Year of the Dragon (1985, Mickey Rourke) Murder in New York's Chinatown: a gang boss. Chinese street gangs are killing Italians to set up a protection racket. The boss cops say there are no Triads, just like they pretend there's no Mafia. Newly appointed Det. Captain White, whose wife is fed up, rattles some Chinese cages. There will be no more gangs on the streets, no more bribes paid to the gangs and everyone will obey American laws, he says.
   A Chinese lady TV reporter is getting upset by the Captain's description of her culture when Chinese gangsters shoot up the restaurant, killing lots of people. The Chinese gangsters' income is dropping but up-and-coming Joey has ideas for turning things round. White gets a young Chinese cop as an undercover. More bodies are found in a sordid basement.
   White humiliates Joey, then promises to piss on his grave. His wife chucks all ouf his stuff into the street so he shacks up with the TV reporter and declares war on the Chinese gangsters. They play the race card, of course. Then they put the squeeze on the Italians.
   The wife problem is solved when a Chinese gangster murders her. Joey visits the drug mob in Thailand. The undercover is done in but he tells White the name of the ship bringing in the drugs. White runs riot in Chinatown and batters Joey. The reporter is raped and White is reassigned to Brooklyn. But he goes after Joey and lets Joey shoot himself after making him a loser. And he starts a riot at Joey's excessive funeral.

Year One (2009) is a story of 2 guys who can't hunt or gather, like the rest of the tribe, and are expelled because the pushy one eats the forbidden fruit. Surprise. They find that the world doesn't end beyond the mountains, where common ignorance says it does, and they find themselves in the biblical times of Cain and Abel, and Sodd 'em & Gomorrah. Our heroes have all sorts of jolly fun there. Daft comedy, but it works.

You Only Live Twice (1967, Sean Canary) An American space capsule is snatched out of orbit; by Soviet Russia, according to the Yanks, who are ready to start World War 3. When the Russians lose a capsule, they assume that the Yanks did it. MI6 has Bond killed off after a tracking station shows that something landed in the sea off Japan; which is where Bond ends up.
   SPECTRE hopes to become the dominant force in a post-nuclear holocaust world. They have a base in a volcano, which isn't quite dormant. The head bad guy turns out to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld (a.k.a. Dr. Crippen with a huge facial scar). Natch, Bond frustrates his knavish tricks, the volcano blows up and the world is saved. Until the next super-baddie comes along.

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