergy, actually wanted a date with him. Toby gave Jason to the police, he got a ride in an ambulance, he wasn't the killer but Det. Charlie didn't want to know.
   Toby had a suspect, but he'd been dead for a month. Mina was a mortuary technician, who had been about to blow the whistle on her boss, Dr. Farrell, for covering up medical blunders and writing false autopsy reports. The police took an interest in Farrell, only for the real killer to confess to Toby.
   It was an accident, Brenda claimed. She'd hit Mina (who'd fallen over and bashed her head) while trying to talk Mina out of exposing Dr. Farrell, whom Brenda thought was a great man.

05. Lisa Says
Toby saved a street kid called Daniel from being drowned in a fountain. Daniel seemed to be involved in an attack on a student called Lisa. Det. Charlie tapped up Ramon, who was getting kids to do break-ins at pharmacies. Toby wasn't convinced that Dan killed Lisa.
   A woman in charge of a refuge told Toby that she had given Lisa a bus ticket to go home, but when Toby tracked down Lisa's mom, she said her daughter was still missing. Shock, horror! Daniel is Lisa!
   So Toby set out to save her from Ramon, who had told one of his gang to kill Dan for attracting too much attention. Ramon was popped after a break-in at a pharmacy. 'Daniel' rejected Mom and opted to stay in Trono. And Oz's musical career went belly up.

06. Foggy Notion
Toby & Oz ran to the sound of gunfire and found 2 dead kids. One, Raymond, was a truck driver who was paying for his blind sister's violin lessons. Toby told Det. Charlie there was more to the shooting than met the eye. Oz crashed the ambulance and the wrong guy was busted. As usual, Det. Charlie didn't want to know she didn't have the killer.
   Someone broke in to Kim's apartment, but stole nothing. Then a Chinese guy told her he wanted some papers. Some mind-reading put Toby on to Mr. Tan, a Chinese big-wheel and people-smuggler.
   One of Tan's stooges told Kim that Raymond had parked a container of illegals somewhere. Toby, Oz & Kim found it first and released the occupants, and Det. Charlie got to bust Tan.

07. Iris
Toby & his partner Oz defused a jumper then they were called to a baby which fell out of a window. They arrived in time to see teenager Iris heal the kid. Iris was being exploited by Uncle Gavin. Toby got a flash which suggests someone was out to kill her. He got himself arrested blocking the guy and he told his mentor, Dr. Ray, that he'd met another telepath in Iris.
   The gunman turned out to be the husband of a woman, whom Iris had failed to fix. He wanted another try but he had no cash so Uncle Gavin said no. Iris couldn't fix the woman and she died. So her husband shot Uncle Gavin. At the end, Toby told Iris, the telepath, that she is not alone.

08. One Way or Another
Toby has a brother but they've been separated forever. He & Oz were sent to an assault case; a woman who wouldn't admit she'd been raped; and Det. Charlie went after Brian, a guy with the same MO, who'd got away with rape on a technicality. Dr. Olivia, meanwhile, got a grumpy former teacher as a patient.
   Toby decided that Brian was innocent, Charlie was kicked off the case, the rapist ran into a female black belt and came off second best, and Charlie rushed to bust Brian. But the bad guy turned out to be Brian's copycat landlord!

09. Inside the Man
Toby & Oz went to a massacre and Toby found a lurking survivor. Dr. Olivia was having sister trouble. Det. Charlie got Toby to probe Andy. He saw 2 home invaders but lied to Charlie when she showed him pictures of them. Then he changed his mind and they were busted. One kid said he was a fence and the other denied murder.
   Who was the guy in the clown make-up, whom Toby saw in Andy's mind? Andy had multiple personalities, Dr. Ray found. Did one of them kill his abusive father, and also his mother when she got in the way? Toby located a tape of the murders and Andy didn't do it.

10. Missing
The Oz family's Turkish restaurant is failing so he expects Toby use his talent to cheat at poker to raise some cash. When that doesn't work, Toby has to go after the reward for the missing wife of a guy who's in gaol for her murder. Toby finds that the son and the business partner are both dodgy. Toby tracks down Gary the goalie, who might be the killer, and he's promptly killed.
   Shock, horror! Katie isn't dead! Det. Charlie shoots Bartolo, the business partner, who seems to be the bad guy, but Toby, after collecting the reward, finds out that her husband was planning to kill Katie but she ran for it before that could happen.

11. Beginning To See The Light
Toby thought a dead customer was a hit man, so he tracked the female target down from the hit-man's picture of her. The deceased turned out to be her father, who stole $4 million electronically. Det. Charlie's boss was sure Lindsay knew where the money was. Dad had been framed and he was on the trail of whoever really stole the money. And shock, horror! Lindsay's mom turned out to be the criminal mastermind!

12. My Sister's Keeper
Toby appeared in court, where Mr. Garvin, a music producer, looked like getting away with murdering a female singer. Toby & Oz also picked up a 1014; an old bloke with amnesia. Toby told Charlie about a bloke having weird thoughts; he turned out to be a photographer who was stalking Lesley.
   His pictures made it look like Lesley committed suidice but her sister framed Garvin. But Toby found that Garvin shot Lesley and made it look like suicide. And the old bloke told Toby he knew his mother, who also had the gift, and Toby's real name is William.

13. The Journey
Frank, the old bloke with amnesia from the previous episode, fished Toby out of a river when Maya, his mom, jumped in with him, and took him to Dr. Ray. And Maya is still alive! A guy calling himself Victor turned up to collect Toby, and he stole Dr. Ray's file on him. Toby told Dr. Olivia that he's a telepath.
   Victor & Det. Charlie shot each other and Charlie's boss threw a wobbly. Frank said Maya was running from Victor, who stole Toby's brother. Victor turned up again and Frank shot him. Then Toby, Oz & Olivia headed for Auburn and found Maya's car, empty, buried in a snow drift.

End of Season 1

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