Game of Death (2010, Wesley Snipes) Ambush & murder. One of the participants goes to a church to offer the priest a million dollars to do good works. He's asked to confess. Cue flash-backs. Marcus is CIA, who was escorting Fred Smith towards $100M when Fred had a heart attack. Marcus's own team attacked them at the hospital. The team had decided it would rather have the cash than their jobs.
   The hospital seems remarkably free of staff and visitors, which is just as well as the rogues shoot everyone they meet. Marcus kills a couple of them. The rest stroll off with Fred and a doctor to see the gangster Redvale, who has a vault full of money and almost nothing in the way of security.
   More bodies are left going to and from the vault, including Fred and Redvale. Just the HBG makes it to the roof with some cash as the escape chopper approaches. So one dead bad guy and a million hysterical cops with guns pouring into the building after Marcus. Will he get away? Obviously, he did. With one bound. Too embarrassed to tell the CIA about the team that went rogue, he strolls off into the sunset with some loot.

Gattaca (1997) Jerome Morrow, whom Gattaca is sending on a 1-year mission to Titan, is faking all sorts of tests because he's an imposter. He's really Vincent, who was conceived from passion rather than genetics, and he has all sorts of defects. He has a brother, Anton, who's a product of genetic selection.
   Genetic discrimination is illegal but widespread, so the only job he can get is as a cleaner; until he enlists the help of Adrian Monk, who introduces him to genetically perfect Jerome, who broke his back out of the country and who's stuck in a wheelchair. Vincent uses Jerome's blood, urine, hair, skin cells, etc. to beat tests at Gattaca.
   The Mission Director for Titan is killed and one of Vincent's eyelashes is found in a corridor near the crime scene. So the In-Valid former cleaner becomes the prime suspect. The 2 Jeromes have to get round the increasingly intrusive police investigation when one of the cops decides that the killer is an imposter who's still working at Gattaca.
   Irene, the bogus Jerome's less genetically perfect girlfriend, helps out and the killer is exposed eventually. The persistent cop is Anton, Vincent's brother, and Vince shames him into letting him carry on with the Titan mission as he was just a red herring in the murder hunt. And he gets a ride to Titan with some help from an unexpected quarter.

The Gauntlet (1977, Clint Eastwood) Drunken, scruffy cop Ben Shockley, whose ex-partner, Josephson, fusses over him like his mom, is sent from Phoenix to Las Vegas to collect a nothing witness for a nothing trial. Gus Mally turns out to be Augustina, a hooker. "They're going to kill me," she says, but she doesn't know why.
   Shockley finds out that the bookies are offering 50:1 that she doesn't get to Phoenix. No, 70:1. The car he rents blows up and Gus has to shoot up a car that starts shooting at them. The Vegas police shoot a million rounds at her house, wrecking it, but Shockley & Gus have a way out.
   The Mob is after Gus and the Phoenix police commissioner is in bed with them. Gus saves them from a trap at the Arizona border and it turns out that she can connect Comissioner Blakelock to the Mob. Cue a journey by stolen motorbike and train to the outskirts of Phoenix.
   Shockley gives Josephson his route to City Hall, hijacks a bus and fortifies it. Good old Joe tries to help and he's gunned down. The Phoenix cops fire 10 years' ammo at the bus. Shockley shames them into standing down on the steps of City Hall, where Blacklock shoots the bent D.A. and Gus shoots him.

The General's Daughter (1999, John T. Revolta) Our hero, a wise-ass military cop, is a target for assassination a quarter of an hour in. The perp is a guy our CID pal was planning to bust the next morning. A general's daughter is raped, murdered and staked out. Our hero met her at the start of the film, when she helped him to change a tyre. He met her father when he was in Vietnam.
   The cop and his lady sidekick find some sex-tapes, which are stolen when he's clobbered. Our hero makes a stoopid bust whilst his partner is being bashed. The general's daughter was banging everyone in sight to get back at her dad. The cop grots all over an attempt to close the case prematurely.
   The dead girl's shrink is bamboozled into talking about how the dead woman was raped by a gang of other cadets on a night exercise. Her father led a cover-up for the sake of the good name of West Point, and he made her pretend that her ordeal had never happened.
   The cop gave the general a list of the rapists. Then he and his partner tried to bust the sorry son-of-a-bitch who killed the daughter, but he blew himself to bitz. So the cop kissed his career goodbye and busted the general for conspiracy to conceal a crime. Which put the mockers on the general's plans for a career in politics.

Geo-Disaster (2017) Something absolutely dreadful involving dark matter is about to happen and there's the obligatory dysfunctional family. "It went straight through the planet!" said the experts at the Arecibo radio telescope. Cue huge earthquakes. Dad and his grumpy teenage son slid into a crevass in their tent out in the wilds. The hated step-mom and the grumpy teenage girls had to escape from their apartment building in L.A. before it collapsed. Luckily, the step-mom was a teacher, so she knew that to do.
   L.A. and Washington got it (but President Trump had bugged out to Camp David) and there was a volcano in California. [All we need now is a sharknado! Ed.] The blokes were helped out of their hole, almost hijacked by armed scumbags but dad impressed the son by disarming them; then giving them a lift!
   There was a mega-tsunami on the way from the Arctic. The ladies stole motorbikes to get to higher ground as lava shot out of the ground all over the place. Luckily, the tidal wave put out the volcano, but this sets off a mega-tornado. By then, the ladies had been reunited with their menfolk, and the family took refuge in a handy funk hole.
   One year later, the good news from the experts is that California has been stabilized and there won't be another earthquake for 100 years!

Get Carter, the "remake" (2000, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine) Scumbag enforcer Jack Carter's scumbag loser of a brother gets a bit dead, so he goes AWOL on a rampage, which bugs his boss, trying to prove that someone offed his brother to nark J. Carter. Carter bashes people, burns bridges with his boss and eventually finds a blackmail CD in a cookie jar at the dead brother's home; which the cops failed to find, of course.
   Carter's niece is in the video. "Revenge doesn't work," sez M.C. "Sure it does," sez S.S. Cue a defenestration onto a car, some crazy driving with a bonehead going into a subway entrance, another thug telling Carter he's not a good guy before kicking his ass when Carter tries to cheap-shot him, Carter pratting about with a gun and then shooting that nice Mr. Caine and going on the run for the rest of his miserable life.
   Mr. Caine must really have needed the money!

Get Smart (2008) KAOS is interested in nuclear materials, stressed and as ruthless as ever. Analyst Max Smart has passed his field agent test with flying colours but the boss won't promote him because he's doing a grand job. The interior of the Control building is blown to bitz. Max meets Agent 99 in the ruins. The new Cone of Silence is as big a flop as the old one.
   Control field agents are being wiped out everywhere so Max is made Agent 86. Then it's off to Russia with 99. Max causes a riot on the flight. He and 99 parachute off; pursued by a giant BG (The Mighty Khali of the WW). Max spots a guy who is radioactive. Sneaking is not his strong suit but he does penetrate Siegfried's inner sanctum and finds yellow cake (cake).
   Max makes friends with the HUGE BG and blows up the KAOS weapons lab. But Siegfried is still at large and he's after the US president. Agent 23 (The Rock) goes to Moscow and reports there's no radioactivity at the site of the lab. Max is arrested. Siegfried phones the vice-president with a demand for $200 billion. No one believes he's for real.
   Max has to escape to save the president. The Chief decides that if he's not a double agent, 23 has to be! 23 grabs 99. Max does some aerial twatting about to save her. And then he saves the president with his arse hanging out of the back of his trousers! At the end, Siegfried upsets his HUGE bodyguard so much that he's clobbered into a waterway.
   As for the cast: Steve Carell looks like the original Max. 99 is nothing like the real one. The Chief is so not harassed enough and Siegfried is fairly invisible -- which is just as well as he's nowhere near smooth and Teutonic enough.

Ghost Busters (1984) A gang of psychic investigators come across a real ghost in a New York library just before their funding is cut off. They have no idea what to do but Ray, the techie, reckons they should capture it and hold it indefinitely. They set up their own business in a derelict fire station. Their first client is Dana, who has a ghost in her fridge; but Dr. Pete is more interested in getting her into the bedroom.
   The next job is at a hotel, where the ballroom is trashed but the ghost is captured. Business picks up and they recruite a new guy. An Environment Protection Agency jobsworth takes an interest in them. Something bad is about to happen to New York. Dana is grabbed by the thing in her kitchen and Lewis, her geeky neighbour (the future Austin Powers), is possessed by a demon.
   Judgement Day is about to happen, and the EPA jobsworth letting all the ghosts out of safe storage and having the Ghostbusters busted makes a bad situation worse. Ray finds that Dana's building is designed to draw in psychic turbulence. The mayor gets the Ghostbusters out of gaol to save the city. They suit up and head for Dana's building, which now has a temple on top.
   The building starts coming apart. A marshmallow man sets about New York; until he's toasted. And the Ghostbusters come up with a radical solution to zapping the problem, and the city is saved!

Ghost Rider (2007, Nicholas Cage) The Ghost Rider is damned, working for the Devil. One of them swindled him out of a contract for 1,000 souls, which was lost, according to legend. Our hero is Johnny Blade, the stunt rider at a carnival with his father, who's dying of cancer one minute then okay after the Devil does a deal for Johnny's soul. Fixed Dad promptly dies in a bike crash.
   Waiting for the Devil to claim him, Johnny ditches Roxanne and does more and more extreme bike jumps, finishing with one over 6 helicopters. He meets Roxy again but the Devil claims him so they can't do dinner. Mephistopheles goes after the lost 1,000-soul contract so Johnny has to zap him to get his own soul back. Mephisto doesn't realize just how indestructible Johnny is. Meanwhile, Roxy gets rat-arsed in the restaurant.
   Johnny, in flames, rides through the night as his burning bike takes out bad guys. Come the dawn, he's in a graveyard. The sexton tells him he's the Devil's bounty hunter by night. Johnny warns Roxy not to be around when it happens. Then millions of cops arrive to lock him up in a cellful of bad guys. Johnny wipes them out.
   Mephisto thinks he can order Johnny about. Wrong! He ends up zapped. So the Devil gives Johnny his life back. Johnny chucks the offer back in his face. He's going to use his curse to fight the Devil.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (20011, Nicholas Cage) An order of monks in Eastern Europe has found a boy, who's the subject of a winter solstice prophecy. Bad guys attack the monastery and his mother drives off with the kid pursued by bad guys, but a black biker who's in cahoots with the monks takes them out. Having lost the kid, the black guy goes to John, who's now possessed by a soul-sucking demon after making a deal with the Devil.
   The woman is a gypsy and her kid is a pick-pocket. The demon on a burning bike shows up as the BGs are about to off the woman. The demon is blasted to a standstill with big guns and the BGs stroll off with the kid. John wakes up in hospital. The kid crashes the BGs' car but doesn't get away.
   The HBG buys some bunker-busters to use on the demon, who attacks with the fiery monster excavator. Mom strolls off with the kid again and he puts the demon's fire out. The HBG is crushed to death under a rock, so his client revives him as a sort of zombie with the power of decay.
   The kid is delivered to weird monks with tattooed heads. They stroll off with the kid and the decay zombie zaps them. The client is planning to move into the kid's body but John and the black guy attack the ceremony. They don't get far until the kid reignites the demon. Cue another chase and lots of dead BGs. And his mom gets the kid back.

Ghosts of Mars (2001) A commission of inquiry on Mars in 2176 questions the sole survivor from a train. The lieutenant says she was part of a detail sent to retrieve a murderer, Williams, from a mining colony. Only almost everyone there was dead and a scientist told her that a dormant Martian organism had woken up and it was possessing people. After a huge battle with zombies, a gang of military, prisoners and survivors was trapped in a building. The scientist described finding an ancient tunnel at the mine and releasing, by accident, something trapped inside it.
   The lieutenant became possessed but her sergeant remembered the lieutenant had a stash of mind-bending pills which, he hoped, 'would mess with anything in there'. The lieutenant recovered and told the others that the Martians wouldn't rest until all the invaders from Earth were dead. Another big battle and the survivors made the train. Then the lieutenant decided they had to go back and blow up the power plant to stop the zombies and show them Mars wasn't theirs any more.
   Just Williams and the lieutenant were left after they set the power plant to blow. Williams got off the train after handcuffing the lieutenant, and that's what she tells the inquiry, which brings us up to date with events. Then there's an alarm and Williams turns up again to fight at the lieutenant's side as, we assume, more zombies are on the rampage.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) is a shoot-'em-up, mindless adventure with human cartoon characters plus lots of gadgets. G.I. Joe is a black-ops outfit, which doesn't exist, with a base under the sands of Egypt. A Scots guy who blagged NATO cash to create fancy warheads is trying to steal them and trying to make it look like losing the warheads is NATO's fault. He has a gang of super-soldiers and he's planning to become boss of the world.
   Joes have super-suits and their music is revived T Rex, which is seriously naff. They are no match for the bad guys and the ninja mummy. Goodbye warheads when the BGs raid the Joes' HQ. Lots of mayhem in Paris. Duke gets himself captured to activate the tracker on the case of warheads.
   The BGs have a base under the plar ice. The Joes shoot it up and go after the BGs' missles. The hissy ninja mummy is written off. The HBG is injected with nanites and becomes the mad scientist's plaything. But these two are boxed up. The missles are destroyed but the BGs have got to the US president.

Gladiator (2000) You didn't see it in a cinema, and you didn't buy it on video or DVD because you knew it would be on telly eventually. So what's it all about?
   Maximus, a Roman general, is made the emperor's heir in Germania. So Commodus, the mad, bad son, kills his dad and the general's family and has the man himself sold as a slave. Olly Reed turns Maximus into a gladiator and takes him to Rome so that he can get his revenge. Nice job of rebuilding the Colosseum, lots of blood spurting in slow motion in the arena. David Hemmings is a real hoot as a sort of ring announcer. And Commodus gets his in the arena (he was strangled in private by a wrestler in real life).

Glass Trap (2005) Staff disappeared at a nursery, Agent Elizabeth from the Dept. of Agriculture arrived to track illegally imported flora and some infested trees were delivered to a skyscraper. A set of flayed bones (Miguel) was found at the nursery. The building's occupants included Ms Highsmith of Hooray!, a supermarket mag, and her PA, a fashion photographer on the roof and an industrial spy, who clobbered the janitor. Giant ants started attacking people!
   Ms Highsmith took out an ant with her putter. Agent Liz fainted over another body at the nursery. The burglar's daughter, parked in the garage, chased the ants away with heavy metal, then the batteries in her boom box gave out and the security guy was killed. Agent Liz announced that the ants had been exposed to plutonium from Iraq and they were giant, angry and radioactive.
   Most of the people in the building made for the roof, most got away but the spy screwed up the escape system and was splatted on the ground. A Dept. of Ag 'expert' shot one of his own men when the guy was attacked by a giant ant and he was cool with killing any people in the building if his DDT took out the ants. So the few survivors had 2 threats to flee from!

The Glimmer Man (1996) Steven Segal plays Jack Cole, a bead-wearing cop from New York, who has to track down The Family Man, a serial killer in L.A. who kills families, with the aid of Jim, a tall, bald, black partner. Cole tackles a suicidal kid with a gun in a classroom and snubs his step-father. Big mistake as Mr. Devreau sets his Russians on Cole.
   Cole's ex-wife is done in by a killer who shoots his victims then arranges them in a crucifixion pose; but a pro pretending to be the Family Man. Jack finds the Family Man in a church and kills him after he says he didn't kill the first Mrs. Cole. The Captain turns Cole over to IAB and suspends him when his fingerprints are found planted at the crime scene.
   Cole looks for a connection between a dead Russian woman and Devreau, who turns out to be selling Russian chemical weapons to terrorists. He's also in league with Mr. Smith of the CIA (Brian Cox with a very strange American accent) who recruited Jack Cole in Vietnam to a black operations outfit.
   So lots of shooting and martial arts and gratuitous violence as the cops follow their trail to the copycat serial killer, lots of people going through windows singly and in pairs, a spot of abseiling when Jim goes through a window near the top of a tall building, a sense that Mr. Segal is going over the top deliberately in his action scenes, Smith is shot up a bit, the bad guys are vanquished Mrs. Cole's killer ends up in a crucifixion pose on some railings.

Godzilla (1998) "Dreary; dismal monster mish-mash; hokey man-in-the-lizard-suit monster movie; hugely hyped, hugely overblown". It is hard to find anyone with a good word for this remake but the scene where the worm-guy encounters the footprint – by realizing he is standing in it – is very well done. And the claw-marks on the beached ship are impressive. The jabroni on the landing stage is good and the monster's footsteps making the cars jump in New York is a hoot. And the Buster Keaton gag where the monster doesn't step on the cameraman. Zapping the famous buildings in New York when the monster ducks missiles is also fun.
   It turns out that the monster, created by French nuclear tests in the Pacific, is the first of its kind but pregnant and it is in New York looking for somewhere to build a nest. The US military doesn't buy the nest theory and the worm guy gets the sack team. He is promptly recruited by a bunch of French Secret Service agents, who want to zap the monster to clean up their country's mess.
   The US navy takes over when the monster leaps into the river. The first submarine shoots itself with its own torpedoes but the second hits the monster. Meanwhile, the worm-guy, his former college sweetheart, the mad cameramen and the French secret agents find the monster's nest in the wreck of Madison Square Garden. After counting the eggs, they realize they don't have enough explosives to blow all of them up – but that becomes academic when the eggs started hatching!
   The hatchlings chasing the humans is just like something out of Jurrasic Park, except that more humans get eaten. Then the air force takes out MSG and the hatchlings. Next thing you know, Godzilla is back – it is just stunned by the torpedoes – and determined to catch up with our heroes, who are fleeing in a yellow cab. The monster chews the cab briefly but it gets caught up in the rigging of the Brooklyn Bridge and a dozen missiles from the air force eventually finish it off. But guess what? The air force has missed one egg at MSG and it is hatching! Wow! What a twist!

Goldeneye (1995) A black-clad figure does a swan-dive down the face of a dam! 007 James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) teams up with 006 (Sean Bean) to save the world from the Russians. 006 doesn't make it, 007 jumps off a cliff to sky-dive to an aircraft and the weapons plant blows up. 9 years later, Bond has to sort out the St. Petersburg Mafia, who have stolen the last word in military helicopters. They use it to steal the Goldeneye gadget while using it to wipe out a Russian space control centre; from which just one female techician escapes alive.
   The bean-counting woman posing as 'M' sends Bond to retrieve the weapon. He gets to romp with a psychopathic female helicopter pilot. Surprise! 006 isn't dead after all, he's working for the bad guys. Bond nicks a tank for a crash through St. Pete when a Cossack general strolls off with the space base technician. The general takes her to his private train, which heads off at high speed. But somehow, Bond gets his tank ahead of it for a crash.
   006 and the pilot escape in the train's helicopter. Bond's next stop is Cuba and another tussle with the psychopath. 006 is planning to use Goldeneye to loot the Bank of England electronically then wipe out all electronic equipment in the city with an EM pulse. There's a big bang in the control room, Bond & Mr. Bean slug it out on a huge radio dish and the Yanks arrived when it's all over. Bond and the Russian tech end up at Guantanamo, which wasn't a dirty word in 1995.

Gorky Park (1983) Three bodies are found in the snow in a Moscow park. Cue a confrontation between Renko of the Milita and Pribluda of the KGB. The dead are all in their 20s, shot and their faces and fingertips have been hacked off. But the teeth are still there, which tells the pathologist that one is an American. Renko meets Mr. Osbourne (Lee Marvin), an American who buys sable pelts and takes messages to his government, at a do at the Chief Prosecutor's place.
   Renko thinks the case is a KGB trap for him because he tried to get Pribluda arrested for murder. He persuades a professor to recreate the face of the dead woman. Renko is beaten up by a New York detective (Brian Keith), whose brother was killed in the park. Renko links Osbourne and Irena, a friend of the dead woman who hangs out with Osbourne, into his case. When he dangles a KGB informer out of a window to get information, the informer and Renko's assistant end up dead.
   Renko and the cop save Irena from an assassin. The cop's brother wanted to smuggle someone out of Russia, but he ended up smuggling sables for Osbourne, who is trying to break the Russian monopoly. Renko shoots the Chief Prosecutor in a confrontation after finding out that he's in Osbourne's pocket. The KGB want Renko to kill Osbourne in Stockholm.
   In fact, the KBG plans to kill everyone involved in the case and Pribluda is also in Osbourne's pocket. Just about everyone, including the cop, Pribluda and Osbourne, ends up dead, Irena escapes from the Soviet Union and Renko goes back to make his report; but only after releasing half a dozen sables to break the Russian monopoly.

Go West Back in 1940, when we British were doing the Battle of Britain, what are the Yanks doing? Well, the Marx Brothers were making this film. The plot involves crooks trying to get control of a piece of land on which a railroad will be built and we get the usual mixture of gags, singing, piano and harp playing, and fun and games with a train in the final race to New York.

Gravity (2013) There's an astronaut pratting about in a manoeuvring rig and a space shuttle, which has captured the HST. Suddently, there's a cloud of debris from a Russian missile in the same orbit and the mission gets an emergency abort. The shuttle is wrecked with 3 astronauts outside. The guy in the manoeuvring unit makes an RV with the woman. The other guy is dead. So is everyone else.
   The 2 survivors need to get to the ISS, which has been evacuated, to use the other Soyuz capsule to return to Earth. When they get there, the bloke casts himself adrift so that the woman can save herself. She gets herself in to the Soyuz capsule and floats about a bit in her underwear. When debris starts bashing the ISS to bitz, the woman finds that there is no fuel in the Soyuz. The scriptrotter does a bit of a steal of the Radio Ham/Hancock episode as the woman tries to contact someone by radio and contacts an Eskimo!
    Suddenly, the other guy arrives at the Soyuz. The age of miracles is not past! No, it was just a dream, Sparky. The woman heads for the abandoned Chinese space station using explosive decompression to shoot her there. She heads back to Earth in a shower of debris and the capsule catches fire. Luckily, she lands in a lake, which puts the fire out and she doesn't drown.
   There was a big splasheroo when the film came out. Just hype. The film is a pretty daft effort with a lot of high-tech FX.

The Great Dictator (1940) starring Charlie Chaplin is not to be missed. Chaplin plays both the Hitler figure and a Jewish barber in the ghetto, who served his country in the Great War and spent the period of the dictator's rise in hospital with loss of memory. It is a well crafted film, which drags a bit when Mr. Chaplin is doing his 'turns' but as he is the star, there's nothing to be done about that. The portrayal of the Mussolini figure is a hoot and the uplifting speech at the end has a hollow ring to anyone who knows what happened between 1940, when the film is released, and 1945.

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake (1990) Dr. Claire of the USGC finds that a new fault in California is about to let go right under L.A. because she had a new theory which will let her predict earthquakes. The build-up exactly matches the history of another earthquake in Mexico. But her husband is a sub-contractor for a multi-million-dollar development and he doesn't want his wife rocking the boat and losing him his contract.
   Claire gets tied up with a TV journalist, who runs a shock-horror show. On Day 7, there's a Richter 5.7 quake; but Claire's theory says there's a bigger one to come. The politicians don't want her to go public and the attitude at the top is that they should treat the earthquake like a meteor strike; do nothing beforehand and clear up afterwards. One of Claire's staff leaks the news that there's a Big One coming and the city goes into panic mode.
   There's gridlock on the highways and the airports are jammed. Cue the earthquake. L.A. and the surrounding area are wiped out by a Richer 8.0 quake and a R7.1 aftershock. Dr. Claire deserts the city command centre to go home; where her stupid daughter has got herself trapped in their flooding basement. The staff of the control center have to break their way out after more aftershocks.
   There will be no help from outside for up to a week? Which idiot wrote that? No road, no airports, no railways, but what about helicopters? But the epic peters out on a note of doom and gloom with a TV station in New York getting intermittent reports from the tearful shock-TV guy.

The Green Hornet (2011) A hissy spoilt kid inherits his dad's newspaper and Cato, the genius handyman. The cops don't appreciate their attempt to dish out street justice. Our hero becomes the masked Green Hornet. Lenore displays balls and she becomes his permanent secretary at the newspaper. The masked avengers get a shiny new car and start small.
   The GH gets a big build up in our hero's newspaper. Lenore reckons the BGs are going to write off the Hornet and he has a couple of weeks, tops. BGs bury the Hornetmobile so Cato blows it out of the ground. He gets fed up with playing second fiddle to a soppy wimp. The Russian top mobster puts $1M on the Hornet's head.
   Our hero is confronted by the dirty DA, who had his dad killed. Cato saves his ass when Russian stooges join in. The newspaper building is wrecked a lot. The DA is exposed on the Daily Sentinel website? No, our hero screwed up. The Russian mobster gets a bit dead. The dirty DA is splatted.
   Our hero bleeds on Lenore's table; she has to extract a bullet. Cato stages a GH shooting to explain the bullet hole.

Green Lantern (2011) One of the Peacekeepers of the Green Lantern Corps, which watches over the 3,600 sectors of the universe, imprisoned a rogue Guardian, Parallax, on a lost planet. But some blundering explorers set him free to go on the rampage. Meanwhile, on Earth, Ferris Aircraft has an automated fighter on test against humans; Eyeball, male and a hotshot, and Carol, the boss's daughter. Eyeball sacrifices his wingwoman and his brand new F35 to win, and he has time to recall his father's fatal crash when he was a young lad before ejecting.
   The company is screwed and Hal, who has a son of the age he was when he lost his father, is sacked. A Green Lantern crashes on Earth and sends out a green blob in search of a new host. Eyeball gets a magic ring and he's signed up to the Corps. Our hero is beaten up by 3 thugs so he zaps them with his green power! He's transported to the GL HQ, where he wakes up in a green suit with a green mask.
   He meets a talking green-suited fish and gets the Knowledge; and he can fly! He's told about Paradox and gets some training and bullying. Hector Hammond, a teacher who worked on the alien corpse and the wreckage, now has super powers. Parallax is powered by the yellow of fear and he's back for revenge on the Corps. Its head decides to fight fear with fear.
   Eyeball saves the boss of Ferris and Carol from a helicopter crash. A pushy pal demands to see what happens when he wears the ring. Nothing. Carol recognizes Hal despite the small mask. The teacher looks totally weird with a swollen head; he caught something from the alien corpse. Cue a battle with Hal. Carol tells Hal that he needs to use his pwoer to overcome fear.
   Hal tells the Corps they need to do the same to battle Parallax. Hal outsmarts the teacher and Parallax eats him! Then Hal astounds the Guardians by sorting out Parallax. He's made the guardian of one of the sectors as a full Green Lantern. During the credits, to set up a sequel, one of the Corps puts on Parallax's yellow ring and his eyes turn yellow.

Ground Control (1998) Keifer Sutherland plays Jack, an air-traffic controller who quit after a useless pilot crashed on his watch in Chicago. 5 years later, on New Year's Eve, he gets dragged back to action at Phoenix, where the controllers are dropping to bits mentally, there's a guy called Murray trying to get them suspended for not being up to the job, the lady running the airport is cheapskating on the equipment budget and the equipment is going to hell.
   Oh, yes; and there's mucky weather coming in, the Pacific coast is closed and a whole bunch of aircraft need to land at Phoenix. Cruise (a very young Dr. Wilson from House MD) is one of the controllers and he has it in for Jack, who freezes when he has a Chicago flashback and has to be rescued.
   The power supply starts failing, screwing up radio, radar & ILS. A dozy Indian pilot doesn't manage to crash into anyone, but he has a near miss with an airliner, which loses its radio & hydraulics after a lightning strike. The captain is just resigning himself to crashing in the desert when Jack comes up with a brilliant idea.
   He decides that the plane can steer to the runway using its engines to make turns. Cruise is thrown off the job for being stroppy. The airliner gets its radio working and Jack freaks out a bit again. The plane goes off the radar & silent for dramatic effect. But it eventually gets down in one piece.

Groundhog Day (1993, Bill Murray) Phil, a grumpy Chicago weatherman, had to go to Punxsutawney to see if groundhog Phil would cast a shadow, proving that winter wasn't over. He was trapped in the town with Rita, his producer, and the cameraman by an unexpected blizzard. And when he woke up the next morning, it was February 2nd again.
   Phil had to live that awful day over and over again, and he was the only one who retained memories from previous episodes. He had his brain X-rayed and he went to a useless shrink, looking for an explanation. He found that nothing he did had consequences; like driving along the railway line pursued by the police and crashing in to all sorts of stuff.
   After the initial shock had worn off, Phil had a bit of fun and he failed to get off with Rita. All the fun went out of his life. He kidnapped the groundhog and drove over the edge of a cliff. Killing himself in all sorts of ways was no help. He more or less convinced Rita that he was reliving the same day, then it was the start of Feb. 2nd again.
   Phil learnt to play the piano and do ice-sculpting, and he became Saint Phil in his pursuit of Rita. He got her into bed and, the next morning, it was February 3rd.

Ground Zero (2000) Southern California is being shaken by a swarm of earthquakes, which are getting stronger instead of diminishing. Divorced seismologist Kim is sent by her boss Burt to a shack out in the wilds to monitor the equipment there. This is 11 years after her dad was killed by an earthquake. She takes Justin, her 'orrible kid. There are bad guys in the area because G-Corp is testing small nuclear weapons for sale to bad guys.
   Dramatic cracks open up, breaking the only access road and the bad guys are jamming Kim's satellite phone. She rescues Mike from a tree when his plane crashes. He says he's working for the NSA, but he turns out to be a mercenary working for a G-Corp rival to man-hater Kim's disgust.
   G-Corp plans to test a 2-MT nuke then a 6-MT one 10 minutes later. Kim thinks this will crack the fault line wide open. Husband Robert and boss Burt go into the wilds to find Kim & the kid, everyone ends up being chased by G-Corp's soldiers, Robert has to knock one of them over a cliff and Mike sabotages the test. He's grabbed but Burt & Co. rescue him. G-Corp is busted and Kim & Robert get back together again.

Gunman's Walk (1958) Lee Hackett tamed part of the frontier years before and he thinks he's the biggest wheel around. His son Ed is out of control and a killer. Dad tries to protect him but Ed is too thick to know when he's well off. He stages a gaol break after his paw has done a deal to set him free and kills another man doing it. Then he decides to find out if he can draw a gun faster than Lee. Nope. Then paw tries to mend fences with his other son, Davey, who isn't a psycho.

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