Jabberwock (2011) Rain & lightning hatch an egg and a huge flying monster attacks two travellers. Cid manages to evade it and arrives at a village where Alex, the warrior brother of the blacksmith Francis, has just returned. Francis reckons that the Romans tried to exterminate the Jabberwocks. The beast arrives at the village and makes off with a stupid girl. The blacksmith's dying father resumes work on a suit of impenetrable armour.
   Cid manages to wound the beast. Alec is grabbed by the beast and ends up at its lair. Francis decides to scale up his rat-trap. The monster returns and kills Dad after he stabs it. Alec returns with the girl. The dragon trap is less than successful.
   The blacksmith and his brother goes to the lair and Francis chops the beast's head off while his brother smashes the eggs. Natch, dozy Alec misses one of the eggs . . . and the newly hatched monster goes after Cid.

The Jackal (1997) has Bruce 'Wimpy' Willis in the lead of a remake of Frederick Forsyth's The Day of the Jackal moved to the period after Soviet communism collapsed. The MVD, helped by an ancient Sid Poitier of the FBI, went after a Russian gangster and he was killed by a female MVD agent when he resisted arrest. So his brother in Helsinki declared war on the MVD and the FBI. He recruited Bruce 'Wimpy' Willis to go to the United States for a major hit.
   MVD operatives were being killed and the name 'The Jackal' came out of an interrogation. Very little was know about him but an IRA scumbag (Richard Gere with an uncertain Belfast accent) was recruited out of prison and a Basque terrorist, with whom both the scumbag and the Jackal had history, was tracked down for information.
   The target in the US was thought to be the head of the FBI. The Jackal used the guy who built the rig for his fancy gun for target practice; which gave the FBI a lead. The Jackal and the scumbag came face to face at a marina at Chicago. A Russian embassy official in league with the Jackal was busted. Agent Witherspoon of the FBI screwed up and got himself and the female MVD major killed.
   The IRA scumbag decided the target was the First Lady. Mucho shooting with the big gun but no dead First Lady thanks to Mr. Poitier. Jackal & scumbag had another eyeball moment in the Washington Metro system, where the Jackal was shot by both the scumbag's Basque ex-girlfriend and the scumbag himself. The IRA scumbag got away with a cosmetic shoulder wound and Mr. Poitier let him walk at the end.
   Lt. Matheson of the TV series Crusade (q.v.) made a brief appearance as a SWAT guy at the assassination attempt on the First Lady before going on to join the crew of Excalibur.

Jack Hunter: The Lost Treasure of Ugarit (2008) is archaeology with guns and terrorist tactics, and museum curators, who blast the exhibits with a shotgun while shooting at a thief. The bad guys think they have the right to waste anyone who gets between them and the treasure.
   Hunter has to cope with Russian mobsters and a bossy Syrian lady called Nadia when a professor friend is killed, and he feels he has to restore the treasure to the Syrian people, even though their government is sponsoring terrorism.
   Syria is full of Russian Mafia, their allies and other nutters with guns. Hunter & pushy Nadia get stuck up a mountain in a sand storm but made their way into a temple. The treasure turned out to be an energy weapon in the hands of a noisy cult and there was another bit in Egypt. Hunter wrecked the temple with the weapon and the bad guy got away with it. So there must be another episode.

Jack Hunter and the Star of Heaven (2008) Jack Hunter is involved in a big shoot-out when a real bad guy is broken out of custody. The Russian Mr. Litman is given 2 days to retrieve The Eye from Turkey. Jack's government employer sends him there with his old mate Nadia, who used to go out with Fuad, the son of a dealer who sold a box containing The Eye. Jack & Nadia get nothing from the dealer but the Russians go in shooting.
   The guy who bought the box is dead so Jack & the Russians race to find the widow and Jack & Co. are busted by the Turkish police for reckless driving. Jack has to admit to Nadia that he's working for Liz of the NSA, who gets him released. Nadia talks to the widow in a convent, Jack & Co. head for Konya but they fall into a Russian trap.
   Fuad offers Litman a deal to keep Nadia alive. Litman gets The Eye and Fuad gets double-crossed. Jack gets The Eye off Litman but not The Iris, another part of an ancient laser weapon. Fuad makes another deal and ends up dead.
   Litman uses the weapon on his employer and the cavalry sent in by Liz, melting rock with the laser. But a total eclipse of the Sun cuts off the laser's power source. Nadia chucks the weapon into some lava and Jack does the same with Litman. Then everyone left alive goes on holiday.

Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996) is a bit like James Bond with someone along the lines of Sammo Law playing the lead; i.e. lots of stunts and kung fu stuff, and fight sequences calculated to get the audience laughing their heads off. The CIA gets Hong Kong cop Jackie to watch a woman take a trip to Ukraine, where she is lifted by a strike force. Jackie follows her into the snowy wilds.
   Bad guys are buying the guts of a Russian missile. The Militia goes in and gets shot up. Jackie is involved in a snow-chase and he ends up taking a dive into a freezing lake. The FSB rescues him and gets him to look for a Chinese, CIA-trained arms dealer. A trip to Australia in a Russian sub next!
   Jackie meets the bad guy's sister, Annie, who works at an aquarium. Her brother, the bad guy, gets her to hide a bomb in the shark pool. Annie isn't please to learn that Jackie is a cop. The bad guy brother tells Jackie that Gregor, the FSB guy, is his employer, so Jackie quits. So he's framed for murdering Annie's dad. The elder brother gets him out of a major scrap with the younger brother and his allies.
   Annie is grabbed by Gregor to make his deal happen; cue another battle in the streets and in the shark pool. The bad guys shoot up the aquarium, causing a deluge, Jackie pursues them in a stolen car and drives onto their boat, and everything ends with indecent haste, as if a big bit has been chopped out of the film. So cue a selection of bloopers to show that some of the stunts went wrong and Mr. Chan didn't come out of them unscathed at times. Great stuff!

Jackie Chan's The Myth (2005) flits back and forward between 2005 and dreams of the time of the first Chin emperor, when Jackie was a general, who was sent to escort a concubine princess to the new ruler, only to be challenged by a rival general. So lots of battles and comedy. In 2005, Jackie is an archaeologist, whose pal William is involved in researching a myth about weightlessness.
   The pair of them watch a holy man float in mid-air, then William screws everything up by stealing a piece of meteorite, which makes it happen, and upsets the holy man's followers. Cue a huge chase and more dips into the dream. William finds that a grave-robbing archaeologist, who was shopped by Jackie, has been funding his research.
   Jackie finds the real first emperor's tomb under a waterfall, and leads the grave-robber to it. He's looking for an immortality pill, which the first emperor never got because the concubine and a subordinate general took it. Myth and reality collide in a weightless world containing a massive meteorite. And only Jackie gets out alive.

Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder (2007) A lost Vermeer painting, looted by Nazis, is returned to the owner, Miss Blum, who flogs it to a museum in Amsterdam for $150 million. Natch, it's stolen from the gallery in L.A. The local cops get 2 days to recover the painting before the Dutch go to the meeja. A pushy insurance woman, Agnes, turns up and Jane is stuck with her.
   The usual art suspect is harassed. Jane realizes that the thief stashed the painting in the gift shop and it was collected like a normal purchase. The art guy kills the gift shop guy when he gets antsy. The picture is recovered after a $30m ransom is paid. But there's still the matter of the robbery, a murder and the dodgy caterer, Joanne, who's gone and Saxon, the killer, is after her.
   Joanne is found by Det. Frank and a museum guy has a car crash. He authenticated the painting, which is a fake. Agnes is in with Saxon. Jane's weird husband nudges her in the right direction. Miss Blum's father is the faker, he painted over the real Vermeer to hide it from the Nazis, and she still has it.

Jane Doe: How To Fire Your Boss (2007) Agent Frank, Jane's partner, was having flashbacks to Insurgistan. Jane took her husband to a secret agent do and met Laura, an old rival, whose old man was in competition with the CSA boss for a plum job in Washington. Rawley shot Alana, his boss, and claimed he remembered nothing. Jack, Jane's old man, was trying to get a job with a contractor his hissy kids hated.
   Rawley was in Dr. Fox's weird training programme. Alana cut Fox's funding. Jack found that his 13-year-old son was playing poker at a junior gambling den. Jane did Fox's course. Jane busted Fox's red-herring karaoke party. An agent killed his partner; another phone call-triggered death.
   Someone was using Dr. Fox's protocol to kill people who were in Insurgistan but had no memories of it, like Frank and the CSA boss. Jane tracked down Dr. Bennett, the original protocol guy. Agent Judy got the next phone trigger but she was a crap assassin, luckily for Frank.
   The appalling family sank Jack's changes of work from the developer. Jane called a meeting of suspects. Was Phil, the head of the Insurgistant mission the BG? No, it had to be Laura. How very convenient.

Jane Doe: Ties That Bind (2007) A CEO who's been shaking down suppliers is told he'll be shopped to the directors, so he shoots the whistle-blower and dashes off to a church to confess. Agent Jane of the CSA is a mom with 2 teenagers. The mayor of LA and 20 others give Myers an alibi for the shooting, even though he's on CCTV. Myers tells Agents Frank and Jane that dead George was his best friend. But he did sneak out of the restaurant with a woman: a reporter.
   Myers gets bail, kills the reporter and he's back in the church again. An evil twin? Surprise! Myers was adopted and there is a twin, but it's not him. There's an evil triplet! The one who wasn't given up for adoption at the church. David tells Agents Frank and Jane to get lost. The brothers get shuffled during a family reunion; they all happen to be dressed identically, but Agent Jane spots the BG and he's popped.

Jason Bourne (2016) The CIA has been hacked – natch, it has to be that Bourne bloke, who has resurfaced with awkward questions about what his father did with the CIA. He's in Greece, where the peasants are revolting. The CIA tries to bag him and a female contact in all the chaos. Nikki is murdered.
   After his last adventure, the CIA boss is worried about what Bourne will expose next. The chase goes on but Bourne has an ally on the inside tipping him off. Heather reckons he's a patriot and she can bring him in. The CIA boss sabotages Heather to try to get Bourne killed. He messes with fire alarms in London and frustrates the sniper; the guy who killed his father; and learns about the Iron Hand surveillance system.
   Orf to Las Vegas next. Bourne frustrates the CIA's attempt to kill the boss of a software company. Bourne fails to put a bullet in the CIA boss when he catches up with him but the bloke ends up dead anyway.
   Cue some crazy driving when Bourne goes after the boss's killer stooge, who ends up bashed to bitz. Heather gives Bourne his father's medal and invites him back into the CIA. He sez he'll think about it, knowing that she is okay with having him put down if he doesn't play.

Jaws 2 (1978) An underwater photographer's camera captured his fatal encounter with a shark. As before, Amity Island was enjoying its tourists when the diver's boat and the were found. A kid larking about had a near miss with the shark. A water skier and the woman driving her boat weren't so lucky. A chewed orca turned up on the beach. A lady expert wouldn't commit herself. As usual, the mayor didn't want to know about a shark attack.
   Sheriff Brody found the corpse of the woman who had been driving the boat, which she had blown up while fighting the shark. Brody got Mike, his older son, a job ashore to keep him out of his boat then he upset the town council with a false alarm while lurking in his shark tower. The pictures from the diver's camera showed a shark, the town council refused to see it and they sacked Brody.
   Both of Brody's kids went boating. A diver had a near miss with the shark and arrived at the surface with the bends. The shark attacked a sailboat, knocked a kid into the water and ate him. His terrified girlfriend told Brody about the shark. The shark attacked more boats and the stupid kids rammed one another and Mike was almost eaten.
   A helicopter found the kids but the shark ate it! Brody found the sorry-assed survivors but he ran the police launch aground at a lighthouse. He snagged the power cable while messing about and he finished the shark off by feeding it the cable. And highly inflammable it turned out to be!

Jaws 3 (1983) "Welcome to Sea World", which is about to open at a cost of over $34 million. That can't be a shark sneaking into the lagoon? Chomp! Same fate for a couple of kids engaged in minor criminality. The staff, which includes serious marine biologists, discover the shark at 50 minutes in to the TV version. The management wants to kill it on camera as a publicity stunt. The lady head biologist wants to catch and keep the great white because no one else has one. That's not exactly easy.
   Lots of fun & games and spectacular shows when Sea World opens. The shark croaks despite being walked. The body from the first attack is found; killed by the dead shark's mom, is the verdict! She's inside the park! Panic! There's a gang of visitors trapped in an underwater area of the park and the shark barrier is useless. Frantic attempts at repair going on. Chomp! The visitors are being flooded. But Kaboom! Bits of shark everywhere and the world is safe again. Until the next sequel.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012) is another "Jaws" rip-off. A new resort is being built, involving sinking piles into the sea, and the 4th of July holiday is approaching. Two youngsters go for a midnight swim. Chomp! A rich guy chases a wiseguy into the sea. Chomp! The developer is in a jam and his funding could go away. The wiseguy's pals spot a gang of sharks and attack them with fireworks.
   TC decides to go after the pack of sharks, so he steals rich Bradford's boat. The gang blows it up and TC's dad, a cop, won't believe the story about the sharks. TC & Co. decide that the vibrations from the construction work are attracting the albino killer sharks, which can leap out of the water and grab people!!
   Will they stop drilling over the 4th of July weekend? Did they do it in "Jaws"? Body parts everywhere when the sharks turn up in force and all sorts of mayhem. The misfits shoot up the sharks, however, and save the day.

Jekyll and Hyde (1990 TVM) starring Sir Maurice Micklewhite got 2 stars and a diamond in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine. Robert Stevenson must have been revolving in his grave a high speed while this version of his story was showing but the transformation scenes, with Dr. J's hair retracting into his inflating, mobile scalp, are a real hoot! And so is the shock-horror ending!

Jet Stream (2012) A weapon test by the US Military went horribly wrong and sent a huge wave at the US west coast. Steve, a weather guy in Seattle, was seeing weird weather patterns and some anonymous guy was feeding him data. Jack, his boss, was a total moron.
   Steve thought the jet stream had changed and went out to a source of weirdness. A big, black swirl killed his cameraman and nearly did for him. It was collateral damage from Thor's Hammer, a weaponized version of Steve's PhD idea, which had been stolen by his friend Dan, who had got him expelled from the university for plagiarism.
   The next storm bombarded London with 100,000 frozen fish. Dan told the major in charge of the project that he needed Steve's help; he had been sending the data. Madison, Wisconsin, was wiped off the map. The US military kidnapped Steve and he found himself on a plane with his old mate Dan, trying to control the weapon manually.
   The computer learned how to do the job from Steve's efforts and he realized he and Daniel would be killed now. Steve depressurized the plane. Dan, shot by one of the major's goons, made Steve bale out and directed Thor's Hammer at the military base to destroy the weapon.

The Jewel of the Nile (1985) is a daft adventure in which romantic novelist Joan (Kathleen Turner) gets fed up of sailing round the world with Jack (Michael Douglas). She can't finish her current book but she accepts an invitation to go down the Nile and write the life story of Omar, a would-be Middle East dictator. Jack's old partner, Ralph (Danny de Vito), shows up. He's fresh out of gaol and looking for pay-back.
   Jack's boat blows up and a guy who tried to kill Omar says Omar had the bomb planted on the boat. This guy wants Jack to help him find The Jewel of the Nile. Joan learns that Omar isn't as popular as he makes out and ends up a prisoner. Jack & Ralph end up stuck in the desert with a bunch of Arabs with a disco complex. Joan learns that Omar is planning a war and he has hired a special effects guy to create some miracles for him so he can convince his people he's a spiritual leader.
   The Jewel turns out to be a bloke in a cell at Omar's palace! Omar tells Joan that Jack is dead and she had to write what he tells her. Joan and the Jewel escape; and run into Jack & Co. They go for a drive into the desert in Omar's jet fighter, they evade the pursuit and end up in the hands of an African tribe. Jack has to fight their champion for Joan.
   Meanwhile, Ralph has to do some fire-walking. Jack learns that the Jewel is a holy man not an actual jewel. Jack & Co. have fun with Omar's men on the train to Kadir but end up prisoners. Omar puts on his show for the people as Jack & Joan face a plunge into his pit. Ralph rescues them by accident, and they mess up Omar's show and get married.

Joe Kidd (1972, Clint Eastwood) Joe is a ne'er do well and the local Mexicans are revolting against a land-grab by the Yanqui Mr. Harlan. He and his carpet-baggers arrive in town, and Harlan wants to hire Joe Kidd to guide a hunting party of psychopaths. They're after Luis Chama.
   Chama steals some of Joe's horses and shoots the rest, so Joe takes the hunting job. The bad guys kill some Mexicans. Then they take over a town and threaten mass executions if Chama doesn't surrender. Kidd gets the sack so he starts taking out BGs before the planned murder of 5 people the next morning.
   Charma proves he's just another egomaniac who doesn't care how many people he gets killed. Joe takes him into custody and steals a train to batter his way into town. Harlan gets a bit dead. Problem solved. So Kidd punches the sheriff and rides out of town.

Johnny English (2003) features Rowan Atkinson taking the piss out of the Bond films. At first, he is just a desk jockey, who prepares mission documents for Agent One, who is killed in the first 5 minutes. Along with all the other Agents when English is put in charge of security at the funeral. He has to take over One's mission, which he does with al the style and grace of Mr. Bean.
   The newly restored Crown Jewels disappear under English's nose and he bogs up a shoot-out with the thieves. They escape in a hearse and the Aston Martin ends up on a towaway truck, which English and Bought, his assistant, commandeer. Cue a wacky chase, English using a missile to take out a speed camera, and English tracking down the wrong hearse and making a fool of himself at a funeral.
   M. Sauvage, the French restorer, has the Crown Jewels. He reckons he should be King of England and he plans to get a copy of the Archbishop of Canterbury to crown him. English is told not to investigate Sauvage but takes no notice. He keeps running into Miss Campbell, who is a young Mrs. Peel clone. English starts a raid on Sauvage's HQ by parachuting onto the wrong tower block and ends up in disgrace and on 3 months' leave.
   The Queen is forced to abdicate. Miss Campbell takes over from English but recruits him. He enters Sauvage's chateau via the sewage system and sees Sauvage's plan on DVD – to put a fence around Britain when he's king and turn it into the world's biggest prison.
   English's attempts to disrupt the coronation flop but he ends up crowned by accident. So he has Sauvage arrested, reinstates the Queen and cops for a knighthood.

Johnny English Reborn (2011) He was MI7's top agent 5 years ago but took his eye off the ball in Mozambique. He's twatting about in Tibet now, but he's recalled to London even though the Master says he's not ready. His boss, Pegasus, is one of the shoulder-chippy wimmin. Off to the Q dept with Simon, then to Honk Kong with a native bearer, Tucker. Vortex is planning to kill the Chinese president.
   English applies some wisdom to a chase but The Key is gone from his case by the time he gets back to England. The killer char lady is disguised as Pegasus' mom, so English beats up the wrong one. Kate, the department psychologist, does her thing on English and he ends up golfing with a Russian Vortex agent, who's whacked by the Chinese char.
   Fun in a helicopter. The Russian says Vortex is KGB, CIA and MI7, and it did the job in Mozambique. Simon in the traitor, of course. Tucker spots this but English won't believe him and gives the Russian's key to Simon. Big chase of English, who's in Q's souped-up wheelchair. Kate spots that Vortex is using a CIA mind-control drug.
   After another brush with the Chinese char, English & Tucker head for Switzerland. English gets a trip up a mountain in a body bag. He drinks the drugged drink, instead of Pegasus, but he fights off the mind control and doesn't kill the Chinese president. Kate helps him to survive the lethal drug. English takes Simon out almost by accident. Then a bit of a cock up over the Chinese killer, who's disguised as the Queen.
   The ineptitude is done skilfully rather than clumsily, which makes the film well worth watching. And there are some pretty cool stunts in it. Bond, it's not. But it's better than some recent Bond. The song at the end is well performed and the novelty cooking with the titles is a bit of fun.

Jumper (2008) There's a guy who can teleport. He had a near-death experience at age 15 after an encounter with the school bully and saved his life by teleporting. He robbed a bank and went globetrotting. Unfortunately, there's a cult of religious nutters, who think people like David are an abomination and need to be murdered. The head nutter catches up with David 8 years on. David gets away and looks up his old school girlfriend, Milly.
   Off to Rome together. David meets another teleport, Griffin, they are attacked by nutters and the cops get involved. David's mom, who ran away when he was 5, turns up to tell him to leave town at once. David sends Milly home but the nutters grab her. David won't let Griffin blow up the apartment where the nutters are holding Milly.
   David teleports the nutters, Milly and the apartment they're in into a river, then teleports himself and Milly to safety. Then he strands the head nutter in a cave at the top of the Grand Canyon. David confronts his mother and finds out that she belongs to the cult of nutters, and that's why she left home in the first place. She graciously gives him and Milly a head start, so they head off for parts unknown.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2008 remake) University professor Trevor Henderson decided he'd found a lava tube, which his brother Max had descended, hoping to reach the centre of the Earth. He headed off to Iceland with Max's teenage son, Shawn, and they acquired a cute Icelandic girl, Hannah, whose recently deceased father had been a Vernist, like Max.
   They were trapped in a cave by a storm and descended into an old mine for lots of comic capers. They reached a world within the world and found that Max was ded. They went for a sail on a hot, story sea and were attacked by flying fish with big teef. The kid flew off the boat on a parachute-sail.
   Hannah and the prof. were attacked by carnivorous plants. Shawn larked about on magnetic rocks and was chased by a dinosaur. The three ended up in a skull boat in a lava tube, with lava rising, so the prof. had to turn it into a geyser to blast them to the surface, where they wrecked a vineyard on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Luckily, the kid had collected a lot of huge diamonds, so everything ended up okay.

Jurassic Park (1993) A bloke is eaten while the park is being stocked with animals! So an insurance company guy turns up to harass the park operators in the swamp where the amber comes from. Meanwhile, Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Saddler are using seismology in Montana to locate dinosaur remains. Dr. Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park, lands his helicopter practially on top of their dig and whisks them to his island off Chile.
   The computer guy at the park is involved in industrial espionage. The dead dino experts get to see some live ones! Then they get a cartoon presentation on DNA extraction and splicing using frog DNA. Everyone tells Dr. Hammond it's a bad idea because no one knows how dinosaurs will behave 65 million years out of their proper environment. The experts and Dr. Hammond's grandkids get a tour and get out of the unlocked automatic cars to go walkabout.
   The park's systems were done on the cheap and the computer system is full of bugs. There's also a storm heading for the island. The spy screws up the computer system, stranding the tourists in the park, while he steals some dino embryos. The T. Rex eats the accountant and another dino eats the spy. Dr. Grant is burdened with the horrible kids. Lots of dino peril & pursuit, and Dr. Grant spots the flaw in the whole system.
   The computer control system has to be switched off so that it can be rebooted. The horrible kid doesn't get fried on the electric fence. Booo! All the dinos get loose and cause havoc. More of the staff are eaten but not the horrible kids. And a handful of survivors escapes from the island in a helicopter.

Jurassic Park III (2001) begins with Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) saying raptors are smarter than primates, he's a 'dig 'em up in Montana' sort of dinosaur hunter, and there's no way he's going back to the island of frogspawn on steroids. So that's just where he ends up, bamboozled by Mr. Kirby, whose punk kid son is stuck on Isla Sorna, and who isn't as rich as he makes out.
   The plane crashes almost right away and Kirby's staff are eaten one by one. The gang find some raptor eggs and Billy, Dr. Grant's assistant, helps himself to a couple of them. They find an abandoned lab with vending machines, then a raptor starts chasing them and calls up its mates.
   Dr. Grant is surrounded by raptors but someone starts tossing gas bombs around; Eric, the missing kid. He has a bunker and supplies from the lab. There's a big reunion and everyone is chased by a chomposaurus. On the way to a boat, a pterodactyl tried to feed Eric to its brood and Billy is chomped while saving him.
   The survivors recover a satellite phone from a heap of chomposaurus dung, and it attacks as Dr. Grant is phoning a friend. A flare gun and some fuel see it off. The raptors show up again; but only for the eggs. The marines steam in to the rescue, and they have Billy. At the end, the pterodactyls fly away from the island, having been released from their aviary.

Jurassic World (2005) A family sent the kids to Jurassic World for a week around Xmas. Their aunt was one of the bosses there and gene-splicing was opening up a new frontier. The park had created a 50-foot killing machine. A military-minded bozo (Vince the Nutter) wanted to use trained raptors to eat the enemy. Their trainer had to save an idiot who fell into the raptor pen.
   The kids got to harass more docile dinos. The aunt wanted the raptor guy to train the new beast. But it escaped? No, it could camouflage its skin and make itself invisible to infra-red detectors. Chomp! when a team went into its pen looking for it. Just like Jaws. The military nutter could see an opportunity. A SWAT team was sent after the beast, which had clawed out its tracking implant. Chomp!
   "Evacuate the island or kill the beast," said the raptor guy. Auntie didn't want to do either. The head boffin tried to defuse the hysterical Indian owner. Natch, the stoopid kids went off-piste and needed to be saved. The BG was killing all of the other beasts. Vince the Nutter wanted to use the raptors on it.
   An attempt to shoot the monster from a chopper just made things worse. Vince the Nutter tried to stroll off with everything not nailed down but a dino got him. Auntie set a T. Rex on the BG but it was the massive whale-shark which got the job done.

Justice (2011, Nicholas Cage) A teacher's wife was raped and ended up, battered, in hospital. He was told by Simon that rapists get next to no gaol time but his organization would deal with the guy in return for a favour in the future. The gang was just a few citizens who were seeking justice. Will said no; for about two seconds. The rapist was found dead; officially, a suicide.
   The wife learnt to use a gun despite her husband's objections. He got a job from the group, which started as mailing a letter but escalated. Will tried to wriggle out after doing the first part of the job, The group wouldn't let him go. A guy attacked him in a parking structure and plunged to his death. Cops turned up to bust will for murdering Alan Marcy.
   Marcy was an investigative journalist, who was investigating the group. Will was helped to escape from the police station to avoid becoming another custory suicide. BG cops tried to kidnap his wife but she ran for it. Will tried to find what the journo had discovered with cops trying to get in the way. The wife was kidnapped with the help of Will's good buddy, Jimmy.
   Will aranged a swap of data for his wife in an abandoned mall in New Orleans, which had never been rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. The wife put her gun training to good use to kill the crazy killer, Simon. Then the rest of the gang covered things up. They were all over the place, the jumping rabbits!

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