September 2016

[Thursday, 01st] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Some of the returnees wanted to get back to their time-line. Alison didn't; she preferred the new Kevin. A Titan explorer shot up the town on Founder's Day. Tess blamed sabotage by Zane. Henry was working on the problem of dumping Grant, who's in gaol, back in 1947. Fargo is the boss at GD, so a tough time for Larry.
   Henry thought 99.9% of the time-line was the same. The gadget needed went up in smoke. Not sabotage. There was positronic lightning from a red elf over the town; from a gadget made by Fargo. Grant helped Carter and Deputy Andy to save the day. The bridge device was a write-off, though, Henry said. The travellers were stuck, and they couldn't tell anyone what had happened to them in case the Time Cops busted them.
Wednesday Nite Football, the Lions in Tronno [20:00, ESPN] Ray back for the Argos, who drove to a TD pass for Elliot after 3 minutes. 0-7. The Lions had to sack Ray twice to make one stick. The Argos jumped offside to mug Jennings and get the ball, but a pick b y Jefferson in the TA end zone stopped the Lions at the end of the quarter.
   The Argos punted in Q2. BC battled their way to a TD 5 minutes in, no +2, 6-7. A rouge got BC square with 2 minutes left. The Argos kicked a FG. 7-10. FG for the Lions 5 minutes in to Q3. 10-10. The Argos were sacked to a punt by 56 of BC, who intercepted Ray after a BC punt and put the Lions at the TA 14 with a facemask penalty added on. The Argos missed a chance to recover a fumble in their end zone, just a FG, 13-10.
   The Argos kicked a FG 1 minute into Q4. 13-all. A field position battle raged. Are we going into OT? No, the Lions got close, ran the clock down and kicked a FG. 16-13 final.
Lie To Me [22:00, Alibi] Robbery + murder. A cop who owed the dead girl's father went to Cal for a favour. Cal and Foster saw premeditated murder on the CCTV tape. Cal wound up Marcus, dead Kiera's brother. Ria got herself robbed and lost Cal's camera. The cops busted 2 guys; they eventually admitted they'd been paid to kill Kiera.
   Cal continued to poke around a troubled family. He picked Teddy, Kiera's dad's best mate, as the bad guy, even though the cops declared him not a suspect. Ria got the camera back. Jim, dying of cancer, did a bit of acting to help Cal out Teddy.
Rizzo & Isles [20:00, Alibi] A woman drove off a cliff in a confused state and the parents wantee to blame Brian, a mechanic, who broke up with Layla. Frankie Rizzo was in charge of the case. The cops went on a raid, shot a Marvin, didn't get Alice but did get her stash of cash. She was busted but the evidence evaporated and her crooked lawyer got her out of custody.
   Maura deduced suicide dressed up as murder for Layla, who was failing at college. But Frankie told her parents her death was just an accident and nothing sinister. Maura dug up more evidence against Alice, the cops went after her again, she confronted Rizzo holding a gun to a kid's head and Rizzo got to light her up and spare the nation the cost of a trial. Suicide by Jane, actually.

[Friday, 02nd] TNF replay [12:00, ESPN] The Redblacks in Montreal. A 5-minute RB opening drive was held to a FG. 4 plays then a pick by Boyett gave the ball to the RBs. The RBs were sacked to a missed FG. A rouge from a punt for the Als after 13 minutes, 3-1. The RBs kicked a FG to close the quarter at 6-1.
   Punting and some rain in Q2. A 36-yard pass to Stafford got the Als inside the RB 5. TD for Lewis, 6-8 with 4 minutes to go. A reffing blunder cost the RBs a drive. A huge penalty on MTL got the RBs to midfield but a FG try missed and was returned.
   Lots of defence in Q3. Harris was sacked by Johnson of MTL but a subsequent roughing the passer call kept the drive going to a TD for Jackson, 13-8. A 52 yard FG for the Als after 6 minutes. 13-14. The RBs kicked a FG with 6 minutes left. 16-14. Glenn's first play was picked by White! The RBs were held to a FG with 3 minutes left. 19-14. A sack in the last minute helped to send the Als out on down, and the Argos went to victory formation.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] was having a Space Week. Zane pratted about as round-the-Moon rockets were launched, and crashed a zillion-dollar prototype flying vehicle onto the general's car. He was obviously intoxicated. Sheriff Carter was relieved to find his daughter Zoe unchanged in the new time-line (apart from a new haircut). And their cat was invisible.
   Someone stole some stuff for extracting oxygen from rocks on Mars. Dr. Grant accused Kevin but Alison did it to help him in the race. With a cloud of oxygen over the town, it faced destruction when the rockets returned. All but one of the rockets was self-destructed. One cheat didn't include the device to save weight. Kevin saved the day and the final rocket crashed onto Deputy Jo's house.
Unforgettable [21:00, Living] A guy is shot whilst fishing; an old CI and minor crook. The Captain has a cold case of planting drugs to get a dirty cop convicted on her mind. A lady from IA arrives to jam someone up. Carrie bags Ezekiel, the hit man. Det. Al decided that the Captain killed Shane the snitch before he could expose her before a grand jury. So he busts Captain Sandra, the pillock.
   The IA lady chucks the squad off the snitch case. The dirty cop who went to gaol gets to play the martyr. Lt. Al refused to help stitch up the Captain in return for her job and quits. Carrie and Al scam the dirty cop and Carrie fills him full of lead. The Captain admits her stitch up and leaves Al out of it. And he gets his badge back.

[Saturday, 03rd] Jackie Chan's The Medallion (2003) [19:10, 5STAR] There are two halves of a medallion, a child who will have super powers and a super-rich BG. And a bunch of Keystone Interpol Kops led by Inspector Watson. Inspector Yang, a Hong Kong cops, is attached to the Interpolistas looking for the snake heads who grabbed the boy for the BG. Badly.
   Yang goes to Interpol HQ to get his face slapped by Nicole and be dissed by the idiotic Watson. Off to Ireland for lots of messing about. Yang drowns keeping the kid alive but the kid reboots him. Lots of chasing after the kid and Yang finds he's bulletproof and superhuman.
   The BG is trying to make himself immortal. Lots of BG bashing. The HBG is zapped by the kid and Nicole does a bit more slapping. And Watson continues to behave like a pillock.
Taggart [Judgement Day, 21:00, Alibi] Burke finds his father dead. Sitting in his chair for a week or two? Not chronic liver failure; a heroin O/D. There's a big life insurance policy; 200 grand; so the Burke brothers are suspects. Ross tries to fit up a GP. Another terminal pensioner died unexpectedly but there was no PM.
   Another old bloke dies. Burke crashes about, trying to stitch up the GP as an Angel of Death. Ross gives Burke's brother the 3rd degree. Burke is told his father was a member of a pensioners' euthanasia pact and his brother isn't pleased because he had to do all the work of looking after Dad.
   Burke senior chose to die rather than linger. Burke decides to do nothing about the last survivor of the pact.

[Sunday, 04th] British MotoGP @ Silverstone [12:30, BTSport 2] A dry Moto3 race after lots of rain, 17 laps, Bagnaia on pole. Binder, the series leader, was up with the leaders. Navarro, 2nd in the series, was well down the field. Binder went into the lead on lap 3. Navarro joined the lead group of 7. Some lead swapping mid-race.
   Navarro got past Binder for a while, up to the lead from 19th on the grid for a while. Lots of fair but really ruthless racing. Navarro crashed out with 2 laps to go! Crashed with Migno. Binder went on to win and the title looks his. Bagnaia 2nd, Bendsneyder 3rd.
Meanwhile, there was a Grand Prix in Italy [13:00, Sky Sports F1] Hamilton, on pole, made a trademark bad start and dropped to 6th. Nasr crashed into Palmer and both went out. Hamilton advanced to a distant 2nd. The Mercs did 1 stop to get them through the 53 laps. Ferrari did 2 stops and took 3rd & 4th.
Meanwhile, Moto2 [14:00, BTSport2] Sam Lowes was on pole for his home race, 18 laps. Folger shot into the lead. Isaac Vinales crashed on lap 1. Lowes retook the lead with Zarco & Folger scrapping behind him. Morbidelli advanced to 3rd. Alex Marquez crashd out on lap 5.
   Lowes dropped to 4th. Luthi took the lead in the 2nd half of the race. Zarco crashed Lowes out on lap 15. Luthi, Morbidelli, Nakagami at the end. Zarco was 6th on the track but the stewards gave him a 30-second time penalty, which dropped him out of the points with Lowes.
MotoGP [13:30, BTSport 2] Cal Crutchlow was on pole, 20 laps. A big crash on lap 1 brought out a red flag, too much carnage to sweep up easily. So a new race of 19 laps. Maverick Vinales went past Crutchlow for the lead and stayed there. Maquez was up to 2nd on lap 2. Bradl had a big crash, and Redding dropped his bike.
   Maverick shot off into the distance, leaving the rest scrapping behind him for podium places. Iannone crashed out from 2nd with 5 laps to go. Crutchlow battld up to 2nd. Marc Marquez saw off Rossi for 3rd but went off the track scrapping with Crutchlow for 2nd and rejoined behind Pedrosa in 5th. Marquez finished 4th and Lorenzo was a distant 8th.
IndyCars @ Watkins Glen, NY state [19:00, ESPN] Dixon was on pole; not that that means anything. Big shambles right away but no caution. 60 laps of a road course. Dixon went off into the distance and made better fuel mileage than anyone else. Alyoshin suffered a tyre blow-out on lap 15, right after Dixon had pitted, for the first caution.
   Restart on lap 19 with most of the previous front runners 10 places down after making pit stops under yellow. Rahal crashed at turn 1 on lap 20 after hitting Kimball; caution for a racing incident. Montoya got a brief spell in the lead when Dixon pitted again on lap 32. Hooray! Win Jer crashed out on lap 39 and stuff all over the track. Kimball went for a pass that wasn't on and Win Jer drove into him. Kimball survived the encounter.
   Dixon was able to do fuel-saving in the lead and looked okay to get to the end. If there were no more yellows, some would be in trouble. There was some splashing and dashing in the last few laps, including Castroneves. Sato did some pratting about on the last lap. Dixon won by a mile followed home by Newgarden and Castro. Series leader Pagenaud was 7th and increased his lead over 2nd place man Win Ger.
Marx Labour Day Weekend continued: The Blue Bombers @ the Roughriders [20:00, BTSport1] The Bombers kicked a FG. The Riders failed to do the same after 4½ minutes. The Bombers were sacked to a punt but when they got the ball back; Boom! Nichols to McDuffie, 80 yards for a TD, 10-0.
   The Riders missed another FG try in Q2 and the Bombers made another. 13-0. A trick play on a punt failed to work for the Riders but a FG try by the Bombers bounced back off the post. The Riders were sacked out of FG range with 4 minutes to go, but the managed one with just over a minute left; time enough for the Bombers to close the half with a FG at 16-3.
   In Q3, the Riders gambled and went out on downs. The Bombers kicked a FG. 19-3. Another sack for the BB. A punt by the RR pinned them deep, and sent the BB 2 & oat for the first time. Roosevelt tried to sell a TD catch in the BB end zone but didn't fool the officials. The Riders advanced to the red zone, a TD for Holley and he took a +2 catch. 19-11.
   Penalties in Q4 got the Riders to "and goal", and Durant ran in a TD and a 2-pointer. 19-all! A 52 yard FG put the BB 22-19 up with 8½ minutes to go. A pick by Adams set up another BB FG, 25-19. Durant 55 yards to Collins at the 3 minute warning but a pick by Roberts put the BB at their 1.
   A pass to Sheppard and a run by Harris got the BB to their 25, where they stalled. A punt went 60 yards and so Lawrence had to go 80 yards to return it for a TD! The PAT missed, 25-all, 48 seconds left. A pick by Cox was wiped out by a bad pass interference call on the RR, and Medlock kicked a 42 yard FG to make it 28-25 and break the Bombers' 11-match Labour Day Weekend losing streak against the Riders, which began in 2004.
Beauty & the Beast [series 4/07, 20:00, W] DHS wasn't pleased about Vincent killing Deputy-Secretary Hill, even if it was self-defence, as it looked like the effects of Vincent with PTSD. Cat was quizzed by Morgan, a terrorism stooge from DC and J.T. was busted; and Heather. Vince needed Cat to pretend to see him out to get back into DHS to get at Hill's encrypted files. Vince went after a bounty hunter to find out who was behind the bounty. Morgan didn't buy Cat's story but gave her some rope.
   Vince planned to infiltrate Graydal, the outfit which was being paid to hunt him down, but that didn't go very well. Cat lured Vince into a DHS trap, from which he escaped easily, to establish some credibility. Then she told Vince they would have to operate on opposite sides of the law for a while but they needed to come up with a solution because they can't keep living like this.

[Monday, 05th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] The town got a celeb visitor: Claudia from Warehouse 13. Henry & Dr. Grant were trying to sent a wormhole into the future using a design based on the Bridge, which they can't use to send Grant back to 1947. Henry's wife was feeling frisky and worried that he wasn't interested. Alison prevented Grant from smoking using nanobots. GD had another red elf event, and lots of stuff from 1947 started appearing.
   Was it Henry's wormhole? Claudia stepped on a mine and Fargo had to defuse it. Then he fell on a mine. Grant turned out to be full of separated exotic particles (like Hawking radiation only with a wormhole instead of a black hole). But he was sorted out using nanobots. And Claudia turned down Fargo's offer of a job at G.D.
Marx Labour Day Weekend continued [20:00, BTSport 2] The Esks @ the Stamps on Normie Kwong night. The Stamps marched straight into the EE red zone but were held to a FG. Reilly was sacked on successive plays. Lots of defence until 14 minutes gone and Parker took a TD catch then a +2 catch and the Stamps got a rouge from the kick off. 0-12. A botched punt collection suddenly turned into a defensive TD for the Stamps, no +2, 0-18.
   Roughing on Reilly missed by the officials, punt. The Stamps kicked a FG. 0-21. The Esks got to FG range but Reilly was picked off. Reilly to Walker in the CS end zone, and a rouge from the kick off. 8-21. A big pass from Mitchell to Parker got the Stamps back to the red zone, FG, 8-28. The Esks got a rouge from a punt, Ladler went 63 yards for a TD after making an interception and the kick off contributed a rouge. 17-24.
   Defence in Q3, 2 more sacks on Reilly. An easy TD to a wide open Grant after 12 minutes, 17-31. The Esks drove into Q4 but Reilly was picked in the CS end zone. Another bogus PI call on the Esks helped the Stamps to a TD for Messam. 17-38. Messam again for a TD with 2 minutes left. 24-45. The Esks went out on downs, so no cosmetic TD for them at the end.
Next, the Argos in Hamilton [23:30, BTSport 2] A penalty fuelled drive took the Ticats to a TD for Masoli. 0-7. Atkinson got a sack and the Argos kicked a FG. 3-7. A sack on Collards triggered several fumbles and the ball ended up in the TC end zone as a 57 yard play by Gordon. 10-7. The Argos drove into Q2, Elliot lost a TD to a penalty, Ray was sacked again, FG, 13-7.
   The Argos recovered a forced fumble at the TC 23 to set up a TD for Gurley. 20-7. The Cats were sacked to a punt, which was blocked by Jones and a TD for Whitaker made it 27-7. The Cats scored a 2 yard TD via Banks and both sides kicked a FG before half time. 30-17.
   In Q3, the TC got the benefit of a bogus PI call and Toliver took a TD pass. 30-24. The Argos nearly kicked a FG after 8 minutes but the Cats were done for too many men! A TD for Gurley but no +2. 36-24. A TD for Tasker got the TC to 36-31. Spencer took a pass the other way 65 yards to the TC 9 but Ray was picked off in the end zone.
   A TD for Owens 6 minutes into Q4, +2 points, gave the Cats a 36-39 lead. Ray was hit making a pass and that was a pick-6 for Davis. 36-46. Ray was sacked and the Argos chose to go for it with 3 minutes left; only to go out on downs. The Cats kicked a FG for a final score of 36-49.
Dark Matter [catch-up TV] The android has a dream during charging. Then she shows her factory simulation to the crew and argues with her when the virtual android says she's dangerous. Five points out that rebooting the android will destroy her personality and be the equivalent of killing her. The ship goes wonky and everyone starts to have weird fantasy episodes.
   The virtual android says the mechanical one is trying to take over the ship as an act of self-preservation, and there's a virus loose in the AI. Shoot the android in the head whilst she's on her charger, says the virtual. The android's dream pal tells her to ditch her crew and join the free androids. The ship's functions start failing.
   Five thinks the virtual android is the source of the virus. The android comes off her charger to save the day. The virtual threatens to kill Two if the android shuts down the computer core. Two says go ahead; she's zapped but survives. The virus is removed but the ship is left needing lots of work to get it running again.

[Tuesday, 06th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] The Titan robot goes crazy. 12 hours earlier . . . The Sheriff, Fargo and Kevin are going camping and Carter is mooning over Alison instead of competing with Grant for her favours. Henry tells his wife what happened and about the Einstein Bridge but she doesn't want to believe him. She hooks him up to a gadget, which zaps him. There's a flaw in an upgrade to the AI and it's sending all the Level 6 robots nuts.
   Grant attaches himself to the campers. Alison has to smash a gadget which decides to perform a brain dissection on a live subject. Sarah, the Carter bunker AI, is to blame. Fargo's high-tech tent tries to eat him. Tiny, the Titanbot, goes after the campers. Kevin's emobot deflects it. The AIs are sorted out but Zane leaves Deputy Andy's emotions intact.

[Wednesday, 07th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Some fossil nerd, whom Zoe fancies, is holding up the rebuilding of Jo's house. The DoD is snooping around the file Fargo faked for Grant. Derek, the annoying nerd, is fashcreted. He's alive in there! Carter finds another petrified man. Dr. Zimmer is locked up but she's found petrified in her cell. Fargo has to get Zane to hack the DoD, so he owes Zane big-time.
   Zoe cracks the petrification problem; Derek has been faking fossils. Then Zoe starts to petrify. Zane tells Jo that Grant is dodgy but she doesn't want to know. Carter & Alison depetrify the statues. Then Henry turns G.D. into a disco as part of his campaign to woo his wife. Finally, evil Beverley, sometime G.D shrink, tells Grant her group has been waiting a long time for him to show up.
Stargate SG-1 [Fallen, 19:00, Pick] is up to series 7 and now in wide-screen. Daniel is returned to this plane of existence. Jonas cracks the mystery: it's the City of the Lost, not the Lost City. SG-1 goes to the planet where Daniel was dumped. He is not keen to rediscover his past at first. He decides they're really looking for a city that is lost because the Ancients hid it. And it's not on the planet where he was dumped.
   A mad plan develops to get Lord Yu to help destroy Anubis' death star. Only Yu is decaying rapidly and he bales out of the attack. The weapon on Anubis' ship is taken out but Jonas is captured and Daniel is still aboard. And Yu has Teal'c.
Shades of Blue [21:00, Living] Saperstein is planted with due ceremony. The Fed gives Harlee another wire. A prescription meds operation is busted; but it's just a doctor helping people without health insurance. He had Saperstein's protection and he gets further protection from the squad.
   The dirty cop gets into an armed confrontation with guys who have a prisoner in a car boot. The lurking Feds restrain themselves with difficulty. Harlee ends up in charge of the prisoner. His wife works for a securities company. The dirty cop turns up whilst the Fed is with the wife. There's an armoured car heist in the offing.

[Thursday, 08th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Beverley tells Grant he's a founder of her anti-technology group and GD is developing an EM pulse weapon. Henry and Grace are having a new beginning when things start going weird again. The weapon is tested for General Mansfield and it zaps Fargo a bit. Then the road to Eureka and a bridge collapse and everyone starts having annoying hallucinations.
   Sheriff Carter sees Nathan, Alison sees Tess, Fargo sees him nemesis girl from when he was 10 and Jo sees the other Zane. Henry's garage collapses and he realizes that the collapses are being triggered from outside GD. Grant does some sabotage and the weapon is moved out of GD after Carter realizes that was the saboteurs' plan.
   Free of hallucinations, Carter gets to do breakfast with Alison. Grant realizes that he's been had. Beverley tells him her group has rebuilt Einstein's Bridge, and they stole the power source from the EM weapon because they want to send Grant back to 1947 to change the world.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi+1] A comic-addicted kid sees zombies fighting in the street but his mom doesn't believe him. But the cops find a dead zombie pick-pocket. 7 wallets were reported stolen at a zombie convention. A lady victim is harassed because her wallet was returned. She has an abusive red-herring ex-boyfriend. Maura is still obsessing about her memory problems.
   The resident pick-pocket at the convention says he warned off a rival but didn't kill him. He offers a suspect: a burn victim, not a zombie. Maura gives Jane her resignation letter; she doesn't want to let anyone down. Jane has to defuse the killer on a roof with the help of the lady who had her wallet returned; the burnt guy waters her plants.
Lie To Me [22:00, Alibi] Emily bring an Amanda to get Cal's help. She thinks her dad is being overmedicated at a psychiatric facility. Which gives Cal an excuse to take a dislike to the head shrink, run riot there and get himself admitted. Cal does a lot of hallucinating, which he rather enjoys, and discovers that the problem is nothing to do with medication.
   Wayne is being poisoned by ergot in the magic muffins, which his daughter brings for him and which Cal sampled. Wayne's wife, divorced, is behind it; she's doing it to keep Wayne locked up so that he can't blow all their cash by betting on horses.

[Friday, 09th] TNF replay: the Panthers in Denver [13:00, Sky Sports 2] Denver fumbled away their opening possession. The Panthers drove to a TD and 70 collected a silly public warning for taunting after the event. Denver's full back surprised the Panthers with an equalizer 3 minutes into Q2. 7-all. Newton scored another TD with a pylon dive with 3 minutes left in the half and the Panthers kicked a FG to end it at 17-7.
   The Panthers were unable to do anything after a pick of Siemian, Manning's replacement, in Q3. The Broncos started Q4 with a 25 yard TD. 17-14. They did some grinding up close and scored another TD 5 minutes later. 17-21. The Panthers were held to a FG with 4:21 left. 20-21. A sack and a criminal assault on Newton slowed the Panthers, but they had a chance to kick a 50 yard FG at the end. Which missed. Denver wins.
   There should have been someone in the box to slap the coms around the head every time they compared this match to the last SB. Same teams, different players. Crumbs! What miserable little end zones they have in the NFL. But I guess America doesn't have the wide open spaces you find in Canada. An ending that wouldn't have been out of place in the "no lead is safe" CFL though!
Eureka [18:00, Pick] Grant's mob were plotting to prevent the atom bomb being built in 1947. 63 years later, Alison was in bed with Carter. Henry had found a strange lack of radiation in the area. Carter spotted the Beverley connection to 1947 and Henry spotted where the Bridge device was. Alison was killed by the backwash from the Bridge when it was switched on.
   Carter charged in and ended up back in 1947 with Grant; just before he arrived originally, so there were 2 Carters and 2 Grants. Grant reckoned he could save Alison. Suddenly, we were back in 2010 and Carter used a wire-recording from Grant to save Alison.
   The device stolen from GD was recovered and the general ordered a full investigation. So the 5 time travellers had to cover their asses. Zane knew that something had happened involving Jo. Grant left Eureka. Beverley was still after Carter, though.
the last ever Unforgettable [21:00, Living] Carrie & Al had a shootout with a guy with a rifle, who killed himself. He seemed to be a very normal kind of guy rather than a mad killer. Carrie kept getting memories of a carnival popping up, and Al found that they were false!! The gun Eli was using was stolen from the CIA in 2009 and it had been used in 3 other shootings.
   Eli's body contained a mind-control drug. Carrie used to be in a CIA team and another member of it had the same carnival memory; only he won the prize, not Carrie. A Senator Glass was identified as the target and Lt. Al tried to get suspended Captain Sharon to persuade the senator to pull out of a public event.
   Carrie got a phone call, which turned her into a psycho-killer! Al found her and made her remember what was real instead of the implanted carnival memory. The Senator wasn't shot but the mad professor who did the CIA's dirty work was in the wind, and Al was shot at the end.

[Saturday, 10th] CFL live [21:30, BTSport 3] The bad news is that we joined the Riders in Winnipeg at the start of Q2. The not so bad news was that there had been just a FG from the Riders' opening drive, so 3-0. The Bombers kicked an equalizing FG 4 minutes in. Lots of D then a huge pass to a wide open Dressler and 2 majors on the Riders, WPG to SSK 5. A sack on Nichols was wiped out by roughing, the Bombers advanced to the SSK goal line and Nichols in for a TD. 3-10.
   In Q3, SSK punted and WPG lost a 75 yard kick return for a TD to holding. The Riders got level with a TD for Roosevelt after 7 minutes. The Bombers missed a FG try after 10 minutes and the ball was returned to the SSK 10. Lots of injuries throughout the match.
   In Q4, SSK fumbled the ball away in the WPG red zone. A huge pass to Gudino, then PI on him. Nichols was flushed from the pocket and ran to the SSK 1; in for a TD, 10-17. 10 minutes to go. Durant made a miraculous escape from a sack, a roughing challenge failed and SSK blew up on a fake FG play. 5 minutes left. Medlock missed a FG try for WPG and a great return by Lawrence was lost to holding. 100 yards to go in 17 seconds for SSK. Didn't make it.

[Sunday, 11th] The Stamps in Edmonton [00:00, BTSport 3] The Stamps punted. One play, Reilly to Walker, 104 yards for a TD. A failure to field the snap blew a FG try for the Esks. They went out on downs at midfield but a pick by Lacey got the ball back for the Esks. In Q2, it was Reilly to Bowman, 26 yards for a TD. 0-14.
   The Stamps went 2 & out again, and there was lots of defence. The Stamps kicked a FG with 3:45 to go, 3-14. A 32 yrd pass to White helped to set up an EE FG, 3-17. The Stamps had enough time for a FG . . . missed.
   In Q3, the Esks were sacked to a punt. A big pass play to 81, penalties on both sides and the Stamps kicked a FG. The Esks got close, but only a FG. 6-20 after 10 minutes. A TD for Daniels got the Stamps to 13-20. The Stamps lost a sack to a penalty. The injured White fumbled the ball away, the Stamps survived a sack on Mitchell in Q4 and a TD for a wide open Daniels made it 20-all.
   Sacks and punts. The Esks had a go at a 52 yard FG . . . NG, and we were into O/T. The Esks reached the 1 on PI in the end zone and got their +2. Same story for the Stamps. 28-all. The Stamps went first in part 2, TD for Grant, no +2, 34-28. The Esks went 3 & out.
San Marino MotoGP [09:30, BTSport 2] Binder on pole for 23 laps of Moto3 but Bastianini took the lead. 4 crashers out in the first 2 laps, including Bentsneyder. Bastianini & Binder swapped the lead. Navarro crashed out on lap 9. Bastianini was ahead in the 2-horse race with 4 to go. Mir got past Bulega but he was sent back a place for persistent exceeding of the track limits. But he was soon back to 3rd, and Binder took the lead on the last lap.
Moto2: Zarco on pole, 26 laps, Lowes 4th behind him. 4 out in the first 2 laps again and Luthi wasn't penalized for taking an escape road after he was forced off the track. Zarco was mugged back to 5th. Rins reached 2nd behind Morbidelli and took the lead on lap 6. Kent slid off on lap 8. Rins gapped the field.
   Lowes went up to 4th, Zarco went down to 7th. Lowes went past Morbidelli for 3rd, nearly fell off and lost the place. A bump took him out with 13 laps to go. Baldesari closed on Rins and took the lead on lap 25. Nakagami finished 3rd and Zarco 4th.
MotoGP: Lorenzo on pole but he lost the lead to Rossi early on. Marquez was harassing Viñales behind them, going past him with 25 to go, followed by Dovizioso. Pedrosa suddenly set a fastest lap in 5th and swept past Marquez with 15 to go. He took 2nd from Lorenzo with 12 to go and the lead with 7 to go. His soft front tyre was the right choice; Marquez, back in 4th, had the hard option. So Pedrosa kept his streak of at least one win in every season going.
NFL Sunday [17:30, Sky Sports 2] Brilliant idea, playing the anthem in Jacksonville on a saxophone, the instrument which most resembles the human voice, instead of letting some singist commit murder on 9/11. Okay, the Packers in Florida.
   The first JX drive ended in some crazy aerial juggling to GB, who made a 4th & 1 at the JX 20, and Rodgers had to run in a TD himself. Matthews sacked JX to a punt, which put GB at their goal line. 3 & out. A 1 yard TD run for Ivory, 7-all. Punting and another sack for Matthews. 101 deg.F on the field!!
   In Q2, JX made a 4th & 5, and went on to a go-ahead FG. 7-10. Rodgers to Nelson, the perfect reply, 14-10. Bortles to thomas for a TD to close the half at 14-17? No, a miracle pass by Rodgers to a miracle catch by Adams, 21-17.
   A scramble by Rodgers in Q3 and a great catch by Cobb kept the Pack going, but GB were stopped at the JX 7, FG, 24-17. A FG back for JX. 24-20. Lacy had a big run to the JX 17, and the Pack reached "& goal" in Q4, but just a FG. 27-17.
   JX recovered from a big sack by the Pack, but they were sacked to a FG. Brain-fade by GB, trying to call one time out after another, punt. The Pack lost a pick to holding. JX went out on downs with 16 seconds left. The end.
CFL Live [21:30, BTSport 3] The TiCats @ the Argos. The Cats were harassed to a punt. LeFevour, on for Ray, hit Gurley with a TD pass in the end zone. 0-7. The Argos added a FG after 10 minutes. 0-10. Then some defence with a pick by the Argos at the end of the quarter.
   LeFevour made a Q2 3rd & 1 with a bootleg dash, on to a FG. 0-13. The Cats replied with a TD pass to Toliver. 7-13. A pick by Tracy in TA territory led to a FG for the Cats with 4 minutes left. 10-13. Another pick right away by the Cats, and Masoli on for a 1 yard TD. 17-13. The Argos punted. A big return by Banks set up a FG for the Cats. 20-13. A TD pass was dropped in the TC end zone and the Argos kicked a FG to close the half at 20-16.
   Gurley won a wrestling match for a pass reception in Q3 and Whitaker made a 36 yard TD run on the next play. 20-23. A TC punt was blocked, another TD for Whitaker. 20-30. Collards was getting clobbered and he suffered the first sack after 11 minutes. The Argos went further ahead with a FG. 20-33. Some defence into Q4.
   The Cats missed a FG for 1 point. 21-33. The defences took charge. Collards was picked in the TA end zone! The Argos held on for an epic win in their own stadium. Well, who'da thunk it!
The Giants in Dallas [21:30, Sky Sports 2] A long DC opening drive went to a FG. They kicked another 4 minutes into Q2; rekicked after holding, in fact. The Giants went ahead with a TD. The Cowboys lost one to a review with 6 minutes left and kicked a FG instead. 7-9. The Giants replied with a TD. 14-9 at half time.
   In Q3, Manning was intercepted in the first minute, and the Cowboys went on to a TD. 13-16. The Giants were sacked to a punt and the defences held up into Q4. The Cowboys were held to a 54 yard FG 1 minute in. 13-19. Some defence then the Giants got close and scored a 3 yard TD with 6 minutes left. Could the Giants eat clock? Yep. Could the Cowboys get close enough for a FG? Nope.
Beauty & The Beast [20:00, W] Cat, Heather and Tess are all having man-trouble. Vince is having to kick the crap out of killers to get a job at Graydal. Cat can't work with Agent Dillon, the new boss. J.T. is bugging DHS. Vince is teamed with psycho-killer Diana; she gets to be his U/C wife. Cat sees them on CCTV. She turns up at their first job. Then Dillon gets in the way and ends up in hospital.
   The Graydal wet-jobbers still don't know if they can trust Vincent. Dillon tells Cat that Diane is a hit-man-woman. Vince has to kill (and revive) a security guard at the next job. Diane loses a scrap with Cat and ends up a bit dead herself. J.T. doesn't have a not-date with Tess and Cat gives Vincent some rules.

[Monday, 12th] FNF replay [06:00, ESPN] was the Als @ BC. The visitors went 2 & out with Cato in for Glenn. Big gains for BC, a sack for MTL, Jennings to Arcenaux, 45 yards for a TD, +2, 0-8 after 4 minutes. Lots of Carter in the next MTL drive, which went to a FG. Johnson got to the goal line and was awarded a suspect TD. 3-15. The Als were sacked to a punt.
   A 32 yard dash for Rainey in Q2 set up another TD for Johnson. The PAT missed, 3-21. BC got close after an exchange of punts but just a FG. 3-24. The Als kicked a FG with just over a minute left. 6-24.
   Johnson got on his horse in Q3 before a BC fumble gave Cox a 57 yard pick-6. 13-24. Burnham lost a TD to holding, he stretched to make a 2nd & 20 and Lulay came on for a short yardage TD. 13-31 8 minutes in. Punt, punt. Vasey got a sack but the Als made a 1st down, Carter fired a pass 37 yards to Cunningham and the Als kicked a FG at the end of the quarter. 16-31.
   In Q4, Carter made a 40 yard catch and the Als kicked a FG. 19-31. Johnson barged into the MTL end zone for his 3rd TD, 19-38, 5½ minutes to go. A 26 yard TD for Lewis in reply, +2, 27-38 and some hope for the Als, but it was on to victory for BC.
NFL replay: NE in Arizona [13:00, Sky Sports 2] The Patriots, who are supposed to be underdogs without Mr. Deflategate, went ahead with a TD halfway through Q1 and kicked a 47 yard FG after 14 minutes. A fumble recovery by the Cards in Q2 set up a TD for Fitzgerald. 10-7.
   In Q3, the Pats battered through unready Crads for a short TD. 17-7. The Cards got another TD from a fumble recovery. 17-14. In Q4, a FG put NE 20-14 ahead. Another amazing catch gave Fitzgerald 100 career TDs. 20-21. The Pats retook the lead with a FG. 23-21. The Cards had a chance but a bad snap from a cheap center did them out of a winning FG.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] It's Xmas and some unfortunate kids, who are snowed in, have to listen to Sheriff Carter's Xmas story; an Xmas which was boiling hot. A Code 12 alert brought Jo the nutter out to shoot down Santa; the crazy Aussie in a flying sleigh. Someone had wrecked the GD EM shield and there was a crystal, which was growing and threatening to swamp GD. No, GD was shrinking!
   The trapped energy was raising the temperature. Was the crazy Aussie to blame? No, it was the crazy cook at the cafe. Henry wanted to Big Bang the crystal, which needed Taggart's sleigh to help Carter blast the crystal and fix the shield at the same time.
Dark Matter [20:00, Syfy] The crew were shopping when 5 was kidnapped by slavers and 3 chased after her. The station was put into lockdown and GA Security summoned when 4 was spotted. 6 wanted to go down to the station but the android couldn't let him off the Raza. The Marauder returned with 2, 4 and the convict lady, and went back down again with 6 to rescue 3 and 5, who escaped on foot from GA stooges. 3 made the kid go off on her own as he was too badly wounded to run. The stooges caught up with him and he bamboozled them until the crew arrived on their rescue mission.
   There's an uprising going on in the outer colonies. Six sees it as an opportunity to finish off the corporations and GA if they have the Blink Drive. He wants to be the intergalactic cops. Two is not so keen. But change is coming, whether they like it or not, 6 says. 4 asks the android for help in uploading some stored memories.

[Tuesday, 13th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] The Carter bunker's AI called off a "wedding" to Deputy Andy. The idiot Zane got himself and Fargo launched into space and Alison, assuming the unauthorized launch was unmanned, prepared to shoot it down.Carter blew up the missiles; then he was told the capsule was on a collision course with the ISS. Zane went to pieces so Fargo had to save the day.
   Fargo realized that they had to use the experimental FTL drive in conjunction with Henry's Boson Cloud Exciter; but Zane had stolen a component from it and GD and the town were blacked out. Deputy Andy provided power on the ground and the capsule landed safely. Then Fargo was dragged off to Washington for a grilling by a senator who was trying to shut down GD because she thought it would do her career some good.
Olympus Has Fallen (2013) [21:00, Five*] Pissant Oriental terrorists and traitors take over the White House to get the US to withdraw the 7th Fleet and let N. Korea attack S. Korea. Natch, there's a washed-up American agent, Mike, on the scene to take out BGs and stop the acting president from going wobbly and give the pissants what they want.
   Codes are tortured out of the people with access to them. The acting president provides a chopper for the prisoners; and it blows up after taking off. Was the president aboard? Of course, he wasn't. Mike, you've got about 10 minutes before the closing credits roll to prevent all of America's nuclear missles from self-destructing in their bunkers. Mike gets to do in the head pissant, and the president takes a bullet to make him a hero.

[Wednesday, 14th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Senator Wen sent Dr. Holly Martin, who turned down a job at GD, to investigate the launch of the FTL ship, which nearly hit the ISS. Alison dumped her kids on Carter to go to a conference. Zane knew about 1947, Jo was dismayed to learn. Fargo used the FTL drive to make Dr. Martin disappear and the usual suspects started acting crazy. Dr. Alison had to do a roadside rescue.
   Zane burnt down Jo's house because she was ignoring him. There was a bug in the Eureka jukebox, which was sending everyone nuts. Crazy Jo nearly killed the sheriff. Kevin shut down the gadget in Henry's garage. Dr. Martin revealed that GD was getting $20B to build an FTL Titan explorer. Alison's adventure never happened; she was ambushed and brain-bugged by the evil Beverley and her stooges.
MNF replay [Sky O/D] The Rams in SF. Gabbert, on for Kraepernick, did lots of rushing for SF and his team scored first with a TD in the 12th minute. SF got another TD 4 minutes into Q2 after intercepting a tipped pass. 0-14. Not much doing offensively for the Rams.
   The Rams reached scoring range at the end of Q3 but they were stopped by a pick. Another SF TD 3 minutes into Q4, 0-21. Rams 99 was chucked out of a bad-tempered clash for a "contact with an official" bum rap with 7 minutes to go. Another SF TD, 0-28. Kraep came on to be booed by the fans, no more scoring.
Shades of Blue [21:00, Living] The dirty cop dragged Harlee to an "easy" job involving a violent, damaged ex-marine, who killed a guy for his shoes. The dirty cop, also an ex-Marine, decided to get him off. The kidnapped man's guards were being watched by the Feds. The guy who thinks he's the father of Harlee's daughter was released from gaol after 10 years, declared innocent. Harlee couldn't get a restraining order against him.
   An old derelict came up with an alternative killer, "the devil". Harlee's FBI handler's lady assistant got the scumbag out of gaol but he didn't tell Harlee this, of course. There was a DEA agent involved in the armoured car job; which would involve moving $12M of DEA cash. The dirty cop demanded $3M for his dirty crew.
   The gaolbird called on Harlee's daughter. The cops went after the alternative killer to the Marine, but he was strung up by his neck in kinky gear in his pervs' club. Harlee demanded a general amnesty for her crew from the Fed. Her stoopid kid opened the door to the gaolbird.

[Thursday, 15th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Who's going on Astraeus to Titan? 387 applicants (Alison isn't going) for a crew of 20, lots of whittling for Fargo & Holly Martin. Zane has security risk assessment contact lenses; Jo tries them, the sheriff doesn't and makes a fool of himself. Fargo makes the system clunk, but is Zane about to be blown up in the cafe by an explosion at GD? Henry extracts data from Zane's gadget to work out what will happen.
   Natch, Carter comes up with a fix to prevent the big bang, and Zane saves Jo after she makes it work. Fargo fails to get dinner with Holly; she thinks he's too dangerous. Henry tells Carter that Alison is a high security risk, according to Zane's gadget.
Rizzoli & Isles [20:00, Alibi] Maura has taken up fencing and all sorts of other stuff and her assistant is still trying to get her to have brain surgery. A mailman was found; an apparent suicide. Rizzo found a crazy woman ransacking the dead guy's home; she was a Federal agent investigating possible mail fraud. The PM said murder. Jane had to work with the crazy woman. A janitor was done in a month before; murder dressed as suicide. Someone was forging postal barcodes.
   Mail was being sent to fake addresses and intercepted on the way to a dead letter office. Korsak had to go undercover as a janitor to get a stooge busted. He gave up his dealer in return for protection; the packages mismailed contained drugs. The crazy woman got to clobber the dealer after a shoot out and a drug ring was busted. Then it was off to a birthday party in Korsak's bar.
Lie To Me [20:00, Alibi] A kid snooping in his mom's boyfriend's territory found a ton of cash. Mam consulted Cal. George, the BF, was a lobbyist. Was he blackmailing a divorce lawyer? George was waiting for a divorce from Paula after only 6 months, and he had changed greatly since the wedding.
   The Institute tracked down an Ingrid; there had been 5 wives in 2½ years. George's house went up in flames and there was a charred body inside. The ladies all blamed the divorce lawyer; he was the dead guy. Noah thought his mom had killed George. Cal tracked George down at the airport. He was a chameleon con-man and he was busted.

[Friday, 16th] TNF replay [13:00, Sky Sports 2] The Jets in Buffalo. A challenge by the Bills spared the Jets a long FG try and handed them a chip shot. 3-0. The Bills replied with an 84 yard TD pass. 3-7. The Jets closed Q1 with another FG. 6-7.
   The Jets barged into the BB end zone 4 minutes into Q2, and scored another with 4 minutes left. 20-7 and they were way ahead on time of possession. The Bills managed a FG. 20-10.
   A 71 yard TD in Q3 gave the Bills some hope. 20-17. Then they went ahead almost immediately with a pick-6 from the defence. 20-24. The Jets scored a FG after another long drive after 13 minutes, and kicked a FG 4 minutes in to Q4. 30-24. The Jets scored another TD with 4 minutes to go. 37-24. The Bills needed a review to get a TD with 1:17 left. 37-31 turned out to be the final score.
The Eurekans [18:00, Pick] were going crazier as they geared up for the Titan mission. Someone did a bank job; they stole the bank building! Crazy Jo was letting her inner Nazi out to harass trainees for the mission. There was anti-matter in one of the deposit boxes, so a huge explosion threat.
   Strange things were happening around Alison. Carter fell into a lake. The bank and his car were floatin over it; and going higher along with a lot of other stuff from the town. There was a Higgs field disruptor in anothe box, which was being powered by the antimatter.
   Carter had to be air-lifted to the bank to separate them. Alison discovered that she had been bugged. The bank went down like a runaway lift but the nerds on the ground came up with a fix in the nick of time. Carter's jeep went into orbit and buzzed the ISS. Meanwhile, Alison was definitely not herself.
Hooten & the Lady [21:00, Sky 1] The Lady, Alex, wanted to find Fawcett's last camp in the Amazon jungle. She promised to do it in time for a big exhibition at the British Museum to guarantee funding in austere times. Hooten (Detective Nick O'Malley from SU 2), a chancer, found a lost tribe of head-shrinkers. The Lady was their prisoner. He had to kick the ass of the biggest of them to get away.
   She had the boat so he had to go looking for the dead Victorian's camp. Meanwhile, the base camp was searching for Alex. But when she got in contact via Skype from a riverside store, and showed Pascal the map she'd found, he decided he was having the gold at the Lost City.
   Hooten took a bullet from Pascal but that didn't slow him down when he was larking about in and out of Pascal's helicopter, which flew into a mountain with Pascal aboard. No gold, but the museum got Fawcett's camp for the exhibition. In Rio, Hooten collected lots of cash for a diamond, most of which ended up in a church poor box. So he's obviously a nutter.

[Saturday, 17th] CFL Live: FNF [00:00, BTSport1] The Als in Hamilton. Glenn has gone to Winnipeg, making the Cato the man in MTL, where there were punch-ups in practice. A young lady who looked about 12 years old did an uncomplicated rendering of the anthem; an example to others twice her age and more.
   Both sides were sacked to a punt. Blackout as the Als were about to kick a FG; the BT HD channel had gone, but the OD channel was still there; 1 point from the kick. Collards was sacked again. Carter made a miracle punt block and ran the ball back for a TD! 8-0.
   In Q2, the Als punted after sack #2 on Cato and gor a rouge. 9-0. Same for the TC. 9-1. MTL were unable to do anything with an interception; sacked to a punt again. A 40 yard pass to Owens on a 3rd & 1 got the Cats to the MTL 8, and a TD for Tasker on the next play. 9-8. A tipped pass went to the TC with 2 minutes left. They failed to get PI in the end zone and Collards was picked on the next play.
   Hall of Fame stuff at half time. The TC punted away their first possession of Q3 but a dubious contact on the kicker penalty. An 8 minute drive, which including making 2nd & 24, ended with a FG. 9-11. The Cats got the ball right back from a fumble, FG, 9-14. Adams came on for a MTL 3rd & inches; another fumble to the TC stopped the Als.
   The Als kicked a FG 3 minutes in to Q4, 12-14. Collards was not at all gruntled about not having much of a game. A 51 yard FG put the Cats further ahead at 12-17. MTL punted with 7 minutes left. The Cats went 2 & out at their 9 and gave up a safety. 14-17. The Als got back level with a FG. Masoli came on for a 1 yard sneak for the Cats, Fantuz took a pass at the MTL 20 with time running out. The Cats ate the clock and kicked a walk-off FG. 17-20 final.
Midsomer Murders [Murder of Innocence, 18:00, ITV 3] They're a friendly lot in Binwell and a body before the titles. Mrs. Barnaby is on a jury. The murders all look like they relate to an old murder of a boy and threats to kill all and sundry. But that's far too simple and obvious for Midsomer.
   DS Jones was embarrassed by a fireperson GF, who was supposed to be the GF of a drug dealer he busted. Barnaby, J., wondered if Jones' dealer was a contract killer; a rather cheap one. Jones was also on the ancient hit list. The guy the police think is Felton isn't! He's a lookalike who's had plastic surgery. Surprise! Grady wasn't the original killer. Dierdre killed Daniel, her annoying brother.
CFL Live [22:00, BTS2] The Redblacks in Calgary. What do you get when you switch on for the Redblacks in Calgary? The end of the Argos vs the Bombers and a long discussion on what went on in the match we won't see until Monday morning. So what are we expected to do? Get too stoned to remember that result? But hey, what can you expect when a phone company is in charge of sports TV?
   The RBs went 2 & out, and booted the ball through the end zone. 1-0. A 55 yard pass to Grant, a TD for Buckley, no +2, 1-6. The RBs kicked a long FG. McDaniel went 24 yards, dived for a TD, no +2, 4-12. So close for the RBs, FG, 7-12.
   Big gain for McDaniel in Q2, TD for Messam, +2, 7-20. Finally, an RB TD for Jackson, 14-20. The RB defence managed a stop! Their offense went 2 & out. FG for CS. 14-23. Harris was picked for a TD by Wall. 14-30, 2 minutes to go. The RBs were sacked out of FG range. Only 5 penalties in the first half; 3 on Calgary.
   Lots of punting to start Q3. The RBs had to start from their 2; pass to Jackson at the 43! RBs sacked to a punt. Jackson was injured after a big pass play. TD for Ellingson, no +2, 20-30.
   A rouge from a CS punt in Q4. Ellingson took a pass, 63 yards to the CS 11, FG, 23-31. The first sack on Mitchell, punt. Daniels made an amazing catch in the RB end zone for a TD. 23-38 with 4 minutes to go. Harris was mugged and the Stamps' D had a TD. 23-45. The Stamps added a FG, 23-48, and that was enuf.
   If this is a Grey Cup preview, we really need 2 other teams in the final because we know which of these two will win.

[Sunday, 18th] Singapore GP [12:30, Sky Sports F1] Mercedes 1 & 3, Ricciardo between them. Vettel was at the back of the grid through penalties and Grosjean didn't even start. Hulkenbert was crashed out leaving the grit, hit by Sainz, Bottas got a puncture and Button had front wing damage. SC. Bitz everywhere, so the cars had to use the pit lane. A marshall still on the track had to run for his life after the very quick restart. Nothing much happened for the rest of the 61 laps. Vettel finished 5th.
NFL Sunday [17:30, SS2] The Bengals in soggy Pittsburgh. Punt, punt, R'Berger picked on a 4th down play just out of FG range. The wet conditions were a problem. The Steeler continued to try big passes, TD after 11 minutes in less rain, 0-7. The Bengals kicked a FG. 3-7.
   More defence in Q2. The Steelers kicked a FG. 3-10. A Steeler receiver let the Bengals have a pick, they got very close to scoring but had to kick a FG. 6-10. The Bengals went 3 & out to start Q3 and failed to get a fumble recovery from their punt for no apparent reason. A 53 yard pass to Coates set up a 9 yard pass to James and 6-17 after 9 minutes. Lots of PI by Steelers got the Bengals to the PS 1; FG, 9-17 after 13 minutes.
   The PS into the red zone in Q4 and a blown coverage gave them a TD. 9-24. A TD for Bernard with 3:25 left gave the Bengals some hope at 16-24. It was bucketing down now. The Bengals stopped the Steelers, but lost the ball to a bad fumble call and that let the Steelers eat the clock.
   The Bengals were done over by some very shoddy refereeing.
We missed the start of the Eskimos in windy Regina [21:50, BTS1] for a goalless draw between the Blues and the Whites. Then 8 minutes of bluddy adverts. We eventually got to the home of the Roughriders with 5 minutes gone and the Esks 3-0 up. No Roosevelt for the Riders, who collected a single from an 85 yard punt. A bad decision to field the next punt put the Esks at their 1 and they had to give up a safety. 3-all.
   Lots of D in Q2, with the Esks playing with the wind. They were knocking on the door with 2 minutes left but kicked a FG. 6-3. Durant was picked but Gainey ripped a simultaneous catch out of the hands of Bowman in the next play, and returned the ball 55 yards for a TD. No +2, 6-9. A FG got the Esks level for half time at 9-all.
   A 72 yard TD pass for Coehoorn put the Esks 16-9 up. Durant was sacked. A punt gave the Esks a rouge. The Riders kicked a FG in Q4. 17-12. The Esks kicked one in the 5th minute. 20-12. A 75 yard punt gave the Riders a rouge. A TD with 2 minutes to go got them to 20-all. Would anyone kick a FG? A time-count violation put the Riders out of FG range, so O/T.
   The Esks could manage only a FG. Durant ran in a 6 yard TD. 23-26 final. Bummer.
Next on Sky, the L.A. Memorial Colosseum [21:30, SS2] for the Seahawks @ the Rams in their new home. The Rams scored first with a FG. 0-3. A flag-fuelled drive by the Squawks ended with a FG in Q2. 3-3. The Rams were knocking on the door at the 2MW, failed to get a PI call on the Squawks and kicked a FG. 3-6.
   A second sack on Wilson 4 minutes in to Q3. The Rams were pinned deep by a put, got out of gaol but went nowhere. Lots of defence. The Rams kicked a FG in the first minute of Q4, 3-9. Keenum of LA was sacked a 2nd time. A monster play by the Squawks got them to the LA 35 but they fumbedl the ball away with 46 seconds to go. The end.
   How very peculiar that the flag-happy officials in the NFL, who seem to have turned a lot of blind eyes this weekend, failed to hand out lots of objectionable conduct penalties to Mr. Angry, the boss of the Squawks.
Beauty & the Beast [20:00, W, on demand] Vince was in a Graydal team looking for a Beast and Cat was being harassed by Grace, a journo who knew everything about the super-soldier program. Cat wanted to get Vince away somewhere before the story broke; he wanted to stay to find out who was paying the Beast bounty. Graydal had 48 hours to find a Beast. Tess staged a phoney drug bust to help Cat get Vince to a cabin in the woods. The Graydal team leader began a leak hunt. Grace harassed Tess, who had a prosecutor as a new BF.
   Cat offered Grace, who was being watched, a deal. Tess found that her new BF was intent on nailing Cat. Grace met Cat & Vince but she was shot when the watcher attacked the cabin. Cat got to shoot him. J.T. talked Tess out of quitting the police. Vince went back to Graydal and was duly clobbered.

[Monday, 19th] Sunday Night Football replay [09:00, ESPN] Drew Willy was back in Winnipeg as backup for the Argos' QB and Kevin Glenn, late of the Als, was doing the same for the Blue Bombers.
   The BB survived a rogue snap for a punt, they sacked LeFevour, they got close but they were held to a FG. The Argos struck back with a TD for Spencer. 7-3. Lemon sacked Nichols.
   The Bombers kicked a FG in the 4th minute of Q2. 7-6. And went on to another FG after a near interception. 7-9. LeFevour scrambled and hit Shaw with a TD pass. 14-9. McDuffie returned the kick off for a TD!! 98 yards. 14-16, 3 minutes left. The Argos got a rouge from a punt. A big pass to Wylie plus a FM penalty on the BB got the Argos to the 10, TD for Gurley. 22-16. The Bombers had time for a 53 yard FG from Medlock. 22-19.
   LeFevour continued to rush and take a battering in Q3. Another TD for Shaw. 29-19. The Bombers kicked a FG. 29-22. A pick by Randle gave the ball to the bombers, the Argos lost a turnover to a penalty and the Bombers went on to a TD for Denmark. 29-all.
   Flanders had his first CFL TD in Q4. 29-36. A missed FG kick by the Argos was returned. The Bombers lined up for a 3rd & 1 at the TA 10 and Nichols staggered to the goal line. Two tries to get in. 29-43, 3 minutes to go. A pick by Leggett right away gave the Bombers a FG. 29-46. And that's how it ended. The Bombers have now won an amazing 7 in a row.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] The Titan deadline was shrunk. Alison's memory remained wonky. Fargo, Holly, Jo and Parish had to get naked for stress testing by Larry. Zane stowed away in the test chamber. Alison lost her office and Carter had to wear a suit to replace Jo as head of GD security.
   The communications guy was wrecking GD. Grace wouldn't let Henry have a heart op from a guy who'd done it only on pigs. Tungsten began to disappear; Zane's fault. His bugs ate some of Deputy Andy and the test chamber was next. Carter needed Alison's help, and that of the testees, to save the day. Henry decided not to go to Titan and he's marrying Grace.
NFL replay, the Pack in Minnesota [19:00, SS2] Bradford, ex-Rams, was QB for the Vikings. He was sacked during their 2nd series and a punt was blocked by the Pack. PI in the MV end zone, then holding by the Viks, Rodgers to Nelson for a TD. 7-0. In Q2, the Vikings got close, made 2 false starts but managed an equalizing TD. They moved ahead with a TD at the end of the half. 7-10.
   A fumble created by the Viks was recovered by GB midway through Q3 in FG range but the Pack couldn't manage 4th & 1. Diggs took a pass to the GB 36, Peterson was injured, Diggs again for a TD. 7-17. Rodgers to Nelson in Q4, 39 yards to the MV 4, TD for Rodgers, crap penalty on GB, nothing on MV for unsporting conduct. 14-17. Diggs got a public warning on an MV 2nd & 27, punt. 10 minutes left.
   The Viks recovered a fumble by Rodgers at midfield but were sacked to a punt. Rodgers was sacked with just over 2 minutes left. Nearly a pick, then an actual pick. Good Night. The Vikings win comfortably.
Dark Matter [20:00, Syfy] Four had his old memories uploaded and offered to destroy his planet's enemies in return for the throne. Six told Five that he was a better person after his mind-wipe, and maybe the same applied to Four. Four tried to ambush his step-brother and ended up in one himself; but he did a deal. The bro made his mom admit that she had the previous emperor, her husband, killed. Three thought the bro's co-operation was too good to be true.
   Six told Four he wasn't having the blink drive for his war. Mom outflanked her son the emperor. Two thought Four's faith in General Drago would be his undoing. Four ended up in a cell. The crew of Raza (but not Five) ended up in a trap, as expected. The android started shooting and Five freed the imprisoned emperor, who had his mom arrested and then abdicated in favour of Four. Four is no more; he's Emperor Ishida now, and his step-mom was one of the first to be done in after the general.

[Tuesday, 20th] MNF replay [16:00, SS5] The Eagles in Chicago. A quick out for the Bears. A FG from the PE opening drive. The Bears missed a FG try after 13 minutes. A huge pass to Jeffrey in Q2 got the Bears to the PE 5, PI in the end zone, TD, 3-7. The Eagles kicked a FG in the 13th minute. 6-7. After a dropped TD pass, the Eagles kicked a go ahead FG to close the half at 9-7.
   The officials ignored PI by the Bears in Q3. Letting them play is all very well but ignoring blatant breaches of the rules ain't. The Eagles scored a TD in the last minute of the quarter. 16-7. A pick by the PE gave them a 1st & goal, TD, the PAT missed, 22-7.
   The Bears fumbled the ball away in the 2nd minute of Q4. The Eagles didn't make a 4th & goal but the Bears had jumped offside. TD on the next play. 29-7. A 65 yard punt return by Royal set up a CB TD. 29-14. 5 minutes to go, no further scoring.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] Zane was being screened as an X-factor for Titan by Senator Wynn's committee. Lots of memories from the characters' early years. Zane boots the selectors into touch. And engine test went horribly wrong. Sabotage? Carter was decontaminated and a guard was zapped and stripped of his uniform.
   It was the crazy old coot who was sitting in judgement over Carter and Alison. He was reliving Carter's greatest hits in the disaster department. Carter locked him up but he escaped and nearly killed his stoopid self. Grace had to zap his short-term memories. Fargo and Holly are going to Titan, Parish isn't and Jo dropped out.

[Wednesday, 21st] IndyCar GP of Sonoma replay [08:00, ESPN] Pagenaud led the field, no big crash at turn 2 of lap 1, four Penskes at the front. And it was really hot. Some very early pit stops as tyre degradation was an issue. Power's car croaked on lap 36, stuck in first gear. Pagenaud dived into the pits to avoid being screwed by the full course caution on lap 38 when Power came to a stop. Pigot and Daly also went out with mechanicals.
   Pagenaud, confirmed as the champ, and Montoya were thought to be short on fuel if they were making just one more stop. Restart into lap 42/85. Pagenaud continued to lead and save fuel, and made his last stop on lap 62. Rahal got close at the end but Pagenaud was never threatened. Montoya was 3rd.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] Sheriff Carter disapproved of Deputy Andy having sleepovers in the bunker with Sarah, the AI. A cow at GD liquefied. Crazy Taggart returned. Carter's car was crapped all over and liquefied. A comm link with Titan was established then the FTL drive went rogue and Andy ended up on Titan. A rescue attempt flopped.
   The circuits of the FTL drive were "melting". Carter and Taggart had to go into a deadly tank of crap to catch one of the bats, which were the source of the problem. GD was fixed, and Carter helped to retrieve Andy for Sarah.
Rosemary & Thyme [And No Birds Sing, 20:00, ITV 3] Deserted Laura has ditched the marital home, Rosie is ditching her professor but they go to see ailing Dan, an old student of Rosie's, who's giving cash to the university (if his family don't bump him off first). Rosie has to sort out some of his trees. An old mate of Laura's has a heart attack whilst driving and she and Rosie are staying at the same hotel.
   Ex-copper Laura suspects murder. There is giant hogweed where Laura is working. Her prof. sacks Rosie by letter and gets a smack in the gob. Ailing Dan falls from a first floor balcony and starts getting better in hospital.
   Laura thinks the houskeeper is a poisoner who got away with it. Dan was hogweeded, Rosie decides. But Dan's wife turns out to be the poisoner's daughter and Laura and the local doctor have to rescue Rosie.
Shades of Blue [21:00, Living] Wozniak, the dirty cop, thought he saw Harlee with FBI Agent Stahl, but it turned out to be a lookalike hooker. The dirty DEA agent wanted more of the take from the robbery. The squad was still investigating the dead guy, whose shoes were stolen. Harlee had to wear a recorder during the $12M robbery. She realized that Stahl's promise of immunity for the squad was a lie.
   Wozniak told Harlee about the hooker and warned her to watch her back. Harlee confronted Stahl about his lies. Her daughter knows Harlee has been lying about the scrumbag gaolbird. Harlee tries to prevent 4 of the squad from joining in but they just get another van.
   The job turns into an internal shoot-out between dirty cops and bent security van guys, one of whom killed the prisoner.

[Thursday, 22nd] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Getting on for take-off time and the President turns up to be zapped? No, it was just a stand-in who had his car particle bombed. The guy who built the gadget admitted planting 14 more round Eureka. Dr. Plotkin is an ecoidiot and Taggart's enemy. Taggart's truck went into orbit. The cafe got it; again; sucked into a black hole. Lots more appeared and formed one big one.
   The ecoidiot provided a delivery system for some antimatter. Carter was the delivery boy. He lost another Jeep. The appalling Jo left town. The launch of Astraea was hijacked. Carter clobbered the cooling system to shut down the reactor but the ship launched anyway with Alison in the jump seat. But to where?
Rizzoli & Isles [20:00, Alibi] A body before the titles. Isles was having an operation and her appalling mom turned up. But she did the body first. The woman fell down stairs after a boozy night? Or did she have a row with the daughter. She didn't do it to herself, Maura decided. The daughter then the husband got a hard time from the cops.
   A pregnant GF of the husband had a similar accident 20 years ago. He passed a lie detector test but Maura decided he was a pathological liar. Rizzo tried to subvert the daughter and set to work framing the husband after the DA charged the daughter. After the op, Maura's mom tried to get her to volunteer to work with live customers.
Two kids stole and SUV and cause a crash which killed a baseball star. Ria spotted which was driving. Cal went after the EMT who pulled a woman out of a wreck just before it exploded. The kid claimed he didn't run a red light. After harassing the EMT, Cal's car was T-boned and he got a trip to hospital.
   Was the EMT lady really staging a car crash on the anniversary of the fatal crash she caused, which killed her mom and left her brother handicapped? Cal and Foster did Eileen and Kent over and decided that Kent was the one in charge and the one causing the crashes. So he tried to commit suicide by car crash but bogged it up.

[Friday, 23rd] TNF/NFL hilites, the Texans in NE [Sky O/D] Lots of defence then NE kicked a FG after 13 minutes. TX fumbled away the kick return, which led to a TD for Brady-substitute QB Brissett. 0-10. The Texans got close in Q2 but were stopped by a pick. NE were sacked into a punt. Lots more D.
   The NE opening drive of Q3 ground into the end zone and produced a FG. 0-13. The Texans fumbled the kick return away and committed lots of PI in their end zone, so no wonder there was another NE TD. 0-20. In Q4, Blount made a 41 yard TD run with 11 minutes left for 0-27. And that was the end of the scoring.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] It's Xmas Eve and what's Alison doing in the Carter bunker instead of being on Titan? And Jo, who hopped off? And all the rest of the crew? The superphoton generator goes on the blink. Panic! Everyone looks like a cartoon. Everyone becomes a cartoon. So lots of disconnected daftness.
Hooten & the Lady [21:00, Sky 1] A nun in SF gave Hooten a page from a book to sell in Rome; with BGs lurking unseen. Guess where the Lady is? She had a week to save some archeology from the Metro. She thought the page was authentic. Was the rest of the book in the Vatican? Our heroes burgled the Sistine Chapel but came up empty. So into the catacombs via the sewers.
   They found the book; a collection of Nostradamus verses, which one picks at random to know the future. They were confronted by a freakin' big alligator. The Mob butted in. The Mob boss tried to extort €5M from the Vatican. Our heroes escaped with the book so Alex's mom was grabbed. Alex tried to get Hooten arrested to get him out of the way when she traded the book for her mom. The BG blasted Hooten and was busted. And natch, Hooten was wearing a bulletproof vest.

[Saturday, 24th] FNF Live: The Argos @ the RBs [00:00, BTS 2] Tough defence then a razzle-dazzle play to Williams set up . . . just a FG. 0-3. The RBs reached the red zone at the end of Q1 and kicked a FG. 0-6.
   Successive winning challenges to start Q2, and punch ups. The Argos tried a 51 yard FG after a discipline penalty and saw the short kick returned 109 yards for a TD by Smith. 0-13. The RBs lost a challenge and had to kick a FG. 0-16. The Argos were making progress when they were stopped by a pick. But blocking a RB punt put them back where they were! They managed a FG in the last minute. 3-16.
   A horrible FG kick went over for the RBs in Q3. 3-19. Willy came on for the Argos. 2 & out. The RBs killing the Argo punter kept Willy's 2nd drive going to a stall on a 3rd & 2. The Argos managed a FG in the 14th minute. 6-19.
   Harris was sacked by Foley and the RBs kicked a FG. 6-22. A big pass to Gurley set up a TD pass to Elliot, no +2 for the Argos, 12-22. Some defence. PI in the TA end zone got the RBs to the 1, TD, 12-29. The Argos went out on downs again. The end. If this was a playoff match, the RBs have nothing to worry about.
Next, the Lions in Edmonton [03:10, BTS 2] Some punting and a missed long FG try by the Lions was returned. Arcenaux took a 26 yard TD pass after 12 minutes, no +2, 6-0. Arcenaux started Q2 with a 68 yard TD pass from Jennings, +2 this time, 14-0. Bell rushed to the BC 1, Reilly went in for the TD with 10 minutes to go. 14-10.
   Gator picked off a Reilly pass with the Esks in FG range. An EE challenge left BC facing 2nd & 25, punt. The Esks made a 3rd & 1 with a couple of minutes to go. Bell lost a 25 yard play to a penalty; a huge play to Bowman to the BC 2, TD for Bell. 14-all. A BC punt yielded a rouge. 15-14.
   More Bell on the ground for the Esks in Q3; Reilly to Bowman for a TD, 15-21. Reilly was sacked at the EE goal line and they gave up a safety. 17-21. BC sacked Reilly a 3rd time and got closer with a FG. 20-21.
   Successive sacks by the Esks in Q4, BC kicked a FT. 23-21, 8 minutes left. Reilly was clobbered on a QB draw play and the Esks went ahead with a FG. 23-24. A pick by Lacy with 3:18 to go. The Esks had to make a 3rd down; more Bell; FG and 23-27 ahead. 36 seconds left. BC sprinted up the field but a Fail Mary was picked by the Esks in their end zone. Phew! No O/T.

[Sunday, 25th] MotoGP of Aragon [09:30, BTS2] Lots of grid penalties in the Moto3 race. Binder was 5th on the grid and able to take the title outright with a win or 2nd. An all-Honda front row with Bastianini on pole. 4 riders crashed out on lap 1. Navarro took the lead. Binder moved up to 3rd. Oertl, with no championship hopes, joined the leaders, hoping for a win, and led for a while.
   How long would Binder stay in front? For a few laps only. Back to 5th briefly. He went from first to 4th before the start of the penultimate lap. Up to 2nd. Into the lead. Back to 2nd behind Navarro, and that's where he finished. Bastianini was 3rd and Brad Binder is the series champion with 4 races to go.
Moto2: Still quite chilly on the track, Lowes was on pole for the 21 laps. Alex Marquez got past him briefly. Zarco, the series leader, was struggling in the pack. Luthi was a steady 3rd for a long time but he was taken by Morbidelli and gapped with 7 laps to go. Was Marquez safe? Yes, he held on at the last corner. Lowes won easily. Rins finished 6th from the back and Zarco was 8th.
MotoGP: 23 laps, Spanish front row, Marquez on pole but Viñales shot into the lead. Marquez went ahead on lap 2 but dropped back to 5th when he nearly came off his bike! He was 3rd on lap 8. Rossi took the lead Viñales pushed too hard and dropped behind Marquez, who took the lead on lap 12. Lorenzo went past Rossi with 5 to go. Rossi bogged up a chance to come back on lap 22. No. 93 took the win and extended his championship lead over Rossi. Viñales was 4th, maybe his tyres were a bit shot.
NFL Sunday [17:30, Sky Sports 2] The Redskins @ the Giants. The Giants went 3 & out but recovered a bogged punt reception and that was a free TD for them. 0-7. The Skins managed a FG in reply. Another TD drive for the Giants. 3-14. Another WR FG at the end of the quarter. 6-14.
   The Giants had to punt on a 4th & 33! After a 52 yard kick return, the Skins spluttered, FG, 9-14. Another TD for the Giants after 10 minutes. 9-21. Wow! Two big passes by Cousins, the 2nd to Jackson for a TD. 16-21. The Giants fumbled the ball away, the Skins blew a FG chance at the end of the half.
   Punt, punt then a WR TD on a 3rd & long! 23-21. The Skins were done out of an end zone pick and the Giants were gifted a FG. 23-24. A fake punt gave the Skins a wonderful 1st down at the GIA 21 but they were held to a FG. 26-24. The Giants' center was ejected for getting 2 public warnings! Manning was picked in the WR end zone and the boy Beckham bashed the kicker's net with his helmet and was clobbered by the tubular frame!
   The Giants blocked a WR punt but lost it to a penalty and the kick was retaken. They got back ahead with a FG. 26-27. The Skins kicked a FG after the 2MW. 29-27. Manning was picked with a minute left and a bad-tempered contest ended with the Skins getting their first win of the season.
Over to Philadelphia with the Steelers visiting, 3 minutes gone and no score. The Steelers were stopped and had a FG try blocked. The Eagles kicked a FG for 0-3. Then lots of defence. In Q2, the Eagles looked more threatening and finished a drive with a TD 3 minutes in. 0-10. The Steelers managed a FG in the 8th minute. 3-10. The Eagles kicked a FG in the 13th minute, 3-13 at the half.
   Crumbs! On 3rd & 8, Wentz went scrambling, a 73 yard TD for Sproles, who charged for the end zone like a kick returner! 3-20. The Steelers punted, the Eagles ran into the punter and they went for 4th & 5. Almost another interception and the Steelers out on downs. The Eagles advanced to the PS 1, TD, 3-27.
   R'berger was sacked for a 2nd time, and again and he fumbled the ball to the Eagles. Almost a TD for the Eagles on the next play, and their drive finished with a TD. 3-34. A pissant penalty on the Eagles for celebrating.
   In Q4, the Eagles punted, got another sack and the Steelers went out on downs. The Eagles punted with 7 minutes left. R'berger was picked in the end zone throwing to a well-covered receiver. No more scoring.
   The Steelers had no answer to the Eagles' defence and Roethlisberger's passes tended to be too tall or to well-covered receivers. Could have been the worst performance of his career. It was definitely a day for the Steelers to file and forget and the Eagles claim the Pride of Philadelphia Tropy.
Beauty & the Beast [20:00, W, on demand] Cat & Heather did a plot summary in a coffee shop. Agent Dillon and DHS busted Graydal looking for Vince but he was too well hidden. Braxton, the boss, had been torturing him. He let Vince go with a warning that video of him would be released if he didn't behave and the client had more questions for him. Cat got a gun out of the police lock-up; Vince had to give it back to Triad scumbag Lee in return for information.
   J.T. couldn't hack Graydal so he went in with Heather posing as his wife to wipe the recordings; they ended up prisoners. Dillon got photos of Vince giving the gun to Lee and got Tess to bust Cat. Vince ended up with a bag of explosives. Tess let Cat go on the understanding she had to get Lee busted. Kyle, Heather's pushy EMT BF, went to DHS to make trouble.
   Cat decided there was no $10M beast buyer; Braxton was behind all the trouble and he wanted Vince to blow up Dillon and DHS. Vince led DHS to Graydal and the place was done over. Braxton said he wanted Vince to stop another Beast. And when he was found torn to pieces in his cell, that proved he wasn't lying. And the Vince recordings were still in the Graydal computer at the mercy of DHS.

[Monday, 26th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Xmas is out of the way, so on with the plot. Astraea makes a one-bounce landing but not on Titan. On Earth and they'd been away for 4 years. The Carter bunker AI was in charge of GD and there was a swarm of Andys in suits and armed flying robots everywhere. Dr. Parish was in charge of drugging everyone to keep them passive.
   Alison found that Carter was shacked with Jo. GD had been weaponized. Grace and Henry were kidnapped by the Andys. The resistance managed to give the AI a virus. Then it was back to normal; apart from the Carter/Jo situtation; but actually, the crew of the Astraea had been kidnapped by Beverley and her evil gang.
SNF replay: the Bears in Dallas [19:00, SS2] The Cowboys made a 4th & inches and wasted a challenge on the way to a TD. Hoyer was QBing the Bears; punt. FG for DC, 0-10. The Cowboys scored a TD 3 minutes into Q2. 0-17. The Bears kicked a FG after 7 minutes. Another TD for the Cowboys. 3-24.
   The Bears spoilt a big pass play in the DC opening drive of Q3 with a forced fumble & recovery, then they made a 4th & goal for a TD. 10-24. A fumble recovery gave the DC a short field but a 47 yard FG try missed.
   A TD for Dallas 6 minutes into Q4, 10-31. A TD for the Bears 5 minutes later. 17-31. Hoyer was tripped by one of his linesmen in scoring range and lost the ball close to the 2MW. The Bears had a shot at a TD in the closing seconds. No cigar.
Dark Matter [20:00, Syfy] The Mikkei Combine ladies were plotting when Raza turned up. 2 warned that the summit on the EOS-7 station would be bombed to start an all-out corporate war. 4 called the convict lady to tell her he wanted her to be his empress. 5 volunteered to look for the bomb, which worried the android.
   The League of Autonomous Worlds sent a new delegation, which included 4. 5 discovered that her new pal was an android. The crew looked for a bomb. 6 was ambushed by security and locked up. 4 told 2 that war, as the alternate reality, would save his planet. 3 was ambushed. 4 took over Raza to steal the blink drive.
   One of 4's ladies poisoned the convict lady. The Ferrous Corp. delegation left; the bomb was in their android. 5 appealed to its better nature and it spaced itself. 4 warned 2 that he was going to destroy the station; the security guy didn't believe 2's warning. Boom! Will anyone get off in time? End of series 2.

[Tuesday, 27th] MNF replay, the Falcons in New Orleans [10:00, SS3] The Saints ran the ball and passed for a TD. The Falcons were swindled out of a 1st down, punted but got the ball back from a botched recovery and went on to a TD. 7-7. The Falcons wre getting close at the end of Q1 and scored a TD at the start of Q2. 14-7.
   A roughing the kicker penalty on the AF kept the Saints going when they had to punt, on to a TD. 14-all. A 36 yard run by Freeman set up a TD for the Falcons. 21-14. PI helped the Falcons to another TD at the end of the half. 28-14. But they left the Saints enough time for a 57 yard FG. 28-17.
   In Q3, the Falcons went 34 yards to the NO 6 on a 4th & 1, TD, 35-17. The Saints came right back with a TD +2 points, 35-25. Just a FG in reply. 38-25. Sack for the Falcons. The Saints dug out of 2nd & 21 and finished the drive in Q4 with . . . an interception returned for an AF TD! 45-25.
   The Saints scored a TD with 10 minutes left. 45-37. A sack for either side. The Saints went out on downs, and no more scoring as the Falcons chose to take knees when they could have bagged a TD in the final minute.
Eureka [18:00, Pick] Beverley's bosses are told that Alison or any of her crew will be done in if they question their VR environment; which keeps glitching as it's build for 20 rather than 21 customers. The DoD calls off the search for the ship but Kevin keeps stealing stuff to build a detector. The VR creates a freakin' big dragon, which Holly won't believe in. Jo returns to her old family home on walkabout and gets a sheaf of phone messages from Carter.
   Jo has to break Carter and Andy out of gaol for stealing stuff for Kevin's gadget, which fails to find a launch trail from the ship; until he's told to search for something that never left Earth; then he finds the track. Bev's base is busted; the ship is there but not the crew. Carter realizes that Senator Wen was behind the kidnapping. Holly realizes she's in a VR setup and Wen kills her. Which reduces the number of subjects to 20.
Film 4 is having a "Weird & Wonderful" season: I, Frankenstein (2014) [21:00] The monster was created in 1795, it killed the bride of and also Frankenstein, and then Demons went after it and were slain by Gargoyles who realized "It's alive!" and chained up the monster in a dungeon. The Gargoyle Queen took a fancy to it and named the monster Adam. When released, he headed for the furthest corners of the Earth but the Demons wanted the secret of his immortality.
   The monster became a demon-hunter in the world of men. A couple of centuries later, mad scientists had built a gadget to reanimate dead rats. The Demon King decided he needed to get his hands on the monster so his nice young blonde boffin could find out what made the monster tick.
   The Gargoyle Queen locked the monster up but the King sent a legion of Demons to swamp the Gargoyles and capture their queen. Gideon the Gargoyle swapped Frankenstein's journal for the Queen. The monster arrived to descend some Demons and found that the Demon King had a vast store of dead bodies waiting to be reanimated and become homes for Demons.
   The lady boffin found out the hard way that Demons exist. The Gargoyle Queen ordered Gabriel to get the journal and destroy the monster. The boffin tried to say no to the Demon King; not a good idea. The monster burnt the journal and led the Gargoyles to the Demons' lair for a huge battle.
   Would the monster be Demonized? No, he had a soul and exterminated the Demon King. The Queen saved Adam and the boffin and Adam declared himself ready to do in more Demons when they returned.

[Wednesday, 28th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Beverley turned up at the sheriff's office, offering to help. She warned that if Jo called Senator Wen, the spaceship's crew would be killed, like Holly. Zane saw the VR glitch next. Beverley put Carter into the VR from Henry's garage. Fargo hit the buffers next; he tried to leave town and found the limits of the VR environment. Carter told Alison she was in a VR setup. Grace, also in the know, ran into VR Henry.
   VR Carter blew up the VR spaceship. Henry found the cargo ship, on which the crew was being held prisoner. Senator Wen ordered her stooge to dump the container overboard. The VR program started breaking down. Natch, Carter came up with an idea to wake up the crew.
   The cavalry arrived. Wen crashed into Henry's garage to get Carter. Henry stopped her. Beverley legged it after saving Carter. Wen found herself in a cell. She was in a VR Eureka sheriff's office, courtesy of Beverley.
Shades of Blue [21:00, Living] Harlee and Wozniak were rammed by another vehicle and the cash was gone when they came to. They told the bent DEA agent they were done over by cops. He gave them 24 hours to recover the dough, or else. The gang was battered and one of the bent security guards needed medical attention. Agent Stahl tried to make friends with the honest black guy in the squad. His wife told Wozniak she was being watched.
   The security guard told Wozniak the fetish club guy was killed for freaking out over the murder of the guy who lost his shoes. Harlee finally realized that Stahl's promises were worthless and her daughter didn't believe a word she'd been told about the scumbag gaolbird. Harlee offered the Feds another deal and Wozniak let the security guard bleed to death with lots of justification.

[Thursday, 29th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Jo was a cuckoo in the Carter nest. & Andy. Fargo was in mourning until he got a patch from the bereavement guys and went crazy. Dr. Parish unleashed an untrackable ice-fireball. Carter clobbered the firefly and there were 2 of them loose about the town. Henry trapped one.
   Kevin and his sister were trapped in the bunker, which became a target for the other firefly. Everyone connected to the neural network was causing interference to the gadget Parish was trying to use to steer the firefly. Zane's zapper zapped it. Henry confronted Grace, who was avoiding him. Alison persuaded Jo not to leave Eureka. Surprise! Parish played D&D with Fargo.
Rizzoli & Isles [21:00, Alibi] A cancer patient went walkabout in a hospital and was found dead in a disused ward. It was stormy and Boston was a bit flooded. A mystery writer claimed the killer was a ghost; because she wanted to dig into the hospital's archives. The hospital didn't want the cops to rake up a ghost story from 1905.
   Korsak & Jane found the dead woman's oncologist dead, also with a white rose. Killed by the cancer drug used on his patient and there were 3 more doses missing. The husband of the dead patient was harassed. Somone was trying to shut down the hospital. Maura took Samantha into the archives. Bad idea. It was another dark and story might when Jane chased the mad killer; and another intended victim was saved.
Lie to me [22:00, Alibi] A baby was kidnapped and the mother was suspected. Why did she ring the fertility clinic instead of her stroppy cop husband? She was afraid of him. She admitted leaving the baby in the car unattended briefly. Cal & Foster uncovered her affair. The cop wasn't amused to be Cal's next suspect.
   Cal decided that the cop wasn't the father of the baby via fertility treatment and the real father stole the baby. The wife's boss, with whom she was having the affair, was the father. But it was the teenage son who strolled off with the kid, fed up with drunken dad bullying mom.

[Friday, 30th] Eureka [18:00, Pick] Zane wanted to mess with the matrix mainframe; Fargo wanted it gone for killing Holly. The crazy evaluation professor returned to redact unfit crew members. Carter ended up in Fargo's body and vice versa. Dr. Fowler, the matter transmitter guy, thought it was neural teleportation. Carter and Fargo switched back. Then it was Carter in Zane, and vice versa, so no fun for Jo and Alison.
   Carter swapped back to his own body, then swapped with Alison whilst she was messing about in his brain! Martha, the flying robot, and a high-tech car were also affected. Henry wanted to shut down the mainframe but Zane and Fargo thought Holly might be alive in it. Carter collapsed when the MF was shut down but he was rebooted. The professor unredacted everyone but Fowler and Grace decided to go walkabout. Carter proposed to Alison in the café.
Hooten & the Lady [21:00, Sky 1] The Lady was in Alexandria looking for the remains of Alexander the Great. Hooten was in the desert, blowing stuff up, being shot at and hiding in a shrine. The lady had a rival. Hooten had to sneak around with armed Egyptian soldiers looking for him, hoping for a slice of the billion dollars of treasure the Lady mentioned. Hooten started a riot and made a new female friend. The Lady butted in.
   There was a Greek secret society looking for the remains, thinking that they would give debt-ridden Greece some price. The new friend could fight better than the Lady and she was an undercover cop. There was a hidden chamber at the dig site. Hooten had to rescue the lady from it. The local bureaucrat was in the rival's pocket. The Lady found the remains, but no treasure, just before the BGs arrived. Hooten did some more blowing stuff up and the BGs were busted.
TNF hilites: the Orange Dolphins @ the Bengals [VM Sky Sports O/D] The Bengals opened with a FG drive. A 74 yard TD pass against a blitz 2 minutes later put the Dolphins 7-3 ahead. A big jump-ball pass to Green set up a CB TD. 7-10. The Bengals made a 4th & 1 midway through Q2 and went on to a FG. 7-13. The Fins fumbled the ball away at their 27 with 2 minutes left. FG for the Bengals, 7-16.
   In Q3, Green took a 43 yard pass, the Bengals reached the MD 2; FG, 7-19 after 9 minutes. The Dolphins were sacked to a punt. A big pass play for the CB, then a rogue snap cost them 14 yards. A false start left them at 2nd & 29 in Q4. FG, 7-22. An interception by the CB with 5 minutes left became a punt a minute later. Tannehill was sacked for the 5th time. The Dolphins went out on downs after the 2MW. That was it.

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